How to Integrate CRM with Website – Easy way

Integrate CRM with website is an easy task, but experience people needs to do it. Yes in this digital market place every businesses need to stay competitive by using advanced technology to streamline their business process.

In this way, CRM (Customer Relationship management) is one of the popular software widely increasing in all business marketplace.

This CRM helps to all business to manage and track some important features likes customer interaction, tracking leads, increase customer experience, automatic chat support and more other stuff.

By Integrating a CRM with Website helps to enhance the effectiveness of your CRM system to give more information about your business.

In this article you will know how to integrate CRM with website and what benefits did you get after integrating CRM software.

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Why to integrate CRM with Website?

How to Integrate CRM with Website
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By integrating CRM with website you can improve your business processing levels and enhance the customer experience.

Did you know what?

Customer experience and Customer satisfaction leads to run a business in long term with more profits.

Some key benefits from integrate CRM with Website,

They are,

  • Streamline the data entry
  • Improve customer experience
  • Automate marketing campaign
  • Simplify sales process
  • Increase website effectiveness

Streamline the data entry

By integrating your website with best CRM  you can automatically capture leads and customer information. If will save more time for business people from collecting data’s manually.

Improve customer experience

By integrating CRM with your website you can able to personalize the website content based on relevant experience, customer data and user engagement. 

Automate marketing campaign

By Integrating CRM with your website you can automate your marketing campaign and provides personalized reply messages to your new and existing customers. 

Simplify sales process

If you integrate your website with CRM, you can easily simplify your all sales processes by providing access on real time data and insights data.

Increase website effectiveness

CRM integration with website can boost the effectiveness of your own website. Integration helps to automate website leads and analytics data.

By integration, the CRM automatically retrieve web data, leads, online forms.

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How to Integrate CRM with Website?

How to integrate crm with website

There are some steps to integrate CRM with business website.

They are,

Step 1 – Choose Best CRM system

Step 2 – Install CRM plugin or Integration tool

Step 3 – Configure Integration settings with API

Step 4 – Set up data mapping

Step 5 – Test the Integration

Step 1 – Choose Best CRM system

First and foremost thing is to do to choose best CRM software for your business requirements. You can prefer Monday CRM, It will easy to use and interface is really awesome to use it. Also Monday CRM is affordable even for small business people.

Other best CRM software are Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot ., etc

Step 2 – Install CRM plugin or Integration tool

After you selected best CRM for your business, you need to install CRM plugin or needs to integrate tools.

Most CRM software offers plugins for best and popular website platform like wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla.

If your website using above platform you can easily install CRM software for your website.

Step 3 – Configure Integration settings with API

After the step 2 (Installing plugin or integrate tool), You will need to configure the Integration settings to the website.

API Key will help more to configure integration with website.

Step 4 – Set up data mapping

After Configure integration work, you will need to set up data mapping.  Data mapping involves your website field to your CRM fields, it will shows data synced properly or not.

Step 5 – Test the Integration

After set up all integration works, you need to check your integration is synced correctly or not. Test the integration work by submitting a form on your websites and verify the data is capture by CRM or not.

If yes your integration works correctly. If you not capture data on CRM, you need to do integration work again with experts.

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Common Challenges faces on Integration

While integrating your CRM with your websites you can find more benefits and also you can see some common challenges.

What are the challenges you need to face?

  • Data Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Lack of technical Expertise

Data Quality

Make sure your data is clean and accurate before integrating your CRM with your website.


Choose a CRM system that is compatible with your website.

Lack of technical expertise

If you don’t have the technical expertise to integrate your CRM with your website, hire developer to do for you.

Wrap Up

By integrating CRM with your website you can streamline the business process and improve customer experience, and you can enhance data management, simplified sales processes. 

Many Business peoples highly using CRM for their business purposes.

There are more benefits while integrating CRM with websites.


What should CRM integrate with?

CRM integration helps to communicate tasks for customer and employees, in following platforms,

  • Phone and video,
  • Help desk,
  • Live Chat,
  • Accounting and Billing,
  • Internal Messaging purposes.

What are the three elements of CRM?

Three elements of CRM are,

  1. Marketing Automation,
  2. Customer Service Solution
  3. Sales force Automation

How to integrate CRM with WordPress?

It’s easy to integrate CRM with WordPress by following simple 3 steps,

They are,

Step 1 – Sign up CRM with free or paid version (Eg, Monday, Zoho, Hubspot.,)

Step 2 – Install WordPress plugin which is connected to your CRM (Gravity forms)

Step 3 – Install and activate WP Fusion plugin

What are the three areas of CRM?

Three areas of CRM are,

  • Collaborative
  • Analytical
  • Operational

What is the most used CRM?

  • Monday CRM,
  • Zendesk CRM,
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zoho CRM

These are the most used CRM in all over the business.

What is the world’s #1 CRM?

From small business to large business Monday CRM is the best CRM software used by all business people.

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