About Me


Self Doubt Student to Successful Entrepreneur

Hi, I am Jesuraj, the author and writer of this blog (businesssoftwarehub.com). I created this blog to help others to succeed in their life with my teaching.

My plan is to create millions of entrepreneurs with financial freedom. So, I am planning to give all my business ideas strategy and also technical factors for every business. I have shared my knowledge with others to get some ideas for starting an online business with the help of the internet and laptop.

About My Knowledge

I have 5 years experience in the online world, that helps me to make money online.

You have to follow me. That’s enough for me to get you to make money.

 I have strong knowledge in Digital marketing, email marketing, PPC, CPA, Youtube marketing, and so on. Let us discuss all things in future . You can also see the Business ideas in my blog.