How to do Mortgage Prequalification? Within 2 Minutes

What is a Mortgage Loan?

Mortgage Prequalification
How to get Mortgage Pre Qualification

Mortgage is one of the types of loan used for buying homes, land, or any other property to help with real estate. Before that you need to check Mortgage Pre Qualification for eligibility.

Yes, the Home loan which helps you to purchase a home or land is called a mortgage loan. To get Mortgage loan borrowers ready to pay interest with principal amount for a certain time period to lenders.

Lenders will disburse Mortgage loans with collateral.

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What is Mortgage Prequalification

Mortgage Prequalification is the process to check whether you qualify for Mortgage loan or not. There are many ways to check for mortgage prequalification.

Mortgage Prequalification will check with following details,

They are,

  • Asset,
  • Credit Scores,
  • Income of you,
  • Debt of you.

If all the details are good, the lender will approve your mortgage prequalification application and you will get the loan immediately before 2 to 10 business working days.

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What Next After Mortgage Prequalification?

How to get Mortgage Pre Qualification
Mortgage Pre Qualification

If you qualify for a mortgage loan, then the next step is to see if you get Pre Approval. To get pre approval from lenders you need to report everything about what you submit in the mortgage prequalification process.


The Mortgage Pre Approval process is so hard compared to the prequalification process. Because to approve a mortgage loan lender will seriously look towards home ownership.

Mortgage Prequalification is easy and it’s only check you are eligible for home loan or not.

What Information do you need to provide for Mortgage prequalification?

To check if you are qualify for your mortgage loan, you need to submit some common details to lenders,

Let see what all they,

  1. Annual Income report needed to submit
  2. Choose any one terms loan process
  3. Choose interest rates of loan
  4. Need to submit your credit scores ( mandatory)
  5. Need to give various information like your history,
  6. If you have any recurring Debt month over month
  7. Your employment status & tell your down payment 

The above mentioned documents are all mandatory before you will check if you qualify for a mortgage loan or not. 

So, if you are interested to check if you qualify, check with it from various lenders.

How to Increase your Mortgage Prequalification amount

Mortgage Prequalification
Mortgage loan Pre Qualification

There are more ways to increase your mortgage  amount with some common factors,

They are,

  • Increase your income
  • Reduce your debt ASAP before check prequalification
  • Increase credit score

Increase your income

To increase your income you need to earn more money compared to the previous month. If you earn a good amount of money your DTI ratio also improves quickly. It will help you to qualify for a larger amount.

To increase income start side hustle to make it.

Reduce your Debt ASAP before check prequalification

Reducing your debt day by day is also one of the factors to quick approval for a mortgage loan. Paying down debts improves your DTI(Debt to income)

Increase Credit Scores

Try to increase your credit score quickly. To increase your credit score, pay your debts on time, and pay your bills accordingly. 

How to Prequalify for a mortgage?

Mortgage home loan
Mortgage home loan

If you decide to buy a home, you can buy it with cash or you can buy a home by applying for a mortgage loan.

70% of every people buying their home with using mortgage loan only.

Did you think about how to qualify for a mortgage?

To qualify for mortgage prequalification you need to check some basic requirements.

They are,

  1. Do check your credit scores
  2. Check your DIR once
  3. Check your down payment
  4. Check  with lenders to qualify for mortgage loan
  5. Finalize your loan with lenders

Do check with your credit scores

Before applying for mortgage loan you need to check if your credit score is far good to go with mortgage loan.

Check your DIR once

Based on DIR, your monthly payment debts will be less than 43% of your monthly income. Before applying for a mortgage loan do check once if your DIR rating is in good condition.

Check with lenders to qualify for mortgage loan

Once you check every process and score you can move forward with lenders to check if you are qualify or not for the mortgage loan.

Finalize your loan with lenders

Once you get qualified for a mortgage loan, then you can move forward to complete the mortgage process.

Mortgage loan will be a long term process to complete it.

It depends on your loan amount. Hopefully every mortgage loan will have their own time tenure. Mostly lenders will give time to complete a mortgage loan between 10 to 30 years long.

Okay then,

If your loan is approved, lenders will set the closing date of issuing the loan amount. Once your loan is in process lenders will give more information about your mortgage loan details.


  • Loan amount,
  • Interest rate of loan amount,
  • Term of loan amount,
  • Origination fee details,
  • Title insurance details,
  • Taxes for loans,
  • Insurance details and more. 

To receive the loan amount it will take up to 3 to 10 business working days. There will be closing fee also before disbursing the mortgage loan amount.

You have to pay fee like,

  • Appraisal fee,
  • Attorney fee,
  • Title fee,
  • Inspection fee,
  • Underwriting fee,
  • Origination fee.

Appraisal Fee

Appraisal fee will be collected from your estimation value for your home

Attorney Fee

To record and prepare documents for any legal representation the fee will be collected.

Title Fee

To protect insurance and if a problem occurs related to it the fee will be collected.

Inspection Fee

Inspection will occur, when you have not maintained your homes by painting old homes and roofs.

Underwriting Fee

This fee will be collected for review your mortgage applications.

Origination Fee

Origination fee will be collected for processing your loan on administration.

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Mortgage Pre Approval vs Mortgage Prequalification

Mortgage prequalification helps you to check whether you qualify for a loan or not. But in pre approval lenders will deeply enquiry with your documents.

Mortgage Prequalification

In Mortgage prequalification you will need to submit some documents like, your income report, your debt info, your credit scores and so on. 

In prequalification you will get the result within a few minutes.

You can easily get an idea about what amount you will get for a mortgage loan for your home.

Mortgage Pre Approval

To get pre-approval for a mortgage loan, the lenders deeply check your debt, bank account incomes,tax files, credit scores and more.

If you get approval from lenders for mortgage loan, you will receive amount in between 3 to 10 business working days.

After getting a loan amount you are an customer with loan providing company.


In this blog you will get a detailed understanding about mortgage prequalification. If yes, say cheers in comment below.

Note. If you need a loan for buying a home you can go with applying pre qualify otherwise no need to do it.

FAQ about Mortgage loan 

What are the minimum requirements for home loan approval?

Credit score, down payment, closing costs, income are the minimum requirements for home loan approval.

Do I need to get prequalified?

Not like that, If you need to check what amount you will get for a mortgage loan, you can go with it to know.

Why is it important to prequalify for a home loan?

To know what is the market value for your home, the pre qualifications are needed.

What are the types of mortgages?

There are some types of mortgage loans,

They are,

  • Fixed rate mortgage,
  • Adjustable rate mortgage
  • Reverse mortgage

Does getting prequalified affect your credit score?

Yes, getting prequalified affects your credit scores.

What does prequalification for a mortgage mean?

If a person needs to check the eligibility of his mortgage loan for buying home is called mortgage prequalification.

Can you be denied after pre qualification?

Yes you can denied after pre qualification of your mortgage loan.

How long is the prequalification process?

Prequalification process takes place for 1 to 5 minutes.

How long is the pre approval process?

Pre approval process takes up to 3 to 10 business working days.

Which bank is best for mortgage approval?

Rocket mortgage, Chase bank, Ally Bank, are the best mortgage approval banks.

Do mortgage lenders check all bank accounts?

Yes, mortgage lenders check all bank accounts used by you.

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