Review – Overview is a software tool that has AI skills to help with writing content, and articles within a limited period of time. One of the simplest user-friendly tools helps all agencies, bloggers, and business people.

If you use the tool to write content for your blogs this tool will help you more to become google’s top 1st-page result.

You can also compare this tool to surfer SEO or Rankiq software tool. Among these tools, will give you the best content structure for your blog with a simple architecture style.

If you need to know the best software for your business? then this is one of them. Review

If you need a new style of content then you have to upgrade your tool from other content writing tools from tool. Other content writing tools like jasper, Surfer SEO, and this software tool will give better SEO content and also new structural tags to bring your content to top of the google. 

This tool will help your content to bring Google SERP page no.1 within 1 day. That’s the power of the software tool. helps by,

  • Manually write SEO-optimized content
  • This software tool will beat other A. I generated content
  • Shortlisted by capterra with the No.1 software tool

To Whom is suitable for? Suitable for is an article-generated tool that helps for all 

  • Bloggers, 
  • Affiliate business people, 
  • Startup company, 
  • Medium-level company, 
  • Agencies,
  • Top tier Company

Bloggers – For the Blogger website this tool is mandatory and compulsory. Because bloggers will need to write content and upload it to the website. By using this software tool you can save time from blog writing.

Affiliate business people – If you are an affiliate, you need to write a bridge page between the website to the product page. So this tool helps to write Optimized content equal to SEO.

Startup company – If you are a start-up company then you have to edit many pages for your website, so you need content to fill in the pages right. If you use the software tool you can easily write pages with SEO.

Medium level company – Medium Level business persons also use this content generator tool to write content.

Agencies – If you are an agency, then you must need this content generator tool because as an agency business you have many client websites. So you cannot able to write content for all pages & all websites. So you need to buy This software tool which helps you to save more time on content writing.

Top tier Company – To save time for writing content or spend money writing content from 3rd party people like freelancers it’s better for you to use this for your business. Nowadays many top-tier countries use this software for their business.

Some companies use to save more time with ads campaign. Pricing

Pricing is very cheap and best for small size businesses to large-scale business people.

  • Very user-friendly dashboard
  • A.I generated tool to write content within 2 minutes
  • 5 days money back guarantee
  • Money refund is also available Monthly Pricing

Monthly Pricing for Software Tool 

In this software tool, you will be able to see 3 services,

They are

  • Basic Plan – $44.99 Per Month
  • Team Plan –  $114.99 Per Month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom with team

Yearly Pricing for Software Tool 

In this software tool, you will be able to see 3 services,

They are

  • Basic Plan – $39.99 Per Month
  • Team Plan –  $99.99 Per Month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom with team add-on Review with Plan Details

Basic Plan in

  • In the basic plan, you will be using only 1 user account
  • You can optimize and write 30 articles for each month
  • Per Month in this basic plan, you can generate more than 10000 characters.

Team Plan in

  • In a team plan, you can manage with 3 users, but if you need to add additional users you have to pay $25 extra each month.
  • You can optimize and write unlimited content for each month
  • Per Month in this basic plan, you can generate more than 10000 characters.

Enterprise Plan in

  • In the Enterprise plan, you can manage unlimited users.
  • You can optimize and write unlimited articles
  • Per Month in this basic plan, you can generate more than 10000 characters.

NOTE – To generate unlimited characters you need to pay an additional $35 per month.

With these add-ons, you can get additional features like SERP data, and Keyword Search Volume Which helps you more. Features

In this software tool, there are many software features implemented in every plan and also you can able to use these features in all plans.

Some Features of

  • Automated Content Brief
  • Content Scoring
  • Content Editor
  • Share Documents Easily
  • Projects status settings
  • Team Project Folder
  • Google search console
  • Custom Template
  • Outline Builder features

Automated Content Brief

These features will help you to write content automatically with a brief supported with SEO related and optimize according to it.

Content Scoring

To get high score ratings to bring content into google’s 1st SERP page this tool will help you more for writers by giving important target keywords.

Content Editor

This Software tool will give additional resources for the editor.

Share Documents Easily

You can easily send the editorial document to the writer to change it. This option will help you a lot.

Projects status settings

When content is finished, you can able to update the status from the writer’s end.

Team Project Folder

You can easily arrange the documents into folders for giving to clients and given to team members

Google search console

You can get access to integrate site content with GSC.

Custom Template

You can customize your own design templates for your content.

Outline Builder

For writing articles tool will see the outline for headings with notice People also asked questions, and autosuggest keywords. Pros & Cons Pros

  • Keyword research is good
  • Pricing is flexible
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Must be useful for bloggers
  • Quick Content Creation
  • Mostly preferable to use this software for all business people
  • Give Better results compare to Surfer SEO Cons

  • Poor AI Assistant
  • You can only access this from the web version

Review and Rating for

Usability 9/10
Performance 9.8/10
Online Rating 9.1
Support Rating 8.8/10
Implementation Rating 8.9/10 Trusted by trusted by

Conclusion Review

Not but not least. In this blog, you will the best content AI writer tool which helps you to boost your website content on google’s 1st page. You can increase it with SERP ranking also.

By using this tool you can generate more traffic for your blog, because of this tool with thi A. I generated content to help your blog with high intent searchable keywords.

By using High intent keywords your blog will easily rise into the google 1st page. Office

Office Location:

45 School St

Boston, MA 02108

FAQ About

  1. What is is the new content writing software tool that helps content to bring google top position within 1 day.

  1. How much does cost?’s cost depends on the plan. In it has 3 plans.

           Basic Plan – $44.99 Per Month, Team Plan –  $114.99 Per Month, Enterprise Plan – Custom        

  1. Who are the typical users of

Influencers, small business people, consultants, and the agency are the users who mostly use the software tool.

  1. Is Frase free?

No, It’s not free you have to pay basic plan

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