My Story


Self Doubt Student to Successful Entrepreneur


Hi, I am Jesuraj, the author and writer of this blog ( I created this blog to help others to succeed in their life with my teaching. 


My plan is to create millions of entrepreneurs with financial freedom.


So, I am planning to give all my business ideas strategy and also technical factors for every business.


Apart from this, I need to share my life experiences in a business that makes money online for me and gives me my whole life financial freedom.


Life is about me


I have 1 brother, 1 younger sister, Mom, dad & me. There are 5 people in my home.


On December 25th 1995 one child was born in Palani, Tamilnadu, India.  That’s me.


Yes, I was born on Christmas and that gives the fullest happiness to my parents & relatives. Yes, of course


In my childhood, I was funny and made a lot of Mischeif to my mom. After 5 years at the age of 6, I am a 1st-grade student, studying in st. Peter’s matriculation school, Palani.


Life passed by day by day.


After a long time, when I completed my 10th standard I was a first-class student and got passed in all subjects. 


I am interested in Computer Science while I am studying on the 8th, 9th


So, I joined a computer science group for my 11th and 12th standards.


I changed my school because my previous school only had L.K.G to 10th standard.


So I joined a new school called st. Joseph matriculation school, Palani.


This was also a good school, and I learned a lot about business ideas in this school. Because every staff member talks about business ideas in the classroom.


2 years  ( 2013 may )later I completed the 12th standard and passed in first class. I am so happy to hear about it, because I can join my college with my interest subject in Computer Science.


I joined the college in June 2013 with a 3-year course BCA ( Bachelor of computer science ) in st. Joseph College (Autonomous ), Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. My College life is so enjoyable for me. 


After completing BCAin college with a medal and first class in college.


Basically I am not a good student for study but I write what I learn and add some knowledge related to my portion in my syllabus.


In 2015 may I complete a BCA degree.


Many companies comes to our college to recruit students for job but unfortunately i am not selected, because i am not like to work with others company as an slave.


But in my family situation I went to work with a company that I did not like.


In 2015 may to 2016 may i work to make some amount of good money to get my dream degree MBA.


Yes, I have a dream to study for an MBA in marketing and finance.


I like to do marketing and know some amount of accounts also to handle.


So, in 2017 june to 2019 I studied MBA degree marketing, finance  in Bishop Heber College, Trichirappali , India.


While I am studying for my college degree I have lots of friends .


Do you think there are 50 to 100 , no I have 2 friends.


But these 2 friends are really worth 50 friends. I and two other 2 friends were so funny at that time.


We do not go to college everyday but we spend time to share some knowledge in Business ideas.


Everytime i am with 2 friends there in the canteen only. That’s the place for us to think about business ideas.

We have many ideas for starting a business but we don’t have time and money, so we can’t make it.


My life was going this way in college.


After I graduate MBA, I will try to go for an interview in chennai, it’s a long way from our home, nearly 600 kilometers away from my home.


I got selected in a digital marketing company. They have ( SEO, SMO, SMM, SMO, PPC, and so on )


I got selected in a good company and worked for 2 years. I am strong in all aspects of digital marketing.


In 2021 covid will increase so i left the job, and moved to my native place.


I am searching for a relevant job , but by god’s grace I got my job with relevance.  I was so happy at that time.


So with my job, I am able to make my blog also.


I have written plenty of blog posts with the different types of business, and how to achieve success from it.


I have shared my knowledge with others to get some ideas for starting an online business with the help of the internet and laptop.


About My Knowledge


I have 5 years experience in the online world, that helps me to make money online.


You have to follow me. That’s enough for me to get you to make money.

 I have strong knowledge in Digital marketing, email marketing, PPC, CPA, youtube marketing, and so on. 

 Let us discuss all things in future . You can also see the Business ideas in my blog.