What is Youtube Shorts?

Youtube shorts is the short-form videos that will be around 30 to 60 seconds in format. This type of video content reaches many peoples to get high engagement rates. For eg Tiktok, Instagram reels, and other applications.

This day many people use these youtube shorts techniques to increase their subscriber count within a short period of time.

By uploading shorts you can able to increase your views, reach, and subscribers. Try this for your personal youtube channel.

Before you publish youtube videos you need to get some important content ideas, after that start your work

Get More views on youtube shorts

How to get more views on Youtube shorts

There are simple methods to do to get more views on your youtube shorts, Let’s see them one by one.

  • Create attractive thumbnail
  • Optimize youtube shorts video
  • Need to analyze youtube performance
  • Research Keywords and high trendy tags
  • You have to write a Proper Title for your video
  • Use Music, Texts for your shorts
  • Upload video in youtube stories 
  • Be Consistent

Create attractive thumbnail

Thumbnails are one of the important ranking factors in youtube to growth. 70% of people will click the video because of the video thumbnail only. It is most important for your youtube channel to grow within a short period of time.

Thumbnail is more important for getting more views, likes & comments. If your content is special hen there have a chance to increase subscribers also.

Be focused on your shorts with 3 things,

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Eye Caching

Clarity –  You need to have a clear understanding of your videos.

Relevance – Make sure your video content is relevant to your thumbnail.

Eye Catching – Be to create the best eye-catching thumbnails

Optimize youtube shorts video

You also need to create your video with optimization content. Structural content will help the youtube algorithm to increase more views for your content. You can see your competitor and research their video and changes to your video.

You have to see some important things from your competitor to get optimize your content. Let’s see

  • Give Proper Title
  • Use correct video timing around 60 seconds
  • Give a valuable description of your video
  • Be Consistent to publish your content
  • Keep posting your content up to correct timing

By using all things you can easily optimize high-quality videos for your youtube channel.

Need to analyze youtube performance

If you already posting videos on your youtube channel then you must need to see your channel analytics dashboard on youtube.

If you see the analytics data you can get the chance to implement different strategies for your youtube channel.

With the analytics, you can see your video performance with reaches & impressions. Then you have to see if any of your videos get high engagement reaches, then pick up that method and use it in an upcoming video for your channel.

Research Keywords and high trendy tags

Content is much needed to improve high traffic for your videos, and also you need to focus on keywords also.

Keyword plays an important role in the youtube channel growing from low level to higher. You have to research keywords with a high volume of searches and emerging trending topics.

There are many keyword analytics tools used to help your youtube channel to grow. In another case, you need to give related tags to your video. It will help youtube to rank your content on 1st page.

Eg. If you are uploading educational videos then you have to add tags that are related to education only.

You have to write a Proper Title for your video

Not only content. The title is also very important in youtube videos. Without any eye-catching title, no audience will see your video. 

So, you have to do research among titles related to your video and need to implement that on your youtube shorts.

By giving High Intent Title on your youtube shorts you have a chance for your video to go viral.

Just keep trying and implement it on your youtube channel.

Use Music, Texts for your shorts

Without music or text how the video will give increase its value? So if you need to publish content in youtube shorts you have to do some implementation in your youtube shorts by adding

  • Background songs,
  • Adding text format messages,
  • Insert funny GIF images

These are important for your youtube shorts to get high engagement reaches.

Upload video in youtube stories 

If you are interested to post your video on a youtube story you can implement that method. Because by uploading your video content on the story you will get a new audience and even you get a chance to convert them into your subscribers.

So, don’t leave a small chance also for your youtube channel. If you have time you can run some ads on your video on youtube.

This process will increase more views and reaches within a short period of time.

Be Consistent

Consistent is the key to get success in all businesses. Yes, if you need to get success in your youtube channel by increasing subscribers, you need to post videos continuously without any distraction. Youtube algorithm loves consistent video published channels.

  • You need to prepare content 60 seconds long for Youtube shorts
  • You need to post videos 3 to 4 for youtube shorts daily
  • Keep posting at the same time for all videos. You can schedule it to get a better result
  • Be patient for 3 to 6 months to grow your channel rich.

By using these simple tactics you will get chances to increase your channel growth and follower count.

Benefits of Starting a Youtube Channel

By starting a youtube channel you will get more benefits,

Let’s see,

  • You will be financially free
  • By developing a youtube channel you will earn more money through ads
  • You will get a sponsorship 
  • You will get new subscribers
  • Increase Personal Connection between you and new users
  • You can build an email list
  • You can earn money through affiliate marketing
  • You can able to exposure worldwide audience
Financially free with a creative youtube channel

Financial Benefits from Youtube Channel

If you have a youtube channel with a wider audience, you can earn more money from it. Just publishing valuable content to your audience will give more engagement rates to your videos, by engagement your channel will increase subscriber count. 

With the help of subscriber count, you can earn more money. Earning money depends on your niche selection in your youtube channel.

If you choose to finance, money, crypto niche you will get more money from ad revenue. So, try to choose the best niche to earn a high amount of passive income.

Best niches for youtube shorts

Best niche to earn more money on youtube

There are some important niches to earn a good amount of money.

They are,

  • Finance Niche
  • Make Money Online Niche
  • Trading Niche
  • Digital Currency Niche
  • Educational Niche
  • Investing Niche

Easy way to get more views on Youtube

By posting continuous videos you can increase more views on your youtube channel. You need to follow some important steps to get more views,


  • Publish Continuously
  • Schedule video at the same time
  • Post 3 to 4 videos per day for youtube shorts
  • Publish emerging content
  • Give Hook in the video to catch your audience
  • Keep engagement content video


Not but not least, in this blog, you will get a simple idea to get more views on youtube. If you follow these steps you can easily get a chance to grow your youtube channel through shorts and be able to increase your subscriber count also.

Once you reach 1000 subscribers and complete 4000 watch hours you can monetize your youtube channel with ads. By this, you can generate passive income.

To get additional information you can read it here

FAQ for Youtube

  1. How much money you can earn with 1000 subscribers?

By having 1000 subscribers you can’t able to make money, first, you have to finish youtube standard condition, so once you complete 4000 watch hours you get ads from the youtube channel. If your niche is around finance you will earn $12 per 1000 views.

  1. How does youtube send money?

Youtube sends money to your direct bank account and other online transactions.

  1. How to get more likes on Youtube?

You can publish valuable content with emerging topics and likes, views will automatically increase day by day.

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