Best Offshore Software Development in the Philippines – 2023

What is Offshore Software Development in the Philippines?

Offshore Software Development in the Philippines, widely increasing compared to previous years. It almost increases over 42% per year.  It shows that offshore development is growing in Philippines.

Yes, Because of offshoring development works, company’s from other countries get more benefits like highest performing results without any mistakes. 

Yes, in the Philippines there are more highly skilled professionals and experienced software developers available.

Offshore software development helps you to use them whenever necessary and also reduce the cost of labor charges.

If you need home based remote software developer or office based remote software engineer then offshoring is the best choice to prefer them.

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Why Offshore Software Development to the Philippines?

Offshore Software Development in the Philippines
Offshore Software Development in the Philippines

This is interesting. Because one of the talented, skilled professionals in software is highly present in the Philippines and the cost of hiring software engineers is low. Additionally, there are more factors to outsourcing,

They are,

  • English Language proficiency,
  • Economic Stability,
  • Political Stability

What are the roles hired by offshore software development Companies?

Many companies abroad use this offshore development work to minimize the labor cost and to get high skilled quality performing software engineers. 

Did you know what skill you need to have to work offshore?

Important thing is, if you are skilled in any software programs like ,

  • C,
  • C#,
  • Java,
  • Python,
  • SAS Platform Development,
  • Front End Developers,
  • Back End Developers,
  • SQL,
  • Devops,
  • QA Testing
  • .NET
  • Mobile Development
  • Angular JS
  • Computer coding programmer.

If you have skill from any one of these you may get a chance to do offshore software development work.

What are the benefits of offshore software developers in Philippines?

benefits of offshore software developers

There are more benefits from offshore software development in Philippines,

They are,

  • Reduce cost of operation
  • 27/7 support
  • Deliver quality outputs
  • Increase scaling opportunity

Reduce cost of operation

By offshoring software engineers you can save 60% of the labor cost. Compared to your own country you will get talented software developers at low cost also. So, many companies like the US prefer to hire offshore.

27/7 support

Hiring offshore software developers for your company helps to complete all projects within the time period, Because they are skilled professionals.

Deliver quality outputs

By offshoring developers to your software development projects helps you to complete the all work within time, with this you can improve growth efficiency and get more goodwill.

Increase scaling opportunity

By hiring software developers from offshore helps you to increase the scaling of your company to the next levels.

What is a software developer salary in the Philippines?

Offshore Software Development in the Philippines

Salary ranges typically differ according to every job in software development fields.

In some places inside the Philippines salary will differ,

Let see

Region in PhilippinesSalary Range
Bicol Region₱41000 to 52000
Central Visayas₱41000 to 52000
Northern Mindanao₱36000 to 45000
Cagayan Valley₱36000 to 46000
Soccsksargen₱35000 to 44000

Advantages of Offshore Software Development Philippines?

There are 7 advantages in offshoring,

They are,

  • Offshore software development works saves money
  • Helps to complete the project ASAP
  • Offshore software developments helps to improve quality of products
  • Helps to find skilled labor for your industry
  • Offshore software development helps to grow your business as much faster
  • Helps to scale team
  • Offshore software development helps to reduce the risk

Disadvantages of Offshore Software Development Philippines?

There are some disadvantages also in offshoring software development process,

They are,

  • Time Zone is difference
  • Day to Day operational challenges you need to face 
  • Cultural barriers you need to face
  • Language barrier is also you need to face in offshore development works
  • While in work you will face quality control issue also

Difference Between Offshore and Onshore Development?

There are some difference,

They are,

Onshoring Software Development

The company hiring software developers inside their countries, regions is called onshoring software development business.

Offshoring Software Development

The company hiring software developers outside the country like India, China to develop their own software products is called offshoring.

How to apply for Offshoring software development?

There are many ways to apply for offshoring software development works. Yes, there are more job portals available for offshoring,

They are,

  • Upwork
  • Turing
  • Freelancers,
  • Fiverr,
  • Indeed,
  • Linkedin,
  • Ziprecruiter

What programming language is in-demand in the Philippines?

Ruby specialists, Java developers, C, C++, Python developers, Java script coders are the programming languages that have high demand in Philippines.

Wrap Up

Offshoring development companies in the Philippines have become a popular choice for business owners around the world due to their commitment to delivering high-quality and cost-effective software development services.

With a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, offshore development companies in the Philippines have earned a goodwill for providing top-notch services that meet the unique needs of each client. 

The country’s strong focus on AI technology and a supportive government have further helped to solidify its position as a leader in the offshore development industry. 

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on building long-lasting relationships with clients, the offshore development companies in the Philippines are well-equipped to help businesses achieve their goals and succeed in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

FAQ – About Offshore Development Company

Are software developers in demand in the Philippines?

According to today’s digital world and market standard, software developers have high demand in Philippines. 

What is an offshore software development company?

When a company is interested to start their sub branch office in another country called offshore software development company. For eg. Amazon has more sub branches all over the country. KFC also has more sub branches. So, they are also called offshore development companies.

What are the onshoring companies in the Philippines?

JPMorgan Chase Bank and Convergys are the best onshoring companies in the Philippines.

Why is the Philippines good for outsourcing?

Because of Labor cost is very low compared to other Asian countries. So many business people are outsourcing to Philippines.

What is the Philippines famous outsourcing?

According to all industries, the Philippines is one of the best outsourcing countries for BPO services. Because of the quality and efficient services provided by Philippines employees.

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