Business Line of credit – How it works with Business owners

A business line of credit help’s all business people and owners to pay expenses like payroll, inventory, and other small expenses. A business line of credit helps to tap credit, you can get some amount of cash whenever you are required for your business needs.

To cover short-term expenses, a business line of credit is much more helpful for business owners and others.

You will get business lines of credit according to your company’s financial standings. You can repay the lines of credit with lenders or all other banks. The repayment process and terms differ from one lender to another, so before using the business line of credit you need to do an analysis on the best lenders.

Best Business lines of credit

Business Line of credit
Business Line of credit

Here are the best lenders, especially helpful for the best business line of credit.

7 best Business lines of credit,

  1. Wells Fargo
  2. Bluevine
  3. Kabbage
  4. Ondeck
  5. Fundbox
  6. Lendio
  7. PNC Bank

Wells Fargo – Most experienced bank in lines of credit

Wells fargo
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the best business lines of credit. Yes, Wells Fargo has 3 main categories to go with.

  • An unsecured line of credit,
  • Prime line of credit
  • A small business line of credit

By using Wells Fargo business lines of credit you can get from $5000 to  $100,000 for loan amount, with tenure 2 years.

Wells Fargo Pros & Cons

Wells Fargo Pros

  • Minimum interest rates available for your line of credit
  • No collateral

Wells Fargo Cons

  • You need to repay at least 2 years
  • The annual fee is there

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Bluevine – Flexible and best for startup business

Bluevine Loan
Bluevine Loan

If you need cash to cover expenses or buy inventory after 6 months or above then it’s a high chance to get a business line credit in Bluevine.

Bluevine helps you to fund up to $250,000 within a short period of time. If you need to get a business line of credit then you need a credit score minimum 625.

Bluevine is a fast capital workflow company.

Bluevine Pros & Cons

Bluevine Pros

  • If your business age is more than 6 months you can apply for a business line of credit.
  • Minimum credit scores are required for getting a line of credit.
  • Terms and norms differ from the loan amount.
  • Lines of credit up to $250,000

Bluevine Cons

Bluevine does not have a mobile application for a line of credit

In some places, bluevine is not available. Dakota ( both north & south).

Weekly payments are available

Interest rates is higher 

KabbageBest for short payment


Kabbage is backed by American Express, and it will be best for short payment. If you need business lines of credit in kabbage you can get it, with $2000 to $250,000. 

To repay the fund it takes time in between 6 to 18 months according to the fund raised.

Kabbage Pros & Cons

Kabbage Pros

  • There is no prepayment available for a penalty
  • Backed by American Express, which is good 
  • With the help of Kabbage, you will receive funds within 1 to 3 days.
  • Credit lines up to $250,000 which will help more business owners
  • Minimum Credit scores require 
  • Minimum documentation required to apply a business line of credit

Kabbage Cons

Personal guarantee required

Ondeck – Best For Business line of credit 


Ondeck is best for getting a line of credit up to $100,000 and does not require any physical collateral. But required a personal guarantee. 

OneDeck allows you to get from $6,000 to $100,000 for a business line of credit. 

You need to repay it within 12 months.

OnDeck Pros & Cons

OnDeck Pros

  • A minimum Credit score is required for OnDeck to fund a business line of credit.
  • Fund will flow the same day or another day after you apply for the line of credit.
  • The streamlined application process used in OnDeck
  • With just a 625 credit score you can rise your credit

OnDeck Cons

  • You need to repay it on a weekly or daily basis
  • Interest rates are high
  • Your business age should be more than 1 year
  • A personal guarantee is must require

Fundbox – Best for Short term Line of credit

FundBox Loan
FundBox Loan

Fundbox is an AI business platform. Fundbox will help to review your applications very fast and take decisions with your document to check if you qualify for lines of credit or not. If yes, then you will receive funds within a short period of time.

Fundbox will fund up to $150,000 for a line of credit and you need to pay the repayment for 12 to 24 months.

Fundbox Pros & Cons

Fundbox Pros

  • With an AI-Powered tool, you will know whether you qualify or not
  • A credit score minimum is required
  • Business age is required and 6 month is enough to apply for a business line of credit
  • No need to pay maintenance fees, inactivity fees or any penalties

Fundbox Cons

  • In Fundbox interest rates are so high.
  • Requires Personal guarantee
  • Short-term repayment is only available

Lendio – Best in Lender

Lendio Loans
Lendio Loans

It is an online business loan marketplace, and it connects borrowers from lenders and banks. With one application in lendio, it will be able to connect with more than 75 lenders.

Lendio Pros & Cons

Lendio Pros 

  • One application connects more than 75 lenders
  • Lendio is not lender but it’s a marketplace for business owners and borrowers

Lendio Cons

  • Lenders provide different terms and conditions
  • Prepayment penalties will be there

PNC Bank – Best for Lines of credit

PNC Bank
PNC Bank

PNC Bank helps to get more than $100,000 for small business owners with a minimum of 720 credit scores.

PNC Pros

Interest rates will depend on various fund-raised terms

The immediate fund will be raised in PNC Bank

PNC Cons

  • Required high credit scores to fund the loan
  • A personal guarantee is required

Best Business Lines of Credit 

How to Compare Business lines of Credit  – Best Tips need to know

Some common tips are,

  • Prequalification Checking,
  • Check Repayment terms & Process
  • Check with additional fee Process

Prequalification Checking

Some common factors occur in particular business financial lenders. Yes, the borrowers share details, company revenue, and other information to find which business loan is fit for them. Since, Lender will check your documents and give information about your eligibility which consist of the loan amount, and repayment amount. 

So, it’s better to check before applying for a loan amount.

Check Repayment terms & Process

Every financial lender has their own repayment structure. Yes, some small-term loans will have a minimum time period to get, and some long-term loan amounts have lesser time periods. So, before applying for a loan amount, check your repayment process. Repayment will be on a weekly or monthly basis.

Check with additional fee Process

Some loans have a prepayment penalty, origination fee, late payment fee, and another loan fee. So, before applying for business lines of credit do check properly if the loan has an additional fee structure or not.

What Is a Business Line of Credit?

Business lines of credit allow business owners to get money from sum payment with business. Borrowers will pay interest for the credit line only on the funds they use it.

Business line of credit has 2 types.

They are,

Secured Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Business Line of Credit

What is a Secured Business Line of Credit?

A secured line of credit requires collateral upon you. You need to collateral with inventory or assets. If you do not pay the repayment amount properly then lenders will seize all.

What is an Unsecured Business Line of Credit?

The Unsecured Line of credit does not require any collateral. But lenders already get a personal guarantee from you on applying for line of credit applications. If you do not pay the repayment amount then it will affect your credit scores and you are not able to get future loans.

How does a business line of credit work?

A business line of credit works the same as a credit card. You can get the minimum payable amount by using a business line of credit. You only pay interest for the only fund raised in the credit line.

You will be allowed to repay the raised fund in between daily or weekly or even monthly, it depends upon the lenders you get it.

Some lenders charge additional fees for your line of credit process.

They are

  • Origination fee
  • Account maintenance fee
  • Draw fee
  • Inactivity fee 

Origination Fee –  When your application is in process lenders will charge a fee for that.

Account Maintenance Fee – To maintain and manage your business line of credit the lender will charge.

Draw Fee – Each time when you draw the credit line you will be charged.

Inactivity Fee – Lenders will charge money if you don’t draw a credit line within a given period of time


Where to get a business line of credit

You can get a business line of credit,

Online Lenders,


Credit Union

How to Choose a Business Line of Credit

You need to choose business lines of credit with following needs, 

let’s see what all are,

Step 1 – Check eligibility for your business needs

Step 2 – Check the Line of credit amount fund

Step 3 – Check fundraising speed

Step 4 – Importantly check repayment terms and conditions

Step 5 –  Check whether the additional fee is there are not.

Easy way to Get a Business Line of Credit

Before you get a business line of credit you need to follow some important steps,

Step 1 – Choose how much funds you need for a business line of credit

Step 2 – Recheck and Review your credit

Step 3 – Compare lenders with one another ( Required )

Step 4 – Collect the needed documents to apply for business lines of credit

Step 5 – Submit a loan application by choosing the best lenders.


By choosing the best lenders you will get the best business loan with the best business lines of credit.

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