How to make money without a job? Is Possible

Yes, it is absolutely possible to make money online without a job. Many works were available to you to earn more money on the internet.

Internet with your own skill gives you to gain more money. In this technology world, many people hurry to earn money with a risk-investment job. Like

  • Investing in Stocks
  • Investing in dropshipping without experience
  • Starting own business without any knowledge
  • Investing in expenses
  • Investing in eCommerce FBA business

Above mentioned jobs give high returns but they have risks, so in this blog, I will share some important works you can earn more money without going to a job.

Make money without a job

Benefits of make money without a job

If you are interested to make money online without going to a job, then you will get benefit from the following details,

  • You will escape from slave job 9 to 5
  • You have more time to spend with family
  • You will be financially free
  • Travel the world as per your interest
  • You can work whenever you need

Strategy to make money without a job

Here, I will share some important works that you can do without going to a job. If you choose any one of these and be an expert then money flows automatically to your bank account.

Let’s see,

  • Start Blogging Business
  • Be Freelancers
  • Get paid for testing websites
  • Become a virtual assistant for other people
  • Pet sitter Job
  • Sell handmade items on social platforms
  • Invest in Real estate land
  • Sell your old products on social websites
  • Be to babysitter
  • Invest in stocks
  • Rent your Home 
  • Design the T-shirt and sell it
  • Be a transcriber
  • Start Youtube business
  • Write your ebooks
  • Flip websites
  • Start coaching business
  • Take online survey
  • Start affiliate marketing
  • Give a car by rent
  • Deliver food on two wheeler

Best Options to make money without a job

Blogging Business

Start Blogging Business

Blogging is a business, which starts with hosting and domain to create a website and needs to write your interested topics. If the blog will complete the next step is to publish it on social media. When visitors visit your blogs you can get money by displaying ads and others.

To succeed in this business, you have to know the basics of SEO and blogging.

Be Freelancers

Freelancer is also a good business for every people who need to earn money from home. Because in this freelancer platforms like Upwork, Picoworkers, Fiverr, and you will get a lot of works depending on your category. From there you can work for another company from home and get paid.

Get paid for testing websites

On some websites, they give the job for testing their speed and forms. If you check that you will get paid. Mostly it takes 20 Minutes to complete but you can charge them $5 to $10 per project work.

Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant for other people

On some platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr you will get the chance to do a virtual assistant job. In this case, you have to be virtually assisted on your project owner’s website. You can charge this per hour. This job is so simple to use it.

Pet sitter Job

In a foreign country, most people thrive on dogs, cats, and other pets. If they go on a job or vacation trip they don’t have the chance to take over those pets, So pet sitters will do this work. If you are interested in this job you can do it.

Sell handmade items on social platforms

If you are interested in handmade products such as gifts, flowers, rings, and more you can sell them on other social media platforms. Because the new collection has an almost good margin of profit. People love to buy these handmade products often. So you can upload your handmade products on Etsy, or run ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram and make your money on every sale.

Real estate business

Invest in Real estate land

If you need to get more money then you have 2 chances they are, 

  • Sell Successful products online
  • Do Real Estate Business

If you are really known this real estate business you can earn a high commission rate for every sale. Up to 5% to 15% you will get. You can do this type of real estate business with the help of Airbnb. The real estate business is a high growth business compared to all works, so grab this offer and do it right now.

Sell your old products on social websites

If you have old products like TV, sofa, machines, and home appliances you can directly sell them online. You can use different platforms to sell this product such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. People love old products mostly 90s products. By posting this old product on ads you can able to get good orders. Many people buy this old product from social media and resale it for high amounts in museums and other relevant places.

Eg, Etsy, IG, FB., etc

Be to babysitter

I don’t know male will do this job! But this job is so common in a foreign country to do. Parents go to jobs for a living, then who cares about their children?

So to take care of children you will be paid for a day. This job is best for women.

Invest in stocks

If you have more money to spend for business then buy dividend stocks from reputed companies like coca cola, Starbucks, Tesla, Apple, and other best companies. Because these companies is growing well in these days, If you buy this company stocks it will grow more day by day and you can get a high return on those stocks. So if you have money to invest try to invest now.

Rent your Home 

If you have a home you can give rent for it. By giving rent you can earn more. If you have your home in a tourist palace then it’s so simple for you to earn a good amount of money. Because on tourist places people often comes and stay with hotels & rooms.

By doing this you can earn easily without going to your job.

T-shirt Business

Design the T-shirt and sell it

If you have skill in designing then it so simple to earn money through it by your skill. Because people wear clothes with designing template right. Yes absolutely. If you do the best design and sent the design printed on your file to some reputed company they will more money for you. You can sell your design on other job posting websites. 

Redbbuble is one of the famous industries for designing t-shirts, if you design well and posted on your social media with ads, redbubble will make all stuff like shipping, delivery, and printing the clothes. You don’t have to do all these things, your work is needed to create a design and send it to the redbubble company they will take care of it all.

Be a transcriber

If you know additional languages apart from your native language to can also do a transcriber job on job posting platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and so on. Note, if you don’t know any languages you can also apply it, with the help of google Translate you can do this job very simple and 100% accurate level.

Youtube Business

Start Youtube business

If you are interested in showing your face on social media then you are in the right place. Because youtube is the platform that helps you to grow and earn more money. Keep an single niche idea of your interest and publish content related to your niche. Keep posting continuously. 

Note- You have to give value to the people who watch your content. From this perspective, you can grow your channel and make more people your subscribers.

Write your ebooks

If you are interested in writing a story, you can write it and publish it on the website for free and buy your own website with the help of best-hosting providers.With the help of website upload your story on internet, show that you can grow your readers more, and you can also plan for subscription package to view more stories on your website, By adding this subscription you can earn money every month.

You also create your story in the form of an E-book and you can sell it on amazon kindle or Etsy.

Flip websites

In this modern world flipping is an advanced level of marketing to make money online without any jobs, Let’s see what is flipping.

Flipping is selling something. Eg, If you buy the old website and improve it to get more traffic for your website and sell it on odys website. If you buy an old website for $1000 and grow it and sell it for $10000 within 5 to 6 months. This business is easy to do.

Coaching Business

Start coaching business

Every people have their own skill on a different platform. So, if you have any skills like business ideas, consultant ideas, marketing ideas, blogging ideas, or make money online ideas, you can share for the people to get some dollars. It will increase your revenue more.

Eg, If you are a fitness man, training people to be fit, so you can charge $100 per month means, you can get $1000 per month for only 10 people. So look at if you are increasing your student growth you can earn more money.

By Giving value to the people you can succeed more in your life.

Take online survey

Some business companies ask you to make surveys for them to collect their answers and mail id from other people. The survey can take upto 2 to 3 minutes, once the survey is finished by people you can get $ based on the survey company, this job not give enough money to you.

Start affiliate marketing

Compared to other online businesses affiliate marketing plays an important role from others, because money will flow day by day in this marketing. You need to refer any products to your followers or friends, if they buy you can get more commissions depending on the product.

The best product to promote,

  • Fitness niche
  • Health niche
  • Business niche
  • Money niche
  • Relationship niche

You have to choose anyone to make an instant commission from your followers. This niche plays a good role in the affiliate marketing field.

Give a car by rent

If you have the car you can give it for rent by calculating hours. Note – If you are interested in this business you have to be careful and be genuine. Before renting the car you need to check their ID, Licence, and other documents for your safe.

You can charge up to $150 per hour depending on the car model.

Delivery food

Deliver food 

This business is easy to do for all men, You have to deliver food for a particular customer who ordered online. It’s easy but you will get tired by doing this job. So choose your job by your interest.

Many companies offering this job for delivering food to customers like, Swiggy, Zomato, uber eats, doordash, Seamless, Grubhub., etc

Tips to make money without a job

Basic steps to make money online by giving value to the customer and customer will help you to generate the income for you.

  • Choose the right business
  • Focus on 1 business
  • Get Experience from the particular business
  • Start from your own
  • Develop your own with a startup
  • Increase contacts with your clients

Best Platform to make money

You need to start with your skill to make money online. But I will help you to choose the right niches for your business to earn more money without going to a job.

  • Choose Real Estate business
  • Make your own blogging
  • Create Youtube Channel 
  • Do Affiliate Marketing


Not but not least, In this blog, you get all successful ideas to make money without going to the job right. But in my opinion, you have to go to a job and learn new ideas and you need to get experience from that job. Because without experience you can’t able to run your own business. So you have to Learn the business and gain experience from there and start your business on your own. So say about your selection of business type. I am waiting for your ideas. Cheers! If you need to get more business ideas you can check in here.


Best Platform to make money?

  • Real estate business
  • Blogging
  • Online business

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