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AI Content Checker is one of the best ways to check all plagiarism content written by AI and other software tools like Open ai, Contentatscale and more other software tools.

Did you know?

An average content writer spends at least 3 hours to write a 1000 word article, this means if he needs to publish 5 content per week, then he needs to spend 15 hours per week.  

Haah… It’s so crazy right.

Yup. Writing content takes more time to research keywords, and other stuff.

To reduce time in writing content many software companies started AI machine learning program to the world to write content with the help of AI writing software tool.


If you write content with Machine learning software you can use it but when you publish it on social media or search engine you need to recheck or you need to use AI content detector tool to check your content is written by AI or human written.

If it shows AI written then you need to change some words and recheck twice. 

If it shows human written content then it’s so easy, you can move to next step to post on search engine and other social media.

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What is the best AI content checker?

There are some of the best AI content checker tool available in the marketplace,

Copyleaks Content Checker

They are,

  • Originality.AI
  • Contentatscale
  • Kazan SEO
  • Writer.AI
  • Huggingface
  • GLTR

Why AI Content Checker are Necessary?

AI content checker are necessary for several reasons,

They are,

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Scalability


AI content checker are much faster than manual content detection. They will scan through large amounts of content in a fraction of minutes, while it could take for a human hours or even days to do the same. That’s Insane.


AI content checker can detect patterns and grammar corrections in data that a humans can’t be able to identify it.


AI content detectors can apply consistent standards and criteria to all content.


AI content checker can be easily scaled to handle large volumes of content. 

Should I use an AI content detector?

Yes, Of Course you have to use AI content checker tool. Because AI in some case it will give incorrect answers and more plagiarism content which is already used by others.

Search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex not like AI content because of its 30% spam content generated worldwide.

But, you can get outlines, prompts, ideas about your topics with AI generated software tools.

AI content detector tools helps to identify your content have plagiarism content, incorrect content, Grammar errors and more others.

Can Google Detect AI generated Content?

Yes, Google Detect AI generated content.

Google’s algorithms are designed to Check and penalize websites that use AI-generated content that is low quality or lacks originality. 

Google’s algorithms use a more different signals to recheck  the quality and relevance of content, including key factors like,

  • Content Uniqueness,
  • Language with tone,
  • Engagement metrics

Content uniqueness

Google’s algorithms can detect when content has been generated by an AI tools and is not unique. Duplicate or low-quality content may be penalized by Google’s algorithms, which can impact a website’s SERP.

Language with tone

Google’s algorithms can detect when the language and tone of content is unnatural or inconsistent, which may indicate that it was generated by an AI algorithm rather than a human writer. 

Engagement metrics

Google’s algorithms may also use engagement metrics, such as bounce rate or time on site, to evaluate the quality of content. 

Low quality AI-generated content is likely to result in low engagement metrics, which can negatively impact a website’s search engine rankings. 

While AI-generated content can be difficult to detect, Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and improving to better identify low-quality content, including content that has been generated by AI algorithms. 

Therefore, it’s important to prioritize high-quality, original content that provides value to users when creating content for your website or online platform.

Wrap Up

By using best AI content Checker you can easily identify the content is written by Human or Artificial Intelligence. 

By checking your content manually it’s take more time, to reduce the time AI content detector helps a lot in this case.

AI content Detector detects Duplicate content, Duplicate web pages which helps more to you.


How to detect AI content?

You can easily detect AI Content with the help of best AI detector tools like Open AI, Contentatscale., etc,

What is the best AI content checker tool?

Originality.AI, writer.ai, Open AI, Kazan are the best content checker helps to identify your content is original or duplicate.

What is content checker?

Content checker tool is a tool which helps to check your content is plagiarism or not, readability content or not, Relevant content or not, find content have Keyword stuffing or not.

What AI content detector tool should I use?

Its depends up to you. Because there are more AI content detector tools available for free and paid versions. In my case you can go with Originality.AI or Contentatscale AI detector, Because compare to other AI checker tools these two will give more accuracy result.