6 Best CRM Modules helps to Enhance Customer Relationship

CRM modules is one of the software program helps for all business from small to enterprise to grow with customer. CRM helps to manage customer data with more effective way.

Did you know why CRM (customer relationship management) is used?

CRM is used for businesses to manage and analyze the customer interactions, customer engagements, and data.

CRM Modules helps to providing all businesses with tailored solutions to meet some specific requirements.

In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look at CRM Modules, benefits and how it works. 

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What is CRM Modules?

CRM Module is one of the component of CRM system helps to businesses to add or remove software to their specific needs.

These module are designed to provide some specific functionalities for all businesses like Marketing automation, Customer service, Sales automation, Analytics and reporting, SMM, and support.

You know what?

CRM software helps to customize features according to every unique business needs and it’s requirements.

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Types of CRM Module

In CRM there are different modules available. Each design will be provides specific functionalities for every business.

There are 6 CRM Modules available.

They are,

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Sales Automation
  3. Customer Service and Support
  4. Analysis and Reporting
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Content Repository

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation CRM Modules

Marketing Automation modules is designed for automate the process with sales tasks. In this Marketing automation, CRM will work automatically without any help of human.

Yes, Marketing Automation is CRM helps to automate email campaign, social media post, lead generation and more stuff.

Within automatic system you can these works. It will save more time.

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Sales Automation

In this sales automation process, the CRM module helps to automate sales tasks like Lead management, tracking sales, sales forecasting and more.

This Sales automation process is one of the best module in CRM which helps to businesses to close the deals of client, improve client sales pipelines and checking the revenue of every business.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service and Support CRM Modules

In customer service and support module you can able to manage customer interactions through messages , such as ticket management, call tracking, and chats.

These Customer support module helps all businesses to provide good customer services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You know what?

Building loyalty and trust between customer is more important for all businesses. Because of this reason Every CRM Module has best customer support features.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting CRM modules

Analytics and Reporting module helps for every businesses to manage insights of customer data likes sales trends, customer behavior, marketing performance and more.

This Analytics and reporting modules helps to make data driven decisions, improve some strategies, and helps to measure ROI of client business.

Social Media Management

Social Media CRM Modules

In CRM Module Social media media management features helps to business to manage their social media channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and more.

In this social media management module you can able to schedule posts, monitoring mentions, analyzing engagement messages and more activities.

This module is widely helpful for all businesses to improve their social media presence, engage with audience and helps to generate more leads.

Content Repository

Content Repository CRM module helps to collect all images and documents. By collecting these you can easily accessible whenever it needs to you.

Even Content Repository helps to give access for team members to use images for their business needs.

This will really helpful for all business people to find documents and images within short period of time.

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How to choose right CRM Modules?

Choosing the right CRM module is very easy for expert but newbie it was so challenging to choose it.

Before choosing CRM modules you need to analyze deep research about the client business needs with their requirements and budgets.

Here are the common factors before choosing right CRM module for your business.

They are,

  • Business needs
  • Scalability
  • Integration
  • Budget

Business needs

Every business needs to identify its specific and common needs and select CRM modules.


Every businesses needs to choose CRM modules that can helps to grow their business and helps to adapt their challenging needs.


Every businesses needs to ensure that CRM modules has integrate with existing softwares.


Every business needs to consider the budget before choosing CRM module. Yes, check your business requirements and choose best one which is suitable for your budget.

How to Implement and Integrate CRM Modules

If you select the right CRM module, now its time to integrate and implement them into their CRM softwares.

Here are the common steps to integrate,

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Monitor


In planning, Every businesses needs to plan integration and implementation process includes timelines, resource, and stakeholders.


In training, Every businesses needs to train their employees on how to use CRM modules effectively.


In testing, Every businesses needs to test the new CRM modules and need to ensure the module is working correctly and check the integration is properly exists.


In monitoring, Every businesses needs to monitor new CRM modules performance. Check module is working fine.

What are the best practices for using CRM Modules

Here are the 4 steps for the best practices for using CRM Modules,

They are,

  • Set goals
  • Monitor Performance
  • Customization
  • Train the Employees
  • Collaboration

Set Goals

Before using CRM Module, every business people needs to set their gaols and needs to align their overall business objectives.

Monitor Performance

Every Businesses needs to monitor the CRM Modules performance and need to track their ROI which helps to increase the better performance in future.


Every Businesses needs to customize their CRM modules to fit their workflows and needs.

Train the Employees

Every Businesses people needs to give training for all employees on how to use better CRM modules effectively. This will give more benefits for newbie employees to use CRM software.


Every business people need to encourage collaborations between all departments and ensure that every employee is using CRM module correctly.

How to overcome the Challenges of CRM Modules?

To overcome the challenges on CRM module you need to do some activity,

They are,

  • Complexity
  • Integrations
  • Data Quality


CRM is so complex to use. To overcome this business people need to give good training to use CRM modules.


Integration new CRM module is challenging one. To overcome this business people need to ensure that CRM module is properly integrate with existing one.

Data Quality

CRM Modules rely on accurate data. To overcome this business people needs to ensure that have proper data, such as data cleaning and data duplication.

What are the future of CRM Modules?

In future CRM module will be evolved in automation process. Here are some trends of future CRM Module.

They are,

  • AI powered automation
  • Personalization
  • Cloud based solution

Wrap up

By using CRM Module you will get more flexible, customizable and cost effective solution to manage customer interactions and easy to find customer data.

By choosing best CRM you can easily improve customer engagements, increase sales and grow your business.


How many modules are there in CRM?

6 modules are there in CRM.

What are the main modules of CRM?

The main modules of CRM are,

  1. Marketing Automation 
  2. Sales Automation 
  3. Customer Service and Support 
  4. Analysis and Reporting 
  5. Social Media Management 
  6. Content Repository

What are the 4 pillars of CRM?

Workforce, Strategy, Process, Technology are the 4 pillars of CRM.

What are the five components of CRM?

The five components of CRM are, Adoption, Security, Functionality, Automation, and data quality.

Can businesses use multiple CRM modules at the same time?

Yes, businesses use multiple CRM module at the same time. 

Are CRM modules expensive?

Yes, CRM module is quite expensive, but cost is depends on module features.

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