Who Am I?



Hi, I am Jesuraj. The author of the Businesssoftwarehub.com blog, in this blog, I need to share my best experiences in Online business ideas and techniques ever you have seen in your Life.


I also share some Secret Strategy How you able to become Financially Freedom in your Life.

Keep Journey with me by this blog.




Benefit's of BSH Visitor's

benefit 1

You will Learn the World's Best Business Ideas

benefit 2

You will Learn More about How to use Business Software and which software is best for your Business.

benefit 3

You will learn about the Full Blogging system to earn online

benefit 4

You will Learn How to make money online by using your favourite social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest & Youtube.

Blogging Business

Blogging Business​

In my blog, I have said about the step-by-step complete Process to make money online with Blogging.

Blogging Ideas

Business Ideas for Digital World

If you are reading my blog I hope that you are all living in the modern digital world right. If yes, you will get more Business Ideas to start your Business in Digital Era.

Business Softwares

Business Software for Your Business

You have to know that You are in the Digital world. So you have to move your life according to that. In this blog, I share what software will need to do for your Business.

Software Reviews

software Reviews for your Business

If you need to run a business in software industry you have to know about all details for that particular softwares. So in this case my software review category must helpful for you.

If You Have to Leave Your 9 to 5 Slave job And Make Your Passive  Income to Financially Free...?