How to get a startup business loan with no money no credit

Small business loan with no money
Small business loan with no money

Startup business loan? Have you heard of it before?

If yes, okay it’s pretty good to be.

Business needs capital for staying from day 1. Every business owner starts the business from scratch with having their own money or getting business loans from lenders.

There are many lenders in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more countries to give loans for startup businesses with some requirements. 

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First & foremost things are okay, but how to get a startup business loan? This is the most important question asked from many owners.

One of the easy ways to get a loan for startup business is no collateral, but this is also called an unsecured business loan.

Most unsecured business loans have more interest rates with less repayment terms. You can easily get no collateral unsecured loan but you need to take responsibility for that.

If you think you need to get a financial loan secured, for your business you need to wait for sometime. If you are waiting you are able to get better financial terms and loan if your business shows good plan and rising cash flow.

Business Loan with no money, no credit cards, no cash flow

If you have no money, it’s possible to get loan from best lenders and other tradition loans like 

SBA loan. But you have a chance to get other financial benefits with no money. 

If you apply for a business loan, 90% of lenders will review your credit card’s details and track your card’s to see your transaction history and your handling method. This is obviously telling the truth about your credit card having a good score are not.

Commercial lenders know the way to review your credit cards and finalize to predict if you are the right person to give a startup business loan or not.

The problem is simple and it’s common to every startup entrepreneur, because they do not have a chance to manage their credit card records, because they are new to the business.

Depending on your lenders and your business plan your business loan will vary, there is a chance to get a business loan for your business.

Why not try to get Loan or borrow from your natives, friends?

It’s not a risk but you can repay as soon as possible with a limited period of time.

Getting a Business Loan with no money or nor credit

Small business loan with no money
Small business loan with no money

There are 4 options to get business loan with no money, they are,

  • ACH Loan
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Invoice factoring
  • Crowdfunding

The above 4 options have a chance to get a business loan with no money if you have some good credit scores.

ACH Loan

ACH Loan is also one of the options to get business loans with no money and also have minimum 500 to 630 credit scores. ACH Loan will offer loans for bad credit and also no credit business.

Because of funding speed ACH Loan is so popular among entrepreneurs, and other startup business people to start their business with no money.

If the lender approves your business loan you will get it from your account within 2 to 3 business working days.

Approval is fast and also you need to pay a premium amount as soon as possible for getting this ACH Loan.

Business Lines of Credit

When you are planning to apply for LOC ( Lines of credit ) Lenders will review your LOC first. Anyway 2/3rd Lenders will handle your LOC application very softly. Before pre-approval process and follow up lenders will handle in a soft manner, and also at the time of funding they will enquire in a hard way.

Invoice Factoring

If you are planning on invoice factoring, then lenders do not have credit scores for your factoring business.

What is invoice factoring?

By selling company’s best B2B invoices to financial companies for getting cash. In this case the factoring company pays in advance after seeing your best invoice. It may be 80% to 89% of advance will be paid by the factoring company earlier in advance.

If the invoice due date arrives the factoring company collects money.


Crowdfunding is one more way to raise the money for your business. It’s the option for all entrepreneurs to make money for their startup business.

Let’s see how crowdfunding is working?

  • Choose the best platform like wefunder or kickstarter.
  • Create a post with complete descriptions about your product or services.
  • Set the goal and try to contribute the donation for your product or services.
  • Try to reach your fundraising equal to your set goals.
  • If you not reach the goal 50% of donors refund it
  • Try to describe games, technology., category in crowdfunding method.
  • If not then you have a high chance to loss it
  • Crowdfunding is less expensive
  • Instead of paying interest to the bank you will pay in percentage.

How to get small Business loan with no money with no credit card

Following the below details you can get a business loan for your small business. Let’s see what all they are.

  • Access your asset by lenders
  • Know a requirement of lender’s first
  • Check weather you can repay the loan amount
  • Try to understand your own risk

Access your asset by lenders

Before approving your small business loan, the lender will access your credit card and check your asset is equal to your business loan loan amount.

Know a Requirement of lender’s first

Before applying for a small business loan you need to double check the details of what the lenders will require to approve the loan before.

Check weather you can repay the loan amount

If you need $200,000 for your business you need to check whether you can repay it or not. If not, don’t get a business loan. Because it’s too risky to repay it after getting loan approval.

Try to understand your own risk

Before getting the loan amount understand the risk before it or ask suggestions from your loan financiers about norms and terms to repay it.

Beware with repaying Business Loan Obligation

Getting a loan is easy but what about repaying?

Repay is too hard to pay for your loan. Yes. Many business people try to repay it but it’s hard for them because of getting much more business loans.

Before you finalize, check your cash flow and repayment. If you do not pay the repayment amount you won’t be able to qualify for any other business loans in future.

Should I Get a Business Loan With No Money?

Yes, of course you will get a business loan with no money. Based on your current cash flow and checking your repayment amount you can afford to get a business loan with the help of some options. 

ACH Loan and Crowdfunding will have easy chances to get business loans with no money immediately.

Conclusion – Is it safe to get a business loan?

Yes, it is safe to get a business loan. But be in mind, if you need to have good revenue income, cash flow rates & business plan for future for your business to consume your loans. Because if you have these qualities then you can easily repay the business loan and also improve your credit scores.

FAQ – About small business loan

Is it possible to get a business loan with no money down?

Yes, it’s possible to get a small business loan with no money.

How do I get money to start a business without a loan?

With Crowdfunding, Invoice factoring, LOC you can get money to start a business.

Do banks give out loans to start a business?

Yes, all 70% of startup business people start their startup with business loans only.

Is it hard to get approved for a small business loan?

If you have less credit scores you cannot get approved small business loans from traditional lenders.

Do banks give business loans without collateral?

Unsecured business loans allow you to borrow money without having to put assets or anything.

Do small business loans require collateral?

Every small business loan requires collateral. But look if you get a loan amount minimum $25,000 you no need to require collateral. If more than $25,000 collateral is required.

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