How to get more Instagram Followers?

It’s Easy to get more Instagram Followers by using my 63 steps Consistently and Continuously.

You are in the modern world where people actually make money on Instagram right.

Yes, You also have some ideas to increase your followers on Instagram to earn a decent amount of money.

To make Your Business from scratch on Instagram you have to go with 0 to Million followers right. Without any Guidance How are you able to Increase your Instagram Followers?

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers?

You should know that in this world paid followers are also there if you use that you can able to get lot of followers in your IG. Approximately with paid tools, you can make 10K to 100K followers per day.

But all or Bot followers and non-active users. With this garbage of non-active followers produce by Paid tools what you can do? Did you make money or did you engage with these bot followers?

Absolutely NO, Right.

Yes i too. So here you will get some 63 methods with complete Guide to make more Instagram followers with Organically. They are real users.

So, follow this Complete Guide and Implement on your Instagram Account.

They are.

  • Adding CTA’S Everywhere in Your Content
  • Advertise on Instagram
  • Analyze Who Your Audience
  • Analyze your Competitor
  • Analyze your Result On Analytics
  • Be Active
  • Be Honest and Loyal to your Followers
  • Create AR Filter for your Account
  • Develop your Own IG Style
  • Do A/B Testing Content
  • Do Instagram SEO
  • Do Instagram Stories
  • Encourage other users to tag you
  • Encourage User-Generated Content
  • Engage with Communities
  • Engage with Your Followers
  • Find the Best time to post on Instagram
  • Focus to get Featured on your IG
  • Follow People who Like Competing Pages
  • Get Local
  • Get your Instagram Account Promoted on Buzzfeed
  • Give People a Reason to Follow your IG Account
  • Go all in One Influencer Marketing
  • Have a consistent style that hooks people in
  • Improve Instagram Content Distribution
  • Insert Location Tags in Posts and Stories
  • Keep One with a Consistent Brand
  • Know Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Learn Analytics Details from Instagram Insights
  • Learn into Trending Contact Format
  • Leverage Influencers
  • Make Custom Stickers for Instagram Account
  • Make most story reels to Highlight
  • Make sure Your Business Profile
  • Monitor Your Tagged Photos
  • Nix Boring Bio Link
  • Optimize your Instagram Profile & Biography
  • Post Best Sharable Content
  • Post Consistently
  • Post at the same time
  • Post your IG Account on other Forums sites
  • Promote Your IG Account on Different Networks
  • Provide Giveaway
  • Repost others Content
  • Research and Use the Keywords to Search
  • Run Contests for Your Followers
  • Schedule your posts, videos, and stories
  • Tag relevant users to your account
  • Tag your Location on your post
  • Try on IGTV
  • Try to on LIVE Collaboration
  • Use Design for your Instagram Grid
  • Use Features to Interact with others
  • Use Instagram Nametag
  • Use Pin Comment
  • Use Relevant Hashtag to Capture New Users
  • Use Social Media Management tools
  • Work with your Influencers with the same niche
  • Write Long Caption for Your IG Account
  • You also follow the relevant accounts for your niche
  • You can also do embed Instagram posts on your Blog Section
  • You have to aim to explore pages on IG
  • You have to Collaborate with others

1. Adding CTA’S Everywhere in Your Content

To Gain More Followers on Instagram you have to Add CTA (Click Through Action) to your Instagram post.

Why need to add CTA on IG?

You have to add because you need to get clickable on Instagram and people need to stay on your page. This shows the Instagram algorithm that our post is highly readable and People are viewing and stay some time in your Post or reels.

CTA is important in our page feed, post feed, and story also. People need to be highly engaged in your content to give more followers to your account. More traffic gives more followers to your IG Account.

Example 1

If you are posting a high volume and good quality content on your post. OK.

People start viewing your post or reels on your Instagram account. If they need to contact you then without any information CTA on your post, how they will come to your account to make engaging?

For this main Purpose, CTA needs to be used in your fresh account and your Existing Account. 

Note: Use CTA is Clickable and posts on your IG reels and Stories.

2. Advertise on Instagram

You have to advertise on Instagram for various reasons, To get more followers you can advertise. 

For Increasing Post Views you can do Advertise. Fo gets more shares for your account you can make advertise & For make Leads, you have to Advertise.

Advertise is the Process in Ads Manager Account which helps you to advertise and can able to get some followers in a short period of time.

Many New Instagram Account Users do this advertising for increasing their followers. 

How to boost posts on Instagram?

With the help of Facebook ads account you can boost your post on Instagram and also by using the Instagram professional account you are able to Boost your Images.

Example 2

If you are opening one Pizza shop near the college. You have to bring customers to your shop.

How could you bring this? For that purpose Instagram advertises the need, Through this advertisement by boosting your post all students, people are able to know you are starting a pizza shop.

Yes, you can set the radius of places where you are to be shown you’re advertising particularly. So Instagram will show your ads on that particular place alone.

In this way, you also get More Followers for your account.

3. Analyze Who Your Audience

Why do you have to analyze your Audience?

 You have to analyze your audience on Instagram because if you know the complete analytics about your Instagram followers only you are able to do the next move.

You have to analyze the audience for your niche and start your Instagram account. The audience plays best for your Business.

If you start Instagram for the Beauty niche, you have to focus on the beauty niche only, and you need to do research about interested people in Beauty and fashion.

Note; If you need to go with one particular niche, 

You can also analyze your audience’s gender, and places, on Instagram Insights, it’s only on the Professional Account.

Example 3

If you are in Fashion & Beauty Niche. You have to only focus on Fashion related products, services, etc.

You need to post images, reels, and stories according to fashion niche only. Don’t go with another niche.

If you do Fashion niche go beyond that, if you change or if you post un-relevant products such as fishing or games post your followers will be really upset and bored with your post.

Your followers need only Beauty and Fashion posts not games and fishing posts on the same Business Account. So, you have to post relevant images, stories, and videos on your Instagram for gaining followers.

4. Analyze your Competitor

How do you analyze your Competitor?

 To analyze your competitor you have to use Instagram Insight tools its on the Professional Business Account.

Why analyze Your Competitor on Instagram?

 You must need to analyze your Competitor on Instagram because you need to overcome his brand right.

  • Analyze what they doing regularly on Instagram and social media. 
  • Analyze what they are posting.
  • Do Analyse what content they are using.
  • Analyze the influencer and follower strength of competitors.
  • Analyze their stories, reels, and Content length.
  • Must you have analyzed what Hashtags they are Using?

Example 4

If you are a fitness gym master have your unique company which gives detailed information about fitness and food charts with supplements. 

Near your place, a new gym master has introduced a new company they also provide the same features that you have. But Students, People are highly going to that company why?

Did you know that?

For this purpose, you have to do Competitor research to overcome.

Analyze their presence timing in the office, analyze their social media what they posting, and follow their audiences.

So, if you analyze their work and re-model your business you will be able to be the best trainer near your workplace. Competitor Analyse plays an important role on Instagram.

5. Analyse your Result On Analytics

Why do you have to Analyse your Result on Analytics?

   You have to analyze the result for your analytical data to see the effects of your post’s reach to your followers.

Look, you have to check your post data every day to find out whether your post is reaching or not. This data will help you test those posts.

What Instagram analytics tool gives you?

Instagram analytical tools are present in Business Account only. So you can find all data in the same place as Instagram Insights.

  • You can able to find How many Peoples Like your Post.
  • You can able to find how many people comment on your post.
  • You can able to find how many people tag your post.
  • You can able to find how many peoples shares your post.
  • You can able to find how many reach your Instagram post reaches.
  • You can able to find female, and male analytics too.
Example 5

If you are selling a shirt for your e-commerce store with the help of Instagram advertising. Shirts are selling, but how do you know who buys your shirts, to find out this data Instagram Analytical Insights tool is helpful for you.

So, Use the Instagram tool for checking your Insights.

From that, you can retarget people and increase your followers.

6. Be Active

What is Be active mean in IG?

Be active means you have to be up to date on your niche products. You have to be consistent on your Instagram Account.

If you started a business and aiming to get More Instagram Followers you should be consistent in your work.

Daily you have to post videos, reels, post, Conduct quizzes, and so on. This may help you to be active on social media. Without Active you cannot able to get more Instagram followers.

So be active.

Example 6

If you are a New Instagram user switch your account to a Business account and have a dashboard for Professional Business accounts. You will find out your post reaches history. OK. Now you are consistent for 3 to 6 months and gaining more followers organically.

Let’s consider you have 5000 followers added with your consistent work. If you do not do consistent work you will not gain new followers.

Day by day your followers will be decreases because you are not active. So be active to get more followers on your Instagram account.

  1. Be Honest and Loyal to your Followers

Why do you have to be Loyal to your Followers?

Yes, absolutely you have to be loyal to your Followers. Because your followers are your asset. You couldn’t give fail-proof to them. 

You have to be open source with your followers, and share true things with your followers. So, automatically followers will trust your words and trust your post and be highly engaged with your content.

You need to trust and build a conversation with your followers and make engaging with them.

You have to be friends with your followers, respond to their posts and tag them to your post and be active on Instagram.

Loyal and Honest Trust will give More trustworthiness and more followers to your Instagram account.

Example 7

If you are sharing some information with your followers it should be true and need to give value to your followers.

Keep sharing quality and good content with Live Streaming gives trust to you and your Instagram page.

Keep consistent and do the work honestly. 

8. Create AR Filter for your Account

Why create AR Filter?

AR (Augmented Realit) you have to create with the help of Spark AR Studio, which allows you to do AR-generated videos, reels, and so on.

Think about the Instagram face filter, dog filter images by the nose, and ear is changed into your faces, its give funny but also give more engagement to your Instagram Account.

Example 8

If you are posting your reels with no filter, it’s good people and your own followers will be seen your videos. But you have to boost your videos and make them completely engaged. 

Look, if you are posting 30 seconds video on IG, you will be the whole responsibility to give complete watch time for that video. 

If your followers watch completely, then your reels will boost my Instagram algorithm. So, give engaged content with an AR filter.

If you need to know how to set up AR filter for your IG

9. Develop your Own IG Style

Why develop your own style on Instagram?

 You have to develop your own style on your Instagram account. Because gaining Instagram followers is not simple work.

You have to Boost with style Organically.

Do research for your competitor on Instagram about how they get more followers on Instagram, copy their strategy and make it differently.

Example 9 

Let’s think you are the owner of the food canteen. You are doing plenty of various items and products on your shop, But every people comes to your shop buy only cakes, pizza, burger. No one can get your own new dishes.


Because you are not even displaying your new items for your Customers. Yes, this is the reason no one buys your new dishes.

But near your food hotel, every people be a crowd every day, why?

Because they are publishing today’s menu for people on board or listing on the LED.

So, if you are developing your own style of your IG account every people interested in your niche will follow your account and you will get more Instagram followers.

10. Do A/B Testing Content

Why do A/B Testing on Instagram?

A/B testing gives you a Complete idea about which post gains more traffic and Which post has a  reach of good.

This A/B testing also explains how many peoples visit your Instagram post.

In A/B Instagram Testing you also know how many females & males viewing your post and are also able to see impressions on every post.

That makes a good sound.

Example 10

If you think you are running an e-commerce business, you are selling shoes for both men & women. 

You also used traffic from Instagram alone.

Every day shoes get ordered and placed with the shipment. Yes, every work going fine on your E-Commerce Platform.  

You also post a post, reels, and videos with yourself and your influencer. Now, comes to the point how will you be able to check which post or video reaches well and turns to conversion.

For this, the A/B testing is completely used. With the help of this testing, you can very easily analyze your conversion and according to a reachable post, you can increase your followers on Instagram.

11. Do Instagram SEO

What is Instagram SEO?

With the help of Instagram SEO, you will be getting more Instagram Followers Organically but it takes time.

Yes.  Burj Khalifa is not made in 1 year right? Its takes time to finish it. Now see what happens to that. One of the tallest towers in the world.

Similarly, if you need to grow on Instagram Organically it takes time to gain Followers.

Okay, Let’s see how to do Instagram SEO.

SEO Mean’s Search Engine Optimization. You have to know that SEO is one of the ways to bring your account more unique and make more followers.

There are various needs to do in SEO.

  • Need to set up a good Profile.
  • Write character between 160 below.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Use schedule posting.
  • Use quality content. 
Example 11

If you download Instagram and set up a profile and post images, videos, and reels without set up SEO, then you will not grow your audiences.

You have to do SEO from basics for an Instagram account.

You and your competitor doing the same business on Instagram. Your competitor will grow continuously and get more followers but you can’t. 

Do you know why?

Because your Competitor Knows SEO, and he implements that more, So he is able to grow followers for his account.

If you need to beat him and overcome up you need to know about SEO strategies for Instagram accounts.

12. Do Instagram Stories

What are Instagram Stories?

IG Stories is used by you like status on WhatsApp. In Whatsapp, you are posting status for visibility to your contact people know, Similar to that in Instagram you will create Instagram stories as shown below your profile picture.

You can also highlight what picture it describes.

You can able to build Instagram followers for your account with help of posting stories on your Instagram.

You have to post Stories Consistently with the same publishing time. It will give an Instagram algorithm to know you are an active user.

Posting Instagram Stories regularly gives you more traffic from an SEO perspective.

Example 12

If you need to gain more followers on Instagram you have to go with stories too. Stories are also one of the reasons to get engaged with your followers.

Yes, if you are posting stories consistently, the Instagram algorithm points out you and boosts your account or page. If you post your content on Storie’s people 70% of your followers will be seen and it leads to following your account.

13. Encourage other users to tag you

How to Encourage other users to tag you?

      It’s simple to encourage others to tag you and your post too. Yes, openly ask your followers to tag you, it gives the signal for the Instagram algorithm to Boost Your account organically.

If you have 500 followers on your Instagram account then ask all of them to tag you on their posts personally. An average of 170 people will tag you in their post.  

Did you get what I am saying?

Yes, you manually say to your followers to tag you.

Example 13

If you post images to Instagram, which added your name, hashtags, and content your post only gets an impression on your followers.

Yes, those who all are followed will only get your post quickly, in case your followers tag you in their post, your follower’s friends are shown by suggestion.

So, this is also one step to increasing your followers.

14. Encourage User-Generated Content

What is Use Generated Content?

 If you have 10K followers initially, you cannot able to see the whole post that they post daily. But you need to check random and pick 1 or 2 posts from that and encourage them and tag them.

You need to mention in your timeline that this post is good and give some suggestions to improve.

If your followers generated content for them and if you say the best words to them this is called encouraging user-generated content.

Example 14

Audit existing fan photos

Identify consumer trends

Adopt a selfless hashtag strategy.

Promote strong CTAs in key locations. 

You have to encourage your followers to generate content. This shows your reputation to your followers.

15. Engage with Communities

How to Engage with Communities?

Engaging means the need to collaborate with other communities. Communities like Quora, Reddit, Forum and so on.

You have to collaborate and engage with other communities to share your content on their websites.  

You need to focus on sharing your links to other web pages with the help of Your Instagram Links. You need to write great content and you have to give value to the content first.

With this content, you need to increase your followers on Instagram.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

To engage with communities you have to post valuable content on their community page. If it happens then, their community people with the same niche will be able to follow your Instagram page.

Example 15

If you have a good amount of content and you will plan to increase your Instagram with the existing content.

How are you doing?

If you post this content to another site, their user also gets a chance to follow you. You need to do highly engage with the same niche Communities.

If you’re in the Health niche you have to highly engage with the health niche only.

If you’re in Travel Niche you have to engage with the same travel niche only.

So, be serious about this point of you.

Collaborating with at least  2 to 10 communities per month will boost your Instagram Followers Organically.

16. Engage with Your Followers

How to engage with followers?

It’s simple to engage with your followers. By commenting on their images, tag them into your post, conduct giveaway programs, and so on.

Did you think about why you have to engage with your Followers?

 Engaging with your followers day by day gives trust among them. Because in the digital world no one will trust anyone apart from their known people right.

Being the influencer you must engage with your followers. There are many ways to engage with your followers.

Conduct Live Streaming and spoke to your audiences and make posts, stories, and reels consistently day by day.

Don’t stop posting. Be schedule your Instagram Post and it will automatically post at a given time for your Instagram account.

Example 16

If you engage with your followers leads to an increase in your IG followers also.

Engaging with followers gives trustworthiness and belief to your followers that you are a good soul.

Share your routine life, upload images about you and your family, and post your dinner, lunch, and party images.

Note. Mention your location, and use a highly important volume of hashtags in your post.

High search volume Keywords and Hashtags give a high level of reach for your Instagram post. The keyword is an asset for influencers.

17. Find The Best time to post on Instagram

How to find the Best time to post?

You have to find the best time to post on Instagram by using Instagram Insights analytics. This analytics shows the entire information about your post, reels views, stories, video views, the interaction between times, and so on.

The best time is based on your Niche selection. If you are targeting particular places you need to research your audiences in that location.

How many women and males are there, who is your targeted audience, what products are in trend, and what posts and news are in trend, so you have to know all the statuses to post your images on Instagram.

A simple way to analyze the best time

 You have to do A/B testing.

 You have to check your quality content gives value to the people and your followers.

 Ask your follower what time they will be free. ( Conduct a quiz regards this ).

 Check your Instagram Insights.

 Post at the same time when followers on online. ( Between 6 AM to 7.30 AM )

Example 17

If you are posting videos, reels, and stories, post on your Instagram regularly without scheduling the same time, then the Instagram algorithm gets confused about your account.

See, the Instagram algorithm is worked through a bot, not by humans. So you have to do step by step correctly.

18. Focus to get Featured on your IG

How to get Focus on Featured IG?

 A featured Account is simply an Instagram account that helps to reshare the content on others including hashtags & tagging. Mostly many Instagram accounts follow this strategy to increase their followers.

The feature accounts are in every niche that helps to feature on posts. This trick helps Influencers to gain more followers.

Example 18

If you get a featured post, you will grow wisely. If an actor has more followers on Instagram, then you are in the same niche as celebrity talks when he featured your post on his Instagram page, their followers will look at your featured post and immediately get into you.

Similarly, you will grow some Instagram Followers.

19. Follow People who Like Competing Pages

How to follow Competing Pages?

    You have to see what niche you are working with and do research about your particular niche pages which have more followers on Instagram. This is the best way to generate more Instagram followers to your account.

 And next follow that particular niche page to your account. 

Did you know what happened next?

Yes. If you follow your niche-related pages on Instagram, your account will be shown to competing page followers.

30% of the followers come to your Instagram account and visit your page. If they get any satisfaction with your account then your followers will grow fast.

Example 19

If you are working with the beauty niche, OK.   What do you have to do? Do research on beauty niche pages where they have 100K above followers.

Then follow their page. Simple. If you follow their page, Instagram push suggestion to all followers presented in that Particular Beauty niche. 

So a minimum of 20K People visits your suggestion, in that suggestion if they got some unique pages and are interested in your account 5K followers will follow you.

This strategy works still now. Let’s try it.

20. Get Local

What is Local?

You are using Local SEO for the website know That’s the same concept in Instagram you have to do 

local Hashtags and input geotagging. You can’t Underestimate this concept on Instagram.

Let’s discuss with one by one.

Use Local Hashtag

 You need to use Local Hashtag to get local followers to your Instagram account. Using a Local Hashtag for your business is gives a high impression on your IG account. Most People on Instagram follow Local hashtags. Because they trust some places where they nearly live.

Use Geotagging

 By adding geotag to your post, stories, reels, and videos, you will be attracted by local Instagram users. Many peoples search for local content, so if you try to set up and use local tags it helps you to increase more Instagram followers.

By adding Geotag location you will be ranked for those searches, like google. If you post images you have to feature your location in that which helps you to gain followers.

By using this strategy you can able to get real Instagram followers.

Example 20

If you use both local hashtags & geotag you will get more followers, especially in Local places. If you post images in New York and give local hashtags, with geo tags you will get followers on that particular place more.

21. Get your Instagram Account Promoted on Buzzfeed

How to Promote Instagram Account to Buzzfeed?

Doing research about your niche is allowed on Buzzfeed. If they allowed your niche you can post an article with Buzzfeed guidance and you can embed your Instagram follow button.

If your content is good and gives some quality unique information to people then BuzzFeed pushes your content to more people.

Remember you need to do this to increase your Followers and make traffic for your website and Instagram page.

Buzzfeed will give embed code for your Instagram, if people like your content they will follow you.

If Buzzfeed does not approve your niche what you will do?

You can move to HARO, this is the biggest place where reporters search for great content or their work.

Daily 2 to 3 emails will receive from HARO, to write content for that.

So, make sure to write great content in your niche. You know what? HARO will allow your website link and social link to your content. Which gives more traffic.

Example 21

You have 2 options if your content is good and BuzzFeed allows your content you will be able to get more followers on your IG. 

Unless you don’t. Then try for HARO, and make your content good with 2000 words unique this will help you to get some amount of traffic.

22. Give People a Reason to Follow your IG Account

How to give valuable reasons to your Followers?

  If you are Starting Instagram Business as an influencer you have to know what information you have to give for your followers. Yes. This thing is important for you and your account.

You have to give all information in your bio, and give what you have to post (niche) information.

Optimize your Bio with valuable information about you or your niche.

You have to say the answer in your bio itself for what purpose you are making posts, reels, videos, and stories. 

If you say from bio then new followers will be able to check your account information and they get value from your bio then It’s time to get followers on Instagram.

Example 22

If you are running a business on Instagram without any motto, then how people will look at your account, and how people trust who you are?

To clear this doubt you need to give the entire information in your account.

If you are in the pet niche, you have to say more information about pets in your bio. Give more information about pets as well as your information too.

23. Go and do Influencer Marketing

How to do Influencer Marketing?

Yes, Of course, you have to move with an influencer marketing strategy. Many Instagram peoples doing this strategy to increase more followers for their accounts.

Step 1: First you have to do research on which influencer is really suitable for your niche. Because many influencers have a different audiences of people. So, you need to do clear research similar to your niche influencer.

Step 2: If you Find the Best Influencer in your niche you have to filter their followers among your Budget. Every influencer gets paid based on their follower’s count.  So if you start this initially you have to check the growth of influencer accounts and their followers.

Step 3: After you find thoroughly filter your influencer with the same niche, you need to research your influencer bio, analyze their post, see their live streaming, and follow them.

Continue this process for 1 to 2 weeks and after you reach out to them and ask them for influencing your product. So you know that person initially after analyzing 2 weeks this will help you and your influencer to grow together.

Example 23

If you are in the health niche, you need to focus and do research on the same health niche people only. Don’t go with a different niche account.

Try to research and outreach on the same niche influencer. This is a similar way to get more followers on Instagram.

24. Have a consistent style that hooks people in

How to hook people on Instagram?

You have to write unique and different eye-catching content for your followers. The aim is to get people to click your Instagram post and need to see what’s going on.

You have to attract other people by using your content Strategy.

Make sure you have using hashtags, and important keywords to reach more people on the Internet.

Example 24

If you are posting images, and reels on Instagram without knowing about great content and some key strategy then your account can’t able to reach as much as high.

Similarly, you are in the food hotel business posting an elite offer with good content posting on Instagram. Now you will get more followers based on your Elite Content.

If you post an image with 24/7 free pizza for Christmas using the local hashtags and geotag then you will get many followers from local places. Yes, the effect of hashtags gives more Followers.

Great Content Gives to click people to your account. Great Content is the hook.

25. Improve Instagram Content Distribution

How to Improve Instagram Content?

To get improve your content you have to write good quality content that people really need to click on your content page.

Focus on your content.

Do research about how to share your content on Instagram.

Share your Instagram content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on to get more views to your Instagram account. If you share content with the help of Facebook it will definitely reach more people.

Keep your content informative or funny thoughts which gives people to attract and get to interact with your post. There are many ways to publish your Instagram content.

First, you have to promote your content on social media. Social media helps to grow your Instagram followers in any niche. You are also able to collaborate with another influencer with your same niche account.

Additionally, if you are trying to embed your post in the blog or on your website, it has the highest chance to gain some followers.

Example 25

Only posting on an Instagram account won’t help you to get more followers, you have to do some additional work towards it. 

Yes, you have to share your post all over the biggest social media on the planet. If you post a good content post in your Instagram account then you also have to share that post on other social media platforms which helps you to increase followers on Instagram.

26. Insert Location Tags in Posts and Stories

Why Insert Location Tags in Post?

  Based on the Instagram algorithm, you need to tag your location on posts and also in stories, and reels. It’s mandatory for you to add these location tags.

Because, if you use a location tag on your Post, people belonging to that particular location may follow your Instagram account. This is also one of the strategies to get more followers on Instagram.

You have to think that how to get more followers on Instagram in a short period of time.


If you use some simple tricks you can be able to gain more followers too.

If you post on Instagram, you need to post images, reels, stories, and videos, and conduct live streaming also.

Share those on Social media and use Location tags for all posts.

Example 26

If you are in Tokyo and you are in the travel niche and also an influencer too. Then how do you get more followers on Instagram?

This may be done with your hashtag strategy method. If you post Powerful Hashtags on your post and tag your places on Instagram, you will gain more followers in Tokyo.


If you are in Tokyo and post Tokyo-based images with a location tag, the Instagram algorithm helps you to show more suggestions for related location people. If they are interested in that particular place they will definitely follow you, Similarly, your followers will increase.

27. Keep One with a Consistent Brand

Why make one Consistent Brand?

Consistent is the work without any changes on it, It will move with the same process. Yes if you are in Beauty niche influencer you have to be in the same niche consistently.

Because you started a beauty-related niche and grow some 10K followers. So this all 10K followers is your audience which they interested only in Beauty niche products. If you changed it into a travel niche and posted images, stories, reels, and so on, your audience will get bored and they unfollow you without giving any reason.

This impact will happen to you also when you change your one niche to another.

Look, you have to do posting on a similar niche.

Eg, If you are in the Beauty niche and make pictures, videos, and stories about that, you also make videos like costumes, makeup, dressing…etc.

This way you have to find out your niche and sub-niche related to your parent niche.

Every single piece of information is very important to you to gain more followers on your Instagram account.

Example 27

There are many niches on the planet. Approximately 10K types of niches with micro-niches are there. From that, you have to choose a particular niche related to a sub-niche for your Account.

Everyone will take niche but not in a proper way. You have to find your passion and interest to find the perfect niche for your Business.

Let you find a business niche, and started posting images on all social media. If some days later you will get a good amount of followers right.

Yes, you will get the minimum amount of followers for your account. With this account, all followers come across the same audience.

They all are Interested in your Business Niche so they follow you. But if you changed to niche into Travel, the people will unfollow you from day 1.

So, it could give more loss for your followers count. So Don’t change your niche into a different niche.

28. Know Instagram Marketing Strategy

How to know IG Marketing Strategy?

IG Strategy is simple. Post unique good content and publish it on Instagram. Consistent work is important to grow your Audience. Organic Growth takes time to gain followers. Do Instagram SEO for additional value to your account.

IG SEO helps you a lot to improve your followers consistently.

Example 28

You have to know about the complete Instagram Marketing Strategy to get more followers on Instagram.

Do competitor research for similar Instagram influencers in your niche. Copy and remodel with different style and implement in your post and Publish it.

Analyze your post in Instagram Insights.

29. Learn Analytics Details from Instagram Insights

Why Learn Instagram Insights & Analytics?

If you are an Instagram influencer and have high potential followers above 10K, you need to learn about Instagram Insights and Analytics too.

These 2 are the major parts of Instagram, which help you to check Data details about your business. It’s similar to Google analytics & search console.

Instagram Insight & Analytics gives you a bunch of data about your audience.

Let’s see what they provide,

  • People Engagement
  • Total views per month
  • Total followers 
  • Followers Growth by day to a month
  • Female & male audience
  • Traffic places for Instagram and so on.
Example 29

If you are running an e-commerce store you have to know the exact audience growth, and engagement details to run your Business. If you make 500 Products with 100 followers you can’t able to run an e-commerce business on Instagram.

So, you have to need the exact structure and format to do. Instagram insights and analytics help you to check the follower’s growth, and according to them, you can make the product.

30. Learn into Trending Contact Format

How to Learn Trending Contact?

You have to learn trending contact with your research. In today’s world trending content will look like short forms of videos.

Yes, Short-form video will grow 85% more than long-form of content.

Previously TikTok is doing short content with stories and videos. All people are highly engaged in that particular application.

People love short content more than long content. 

Later Instagram comes to a short content model to replace TikTok. Instagram uses reels and stories for short-tail content. People are excited and moving to Instagram and they do funny activities and make more money on Instagram too with short content.

93% of Business Peoples makes the short form of content for their business and invest in it and get leverage. They are still Continuing to Invest more amount on Instagram and TikTok.

Example 30 

Short form of content minimum 30 to 60 seconds video, reels give more engagement for the people.

People are Interested In the short forms of content only. If you are in the Beauty niche you post some cosmetics like nail polish, and hairdressing tools in the short form of content, people are really interested in those products.

Finally, your investment in influencer return doubles your Money through this short form of content.

Trending Content is short videos posted on reels, and stories.

31. Leverage Influencers

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is the type of person that could have more followers on their Instagram account, with the same niche audiences.

To Leverage Influencers to your account, you have to note that, you are also under the same niche.

If you do not belong to the same niche, you should move to another influencer who has a specific audience and related niche to your website.

Using these types of influencers, you will get more followers on Instagram.

Example 31

If you are in the Travel niche you should find out travel influencers only not other niche-related influencer. If you do different niche influencers to your account, their audience can’t be able to follow you. This leads to a waste of time.

So, do research on a similar niche and pick out them.

32. Make Custom Stickers for Instagram Account

How to use Custom Stickers?

At the current time, more than 200 Million peoples search Instagram for messages, and posts, and spend time on Instagram per day. They really love to spend their time on social media.

Many peoples are visiting Instagram to get new partners, for becoming famous, or to become influencers.

Maybe 60% of users are just visiting Instagram for spending time with their friends by sharing images, videos, etc.

While chatting On Instagram you need to message stickers and emoji images on your text. It will help you to make some audience for your account. GIF stickers are helpful in this particular work.

Example 32

Make stickers and emojis in your Instagram account, it will help you to make some decent followers on your account.

33. Make More Story Reels to Highlight

Why make story reels?

Reels in your story give you to get followers. Yes. If your content and good, and you publish any post related to your niche, then new followers will be able to see your profile.

Have a chance to see your profile bio. At the time if you placed your reels story based on your niches at the bottom of your profile bio, New users have the opportunity to see your story reels on Highlight.

So, if they get interested and trust you they will completely follow your Instagram account.

Example 33

If you are posting about food-relevant posts, and videos on Instagram and you have added story reels in highlight in your bio.

If your post becomes viral and gets more reach, some new audience also able to see your post. After visiting your post they could come to your bio and get some information about you.

After that, they will able to see story reels also. 

If they get attracted to this, they will follow your Instagram account.

34. Make sure You’re in Business Profile

What is Business Profile?

A business Account is different from a normal account. In a Business account, you can able to see analytics, Business Insights, and the whole data and information of your Instagram Account.

Example 34

If you are running a service-based business on Instagram, you have to see your audience and insights for your account. So if your account is already in Business Account you can able to see it. 

Unless your account is not Business Account, you cannot able to see the Insights and analyses.

So, If you start your Business make sure you are Switching your Instagram Account to Business Account.

35. Monitor Your Tagged Photos

How to Monitor Tagged Pictures?

To Maintain a good Reputation is most important than anything. Because Reputation gives you high-quality followers and reputation is the reason to get more followers on Instagram.

So, Keep tagging your post when the people of your post get tagged in, Every people will see your tagged pictures in your profile bio.

So, it is most important to you to Monitor who all are people tagged you in the post.

This also helps you to get more followers on Instagram. 

To do this you can go to the edit tag section and change in settings.

By using this strategy your approved post is only able to see by people who are looking to see your tagged post.

Example 35

If you are in the Travel niche and posting images and videos regularly. If the people who tagged you in different niche posts like cooking it’s not relevant right.

So, when people view your tagged post in your bio section your cooking tag image will also be able to show. This will give a negative impact on your audience.

So, Do changes in the “edit tag” setting and approve the images that you need to show in your tagged section.

36. Nix Boring Bio Link

What is Bio Link?

A Bio link is the link that helps the audience to click and view your landing page or blogs. The Bio link is present at the top of the page section.

If you need to target your followers to get a visit to your blog or landing page you can use this bio link section.

This will help your followers to visit directly towards that particular page.

You can also use to give multiple URLs in one link to your followers on Instagram.

Example 36

If you are making one landing page and you need to send your Instagram traffic to that particular landing page you need to give that link on your Instagram bio.

Ask your followers to click the bio link. And you will get traffic over there.

37. Optimize your Instagram Profile & Biography

How to Optimize Instagram Profile?

First, you have to optimize the Profile with your business Username. Customize and give some value to your profile, say about who you are, why you need followers, and what you need to do with Instagram followers.

  • Be Transparent to your followers and audience.
  • Make your Username easily searchable for your followers.
  • Need to set up Your Account
  • Add your full name which you would use for your Business
  • Add profile picture
  • Make Your Profile Picture Public
  • Complete your bio with informative, valuable Information for your new followers.
  • Add your Links to your Bio
  • Enable notification to receive messages, shares, and tags from your followers.
Example 37

 If you add your complete information about who you are, people can be trust you and interested in your post, and make follow your page. This strategy also improves your follower’s growth.

38. Post Best Sharable Content

What is the Best Content?

The best content is the content that gives valuable information to the people with Highly Sharable Info.

Content is the King of the Website.

Content gives value to the followers. You have to create valuable content on Emerging news.

People love new content ideas and strategies.

Note: If you post any content related to reels, posts, or videos you have to note that people who see your content need to share those content with their friends and family.

This is the main reason why Best Content is always sharable.

If your content gives value to the followers they will definitely share your content which gives more followers to your account.

Example 38

You need to post sharable content. You have to write the technical features and make people share your content when they see your post.

If you wrote the story of Elon Musk in a 30-sec video then it’s the emerging piece of content. People love this content.

If you post an inspirational post in video people start sharing this message post.

You have to do research about what makes people share your content. This gives you an exact answer and you will be able to post accordingly.

39. Post Consistently

Why post-Consistent?

Next, you have to know about the success mantra for Online Business Owners. That is Consistency work.

You have to work consistently in your field.

Yes. Practice Makes Perfection, in that Consistent makes you successful for your Business. Do consistent work with your Business.

You have to post regularly without fail. Make a calendar for your work and do it in that format, you will get success.

Example 39

If you post images, videos, and reels consistently with the same timing Instagram Algorithm find your work and boosts your page to get more followers on Instagram.

40. Post at the same time

Why post on Correct Time?

 To give authority to your Instagram page, you need to post your reels, and stories, and post at the same time. Same time of post notifies by Instagram and trust you.

By posting your Post at the scheduled time you will get more followers organically.

Example 40

If you do your work within the scheduled time Instagram will boost your Instagram page to the top in your niche.

Every country have different timing to post, you have to point out the best time to post on Instagram.

The best time may vary from place to place. You have to check it in analytics and Insights from your Business Account.

41. Post your IG Account on other Forums sites

Why post on Forum Sites?

Forum sites are the sites people have in the same niche with different groups. So, if you joined in forum group with your relevant niche and share some information about your post and videos, then your post was visited by people in the forum group, and likely they will see your Instagram account.

If they get satisfied with your content that your number of followers will increase day by day.

Example 41

If you are in a Business niche and you are joined in Reddit website, which is million people visit per month. If you ask questions or you will reply to other questions related to your niche then some people can read your answer and if you give your Instagram link in your answer, then you might get some traffic for your Instagram also.

Let’s try.

42.  Promote Your IG Account on Different Networks

How to Promote Your IG?

You have to promote your Instagram Account to another related social platform which gives traffic to your IG. 

Yes, promote your Instagram account on Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Youtube, and so on.

Promoting your Instagram account on Social platforms is the best way to gain some followers organically.

Example 42

If you post your reels, and images in one IG account it will be given one source of traffic, other than that you post your images, and videos on other social media you will get more traffic from different platforms, so it’s easy to get more followers on your IG Account.

43. Provide a Giveaway

Why give giveaways?

 Giveaway is the factor to keep your followers engaged. This is the most important factor for all Instagram influencers.

You need to be active and give some giveaways to your followers. 

Example 43

Giveaway is free of gift which provides to your followers to make engaged and active. This may help you to gain some followers on your Instagram account.

44. Repost other’s Content

How to Repost Others Content?

You can repost others’ content by posting your post or reshare the content for others.

Repost other content with highly engaging content helps you to get followers on Instagram. On Instagram, you have to give credit for the original poster and it gives not have to be flagged on Instagram.

Note: Instagram changing its terms and conditions. So if you need to repost others’ content, first you have to ask permission from the original creditors.

Example 44

If you post other highly viewable posts to your account you can easily get some decent followers, with the repost you need to give highly searchable Hashtags.

Hashtags you need to give related to your post and publish the unique value content. Be patient, you will get more followers.

45. Research and Use the Keywords to Search

How to Research your Keyword for Search?

 The keyword is important for any business in the online world. You have to research the keyword for your Business.

You have to analyze the keyword search volume and make a good name for your Instagram account.

Give Unique words which consistently used by people.

Example 45

Based on your Niche you have to give keywords. If you are in the cooking niche then go with the cooking-related keyword. Not going to travel-related keywords.

Give your followers to use unique and searchable keywords on your Username on Instagram. If you are able to use your brand name it’s fine.

You can change it too.

46. Run Contests for Your Followers

How to Run Contests?

If you are an influencer you have to be active and make your followers be active. This same principle using by all other influencers too.

Yes, you have to make your followers happy. So what do you have to do?

Let me explain.

  •  You have to be on Live streaming,
  •  You have to contest the quiz.
  • You have to give a giveaway
  • You have to give value to your followers.
Example 46

If you need to get more Instagram followers you need to be active and run contests for your followers.

Give money or gifts to your followers, this will boost all your followers to active.

47. Schedule your Posts, videos, and stories

How to schedule your posts?

Keep your scheduling is more important than any other thing. Be Punctual in your work and be patient.

You have to make a calendar for your daily routine life on Instagram.

You need to schedule your post, reels, and videos at a similar and same time and need to publish them.

The Instagram algorithm loves Scheduling and posting at the same time.

Example 47

If you are watching television daily the same serial or episode run at the same time daily right, Make that happen in your Instagram account also.

Be on the correct time, post at the correct time.

48. Tag relevant Users to your account

Why tag relevant Users?

Relevant user means followers in your same niche, which may be your future audience for your Instagram Account.

Yes. You have to find your relevant niche people and tag them. This impact happens in tagged people account notifications.

They opened and see your mentioned list and if they are interested in your account and posted they will follow you.

So, keep your IG Account user-friendly and give value in your bio section.

Example 48

If you tagged someone in your niche like if you are in the travel niche and you tagged a people which he/she interested in travel, it will grow your followers. 

Because they like to travel you are in the travel niche and it’s all similar so you can be able to gain followers on your Account.

49. Tag your Location on your post

Why tag Location?

If you are an Instagram Influencer you need to do some set of activities to gain more followers on Instagram.

So, from that activity, you have to tag your Location on every post, reel, stories.

Yes, if you tagged your location on your post, your followers from current places are following you soon and you will in particular locations Instagram people get suggestions about your post.

If they see it, you gain followers. Right.

Example 49

If you are Rome and you post images on Rome, surrounding people who use Instagram will get suggestions to follow you.

This is the best feature Instagram implemented.

50. Try on IGTV Series

Why do IGTV?

 To make more followers and need to boost your Instagram followers IGTV is used. You can make a video and publish it with IGTV Series.

If you do videos related to One Particular topic and publish them on a Series pattern on IGTV, users will be interested in that series and able to watch without any disturbance.

So, you can get unique and returning visitors for your IGTV.

Example 50

If you are in the travel niche, and you are posting a trip to amazon forest as a series video from day 1 to day end.

If people like your day 1 video they might be interested to watch continuous series, this will engage your audience on your IGTV.

Make IGTV Series also to boost your follower’s growth.

51. Try to on LIVE Collaboration

How to make Live Collaboration?

Live collaboration is made with you and your related niche friend. Instagram is the perfect place to make live videos, engage with your followers and be active, comment on your live stream, and so on.

Live collaboration video will engage your followers in real-time, so it boosts your Instagram followers too.

Live video will appear on your story for 24 hours after that it would disappear, so make sure you need to upload your video on IGTV. So when you are in live notification goes to all your followers and they grab attention in your video.

If you need to do live streaming in front of a bunch of audiences you have to do it with your friends too. 

Ask other people to host your video and make you a guest for that hosting. 2 of you and others appear on split-screen and the live session is go well.

So, make sure in Live Collaboration too.

Example 51

Make live collaboration with your friend to boost your followers organically. If you do live streaming you will get notified by your followers and others.

If they are interested in your topic they will definitely follow you.

52. Use Design for your Instagram Grid

Why use Grid on Instagram?

In Instagram Grid layout design is mostly used by others and also Instagram followers, so you can try this design too.

Grid view is in box type view.

Example 52

Use the grid view to show 9 to 10 posts in the same display.

53. Use Features to Interact with others

Why to Interact with others?

If you are an Instagram influencer you need to interact with others and boost your growth. Yes, you have to interact with new people daily and make some features to do it.

Instagram has many features on stories to grab attention and interact with people to use it as well.

To get interact with others on Instagram you have to make stories, pools, quizzes, Questions, chat strikers, and so on. 

Example 53

If Interacted users come across your page and they will follow you. If you are a traveler makes your followers get attention to your different features.

Different types of features you have to use to gain followers.

54. Use Instagram Nametag

Why use a Name tag?

Your Instagram nametag is the scannable code that allows your Instagram users instantly. Instagram nametag is easy to promote your Business. 

This nametag will help you to get more followers for your Instagram account. With your nametag on Instagram, your followers will easily scan your name and very quickly follow you without typing your name.

How to find a Name tag on your Instagram Account?

Open your Instagram account, click on the three icons at the right corner, and select nametag. That’s it.

Example 54

If you use a nametag for your business, people easily scan your name and are able to follow you.

Using Instagram Nametag gives you more followers.

55. Use Pin Comment

Why Pin Comment?

Pin comment is a feature in Instagram, you could pin 2 to 3 comments. You will pin comments in the following types.

Option 1. If you have 1000+ words of content and you have to pin this type of content to continue to read you can do this. 

Option 2. If you like other comments which have a high intention for followers, you will be able to pin those comments.

Example 55

If you make a story for the post then you will need to write 1000+ words of articles right, you cannot able to show that 1000+ words of articles in one post-show if you pin that post on Instagram and post it.

When your followers need to study in-depth on your content they will click your pinned comments, this will help followers to read your full post.

By using this factor you can make engagement with new followers.

56. Use Relevant Hashtag to Capture New Users

How to use Relevant Hashtag?

Relevant Hashtag helps you to show your post to the relevant people on the Instagram account. Yes, hashtags will help you to show your stories, and videos, to specific users on Instagram.

This strategy is very popular in this current world.

Every people uses hashtags according to their business to make grow their followers.

To make a relevant Hashtag, you need to do research in-depth and analyze your competitor using hashtags and repeat it as unique.

Example 56

If you are posting food-related content on Instagram so before you post Instagram you need to do research and mention hashtags related to the food niche.

So, according to food niche content, with related hashtags, Instagram will optimize your content and will be shown to food-related followers and also give suggestions for food-relevant people.

So, with this method, you get more Instagram followers.

57. Use Social Media Management tools

Uses of Social Media Tools?

Yes, you also use social media tools to highly get engaged with your followers. You have to know, that there are plenty of social media tools available on the internet with Free tools and also Paid tools.

By using these tools you can post your reels, and videos consistently with scheduling your work.

Example 57

If you are busy with other work or you went on vacation and hold all your work fo 3 to 5 days. With the help of scheduling your post with social media tools, it will automatically publish on the internet.

58. Work with your Influencers with the same niche

Why work with Influencers?

Influencers have many followers in a specific niche. You can increase your audience according to Influencer Marketing. 

In every category and niche, there are groups of Influencers are there. If you make a partnership with your niche influencer it’s not mean competitor.

You can move forward to do paid advertisements with celebrities and other influencers. If they have 10K to 30K followers you can reach out there.

To find an Influencer on social media you can seek some Social media tools, Usually they social media tools gives you the best influencer to you in the same niche. The count of Instagram followers with engagement gives the best criteria for your business.

Example 58

If you use social media tools to find the best influencer, it’s an easy way to make you grow on Instagram. In the Social media tools, always filter the category for all niches, so you can easily find out which influencer is best for you.

59. Write Long Caption for Your IG Account

Why write long captions on IG?

 Yes, you have to write a good and long caption on your Instagram account to get more followers and engagement rate.

You will already see that Instagram reach and engagement rates play a major part to attract Instagram followers.

Important Features for a caption?

Use Most Important Words in Front 

  You have to use important keywords in front of the caption. Instagram will like this algorithm only. Make use of 120 Characters and make bold with important words.

You Have to Try Different Lengths of Content 

 Try to write some different levels of content for your post, make your content in length, and use more than 1200 to 2000 Words.

Try Sticker & Emoji

 To make your followers active and need to get engagement you have to use emoji stickers to get your follower’s attention.

Ask a Question to your Followers

  To make your followers active on your post ask questions, keep engagement with your followers, and answer other questions asked by your followers, this will make you get some engagement.

Example 59

Try to give your post caption strong content, with eye-catching lines. If you are posting a food-related post with any recipe, you need to give full details from top to bottom. 

Don’t use short content, give brief content which understandable to your followers.

60. You also follow the relevant accounts for your niche

Why follow the relevant Accounts?

 You have to follow your relevant niche account and tag them. The same account with the same niche gives you credibility for your IG Account.

Don’t follow many followers within a short period of time.

Example 60

 If you are using a travel niche for your Instagram account you have to follow the same niche relevant account to get more followers.

You have to follow the same niche.

61. You can also embed Instagram posts on your Blog Section

 Why embed your Instagram Post?

   If you need to get more Instagram followers you have to use different types of steps. Your action gives you a result.

So, you have to implement different types of actions.

So, you need to try Instagram posts in your blog section by embed codes. Through this method, your traffic from blogpost will also grow some followers on Instagram.

Using the Embed method on Instagram for your blog is a good idea to get more Instagram followers.

Example 61 

 By embedding your Instagram link to blog post, you will even get traffic from blog users too.

If you are running a blog based on a similar niche in Instagram, your blog traffic also is one of the parts of your Instagram, So you highly get the chance to get more Instagram followers on your Account. 

62. You have to aim to explore pages in IG

How to explore pages in IG?

Explore page is present under the bottom page of the magnifying icon. From that explore pages you find posts, stories, and videos you liked from the account, not even you need to follow them. If you like someone’s images or videos, you are able to see their activity in your explore tab.

According to Instagram Algorithm, users first see the grid of content. After they are able to get a chance to dive deeper into the specific topic of the niche.

30% of Instagram users will see the explore content widely, so if you are in that category to do in your explore pages, you will be able to get a chance to grow more Instagram followers.

Example 62

New people from Instagram are not able to see you unless you are the brand on Instagram. So you have to explore pages on your account, so if people see your post, reels, and videos on explore page were they interested, you will get the chance to get more followers.

63. You have to Collaborate with others

Why Collaborate with others?

If you really need to get more Instagram followers you need to collaborate with a micro-influencer which have at least more than 10K Followers.

This collaboration gives more followers with less time on your account.

You can also reshare content also. (UGC) User-Generated Content plays a major role in Instagram to get build more followers.

Example 63

If you need to build more followers on your Instagram account you have to do influencer marketing by collaborating with others.

If you are in a software niche you need to collaborate with only a Software micro-influencer, so you can able to grow your audience in the same niche for your Business.


So, you got more than 60+ Strategies to get more followers on Instagram right? Let you tell me how much strategy you will be able to implement for your Instagram Account.