Review – Overview software is one of the best copyrighting software tools which helps all business people to save more time from writing content for their websites. This software tool helps in all types of business, like campaigns, emails, blogging, guest post, and more. 

In software and other business industries, people always suggest this software for better performance for their business.

By using this software you can write content with high emerging keywords to get more leads and sales. is also the best software tool to write content automatically. gif maker 1 30

With the help of this tool you can write blogs 10x faster than previous software tools, With blogs, you can get the best conversion rate. This tool will also help to write better content for emails to get high engagement rates. is fully AI-generated content that gives result in a minute and have more than 120+ templates to use for content.

To Whom is suitable for? Usage is suitable for,

  • Business Owners
  • Email Marketers
  • Small Startup teams
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Agencies

Business owners – software tool helps business owners to reduce the time for writing content.

Email Marketer – This software tool will be most helpful for email marketing services to write email sales copy.

Small Startup Team – A startup company must need this software tool to write more content for new websites.

Social Media Managers – To run a campaign ad copy must need, This tool will help you to create ad copy with eye catchy content.

Marketing Agencies – Finally Marketing agencies also need this AI-generated tool to create different content according to niches.

Steps to work on software tool,

  • Enter project name
  • Give some small content to 
  • Shift the result to give better content
  • Finally, edit as per your needs and publish it. Pricing

  • In pricing will vary depending on plans.
  • No Credit card is required for this plan
  • You can do 7 day free trial for the pro plan
  • tool helps you to write more than 25 languages Monthly Pricing

Monthly Plan for Software Tool

In this software, it has 2 plans for purchases. 

They are

Free Plan – $0 Per Month

Pro Plan – $49 Per Month Yearly Pricing

Yearly Plan for Software Tool

In this software, it has 2 plans for purchases. 

They are

Free Plan – $0 Per Year

Pro Plan – $37 Per Year 

In the pro plan for yearly payment, you will get 3 months free.

NOTE: Only software tools with giving 7- days of Free Trial Plans Details

Free Plan

  • In the free plan, you can write up to 2000 per month
  • 90 + Copyrighting tools available in this plan
  • You can handle unlimited projects in this software tool
  • Only one user can use it for free

Pro Plan

5 users have permission to use this account

You can handle more projects

90+ copyrighting tools available in this pro plan

Email support will be given on this plan

You can write content in more than 25 languages, which is the best part of this software tool

By buying this software tool you will get access to new features

Have the blog wizard tool in this plan Features

By using this software tool you will get more options to do for your business. 

  • Blog Content
  • Digital Ad Copy
  • E-commerce Copy
  • Sales Copy
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Copy features

Blog Content 

In this case, you can able to create A.I generated content for your blog within a short period of time.

Digital Ad Copy 

With this feature, you will be compiling ad copies within 2 minutes.

Ecommerce Copy 

 By writing better content you will generate more conversion rate on your eCommerce website.

Sales Copy 

This software tool helps to make a large number of sales.

Social Media Content 

This software tool will help to write content for social media sites.

Website Copy 

You can make a copy from your website (whole) Pros & Cons Pros

  • One of the best tools on the planet contains more than 25 languages to create content and campaigns.
  • tool is worth for purchase mostly for small business people
  • Response time from the helpdesk is really awesome
  • This tool is highly preferred and it’s better than Jarvis to write content faster
  • software tool has more than 120+ templates to make ads, campaigns
  • This software tool is user-friendly for all
  • Zero Skill is enough to maintain this software tool Cons

This tool does not write the whole content, you have to use a template for this

Review and Rating for

Online Ratings9.1/10
Support Rating8.9/10
Implementation Rating9/10 Trusted by Trusted by


Not but not least. In this blog, you will get all information about reviews. This tool will help you to create content on your own with highly optimized engaged keywords to give better performance for website and business purposes.

If you buy this tool you will get more benefits from this and also can save more time. This tool will contain free Instagram caption generator, Product description generator, Sentence rewriter, Free content idea generator, website call to action generator, free email subject line generator, 

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Year Founded – 2020

Place – NA

Support – Mail Id

FAQ About Software

  1. What is copy AI used for?

Copy.AI is used for writing content for blogs, emails, website pages, and campaigns. This is the A. I generated a tool that helps all people to get more leads for their business.          

  1. Is copy AI is free?

Yes, the Copy.AI software tool was free and also you can write 2000 words per month and use some additional features also to make better performance.

  1. Which is better Jarvis or copy AI?

Each software tool will give a better performance rate. software tool gives better content to publish over it on social media, but it can’t create a long form of content. But Jarvis will help you to create a long form of content.

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