7 Best AI Content Detector Saves you from Search Engine

Artificial Intelligence is improving predominantly compared to older days. By using AI text generators, AI content generators more business people, Enterprises, Agencies use more content for their business.

They do not know the seriousness of AI content generations for their business. Because Search engines do not like fully optimized AI content. Google, Bing are getting smarter day by day, they will easily identify if your content is written by manual or AI. They even penalize your website.

Nowadays, more AI Content generator tools are introduced in the market to create more contents. 

To overcome this, you can generate content using AI text generator tools and recheck with an AI content detector.

Yes, AI Detector deducts your content fully written by AI. 

What do you do next?

Good Question.

You can rewrite some content inside the AI written content and ensure it is like originally manual written.

Write some points, re-edit the words in the AI content and optimize like original content and check in AI Content detector tools.

It’s very simple right.

After editing AI content manually, you will be able to see 100% unique content without AI. After confirmation you can publish the content in your website, blogs, and other social media.

So, to check content written by AI, there are more software tools available on the internet. Yes it’s available, but you know which is best for your business?

Good question.
In this blog our team helps you to give the best AI Content detector tools with pricing, plans and other features.

Let’s dive deep in.

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How AI Content Detectors Work?

What is the Best AI Content Detector?

There are 7 Best AI Content detector tools, which help you to detect AI content written by AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper.AI, Frase., and more.

Best AI Content Detector tools are,

  1. Content at scale.AI
  2. Originality.AI
  3. Copyleaks.com
  4. Kazan SEO
  5. GLTR
  6. Hugging Face Openai-Detector
  7. Writer.com

1. Content at scale

Bypass AI Content Detection

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Contentatscale.ai

Reason to Buy

  • Free to use
  • Detect AI content quickly
  • Creates SEO friendly content

Reason to Avoid

  • Shows only percentage of AI created content
Content at scale AI content generator

Content at scale is one of the best AI content detection tools offered free of cost to run your content. Content at scale easily analyzes your content if it is written by humans or AI. 

You can use this tool for SEO optimizations and other works.

Content at scale has the ability to deduct the content that comes from GPT -3 or any other AI models. It will provide 100% accurate results.

This tool will generate more than 6 thousand words in an article within one minute.. 

Key Features

  • This AI content detector software is free of cost to use it, which is obviously great.
  • More supporting language is available in content at scale tools.
  • API is available for more integrations.
  • Content at scale integrate with wordpress CMS
  • Content at scale software tools integrate with copyscape to check if the existing content has plagiarism or not.
  • You can get accurate results in less than 1 minute.

User Experience

Interface of content at scale software tools have easy access to all features.

Within the same interface with one text box, one button clicks you can generate your content uniqueness and get total scores with the same dashboard.


Content at scale pricing
Free to Use

The Content detection tool is free to use.

If you need to create content with this tool you need to pay some amount. It would be in the range of $500 to %1500 per month, which is costly.

Pros and Cons of Content at scale

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
Content At ScaleVersatile platform for AI detection and content creationsThis tool will allows only 2500 characters
It has more content optimizations tools Shows only percentage of AI text created
Best for content agencies who use AI.

Product updates

Content at scale AI detector tool improving features for more SEO optimization and customizations.

Overall Honest Thought

Most agencies, professional writers are widely using these AI content detector tools for their business. It shows that this tool also works for you.

Start with Content at scale

2. Originality.AI

Best Paid AI content detector overall

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Originality.ai

Reason to Buy

  • Detect AI content quickly
  • Inbuilt feature of plagiarism checker
  • User friendly interface

Reason to Avoid

  • No free trial version in this originality.ai
Originality.ai content detector

Originality.ai is the best AI content detector tool, which helps you to get 100% results if your content is unique or AI written.

This software tool will help more agency people, blog writers, web publishers to check their content uniqueness.

Originality.ai also has an advanced AI detection algorithm which will identify whether your content has plagiarism or not.

One of the best models is originality.ai will detect content from GPT-3.0, ChatGPT, GPT 3.5, other paid versions of content generator tools like Jasper, Frase.io, Writesonic and more.

Key Features

  • Originality.ai helps you to integrate the tool quickly with API.
  • With the help of API you can easily track and monitor all changes made.
  • Just scanning the website with url, you can check if it contains plagiarism or not.
  • Yes, Originality.ai detector has a robust plagiarism detection module.
  • Originality.ai AI Content detector tool gives more than 94% success rates.
  • Based on the plan you can add unlimited members, so all your team members and others can easily login to your account.
  • Originality.ai has powerful team management features to handle more websites quickly.

User Experience

  • Interface of this software tool is easy to use.
  • You can see the originality of your content with percentage.
  • You can do team management, complete website scans and monitor the team history with the simple interface of this AI detector.


Originality.ai Pricing Plan

This AI detector has a credit model. If you write 100 words, the originality.ai deduct $0.01.

To purchase the credit you need to pay $20 to $2000.

Pros and Cons of Originality.ai

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
Originality.AIYou can add unlimited team membersThere is no free trial
You can add unlimited websiteCredit limit is there
You can scan unlimited websites to check whether your content contains plagiarism or not.
Automatic billing system
94% accuracy 
Originality.ai contains chrome extensions
Easily detect all NLP generated content model like GPT3, ChatGPT.,etc
Originality.ai useful for writers, web publishers and more
Integrate AI detection with API

Product updates

Originality.ai helps you to manage all your content with teams. Yes, This tool has team management features which helps you to assign the work with the team members and monitor the workflow.

Overall Honest Thought

Originality.ai has a paid version, but pricing is average, all business people can afford this AI detector for their use. You can get a 94% accuracy rate for the content. It shows that this tool also works for you.

Starts with Originality.ai

3. Copyleaks.com

AI powered plagiarism Detector tool with web scanning

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Copyleaks.com

Reason to Buy

  • Detect AI content quickly
  • Web scanning capabilities
  • Support 20 coding languages

Reason to Avoid

  • Copyleaks has no scale to gauge how much content is generated by AI.
  • Page cover only 250 words
Copyleaks AI content detector

Copyleaks.com is the one of the best web scanning and AI powered plagiarism detector tools. By having a powered version it will help you to give accurate results for your content. 

Copyleaks.com tools help to detect GPT 3.5 model, ChatGPT model in an easy way. 

To check content with accurate web scanning features with copyleaks.ai is much more helpful. With the help of text analysis in copyleaks, it will scan the entire documents, urls, codes, text which detect any plagiarism or not.

Integration with API is easy for all users to use.

Copyleaks platforms search across 50+ trillion websites, 10,000+ journals and more scanned content.

Key Features

  • AI Content detector in copyleaks helps you to verify whether the content is written by AI or human.
  • You can instantly integrate API for enterprise level.
  • Copyleaks have chrome extensions, which are more helpful to check your content within the browser itself.
  • Plagiarism checker is available to check with paraphrased content, same text, and give originality score for the given content.
  • Without coding you can easily check the plagiarism within the LMS platform (Learning Management System).
  • Deduct more AI models

User Experience

  • Copyleaks helps individuals to check the originality of their content, like students, bloggers, freelancers.
  • Copyleaks helps for Enterprise business peoples such as ED tech, web publishers,, SEO agencies, Government documents, social medias and more. 
  • Copyleaks helps for Education purposes in Schools, Universities, Graduates and more to check their assignment originality. 
  • To protect AI scanned content, copyleaks uses advanced encryption algorithms.


copyleaks Pricing plan

Each pages covers 250 words

If you need content for 100 pages you need to pay $10.99 per month.

If you need content for 1,200 pages you need to pay $9.16 per month

Pros and Cons of Copyleaks.ai

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
Copyleaks.aiSimple easy interfacePage cover only 250 words
Pricing is good
LMS integrations with API
API’s for large scale AI content detection
Detect all NLP models like GPT-3, GPT-2, ChatGPT

Product updates

You will receive in-depth, fully interactive reports for each scan

Copyleaks helps to check image based text, scan source codes, and compare one website to another.

Overall Honest Thought

Best tool for web scanning and advanced plagiarism detector. Integration is good with more support  for API and Learning management systems. It is best for you if you are planning to purchase an AI content detector within average price.

Starts with Copyleaks.ai


4. Kazan SEO

Best for SEO and Text Detector

Today’s Best Offer – Visit kazanseo.com

Reason to Buy

  • Detect AI content with all models , Free to use
  • SEO Analysis
  • Best usage with Email Finder

Reason to Avoid

  • Focus more on SEO perspective
Kazanseo AI content generator

Kazon SEO is one of the best AI content detector tools which is also helpful for SEO. These tools have more features apart from AI detectors.

If you are planning to buy 2 in 1 options, Like with SEO optimized features and also for AI content detections the right choice is to go with KazonSEO.

Key Features

  • Kazan SEO AI deduction tool helps you to research the keywords, discover your own content with clustered text to write brief content.
  • With the help of text extraction you can extract urls from SEO analysis.
  • You are also able to generate more content with AI.
  • Kazan SEO tool help you to outreach email with the help of email finder
  • Kazan SEO is also useful for crawling backlinks to increase organic traffic.
  • You can also generate backlinks with the help of a backlink generator.

User Experience

  • Kazan SEO is not only for AI Detector it will also help you for SEO optimization to rank your websites, blogs and more.
  • Interface of Kazan SEO is quite good.


Kazan SEO tool is free to use. It sounds good right.

Pros and Cons of KazonSEO

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
KazanSEO Deduct more AI generate content for all models like GPTOnly 400 words you can scan at one time
Interface is good and easy to use even as a beginnerYou will face some distractions while seeing all features in same interface
You can scan bulk content using multiple url

Product updates

KazanSEO introduced new features like Backlink generators, email outreach for SEO.

Overall Honest Thought

If you are planning to use a single software for 2 uses, you can use kazanSEO. Because KazanSEO helps you to detect AI content, and also helps you to optimize for SEO.

Starts with KazanSEO


5. GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

Best for testing AI with Scientifically for GPT Models

Today’s Best Offer – Visit GLTR

Reason to Buy

  • Detect content with scientific abstract
  • Generate text with accurate result

Reason to Avoid

  • Interface is complex to identify
GLTR ai content detector

GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room) is one of the best AI detectors which perform well in GPT content. 

Yes, If you generated content using GPT-3, GPT model, ChatGPT versions you can use this GLTR AI detector.

It is a free text detection tool to use.

Key Features

  • This tool performs great in GPT model AI content generators.
  • GLTR has automated text detection features.

User Experience

  • Interface is quite complex to use
  • Best AI detection tool for GPT content


GLTR is an AI detection software tool, helps to use it for free

Pros and Cons of GLTR

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
GLTRGives accurate resultLimited AI detection available
Detect content in scientific methodInterface is such complex

Product updates

Analysis fake documents with checking forensic text 

Real time color changes in background to be updated

Interactive visualizer with other features.

Overall Honest Thought

If you or your company uses GPT models or ChatGPT to create content for your business, you can use GLTR for better accurate results.

Starts with GLTR


6. Hugging Face Openai-Detector

Best AI Text detector to check real or fake

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Hugging Face Openai

Reason to Buy

  • Popular in NLP 
  • Free Open source

Reason to Avoid

  • Need to update more features
Hugging face openai  Content detector

Hugging face openai is one of the best AI content detector tools similar with GLTR features. This Content Detection tool is best to check if content is written by people or AI, importantly this tool will detect GPT versions more.

This Hugging face openai designed for machine learning and to test some other stuff.

Key Features

  • Hugging face openai detector detects GPT 2 text content.
  • It is one of the RoBERTa base content detector tools.
  • It has automated research and analysis features, which is highly usable for users.
  • This content detector tool indicates three different colors which helps you to identify if the content is really good enough or not.  
  • If the content detector shows green color you can rank the search engine into top 10, if the content detector shows yellow color then you will rank on top 100, if it shows red color you will rank on top 1000 places of search engine.

User Experience

  • Only copy/paste work to check your content originality. Yes, copy your content and paste it on the Hugging face detector interface, you will get accurate results with 96% within less time.
  • You can check long forms of content also in the Hugging face detector.


hugging pricing

In the Hugging face detector tool, you can detect content free of cost.

Pros and Cons of Hugging face Openi Detector

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
Hugging face Openai Free open sourceLimited text generator only
Detect AI Content 96% accurately 
Mostly easy to detect GPT content
Interface is easy to access

Product updates

  • Deduct content with real to fake
  • Helps to avoid publishing plagiarism content

Overall Honest Thought

If you generate full content with AI with the help of GPT-3, ChatGPT you can do it with this Hugging Face openai tool.

Starts with Hugging Face Openai


7. Writer.com

Best overall for Agencies and Companies

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Writer.com

Reason to Buy

  • Increase search traffic with 2X
  • Increase ROI on writer with 18X
  • Increase CTR

Reason to Avoid

  • More features distract to use other features
Writer AI Content Detector tool

Writer is one of the best AI detection software tools, which will help you to write better content. This AI detector is helpful for all enterprises and agencies.

Most importantly, this AI software tool helps you to write quality content.

You can integrate more API’s and other 3rd party platforms like Contentful, Chrome Outlook, Figma etc. By using writer AI templates you can write articles, blogs, content for ads, social media purpose and more.

In this AI detector tool, you can use an automated keyword module which will help you to add more relevant keywords for your content to rank on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page).

Key Features

  • CoWrite feature helps to allow multiple writers, content creators to work together.
  • Style guide features allow company, organizations to implement editorial rules.
  • Reporting tools help you to write insights.
  • Highlights allow text to highlight.
  • Rewrite features help to rewrite plagiarism content correctly.

User Experience

  • You can write better content by using the right content strategy.
  • To do marketing the tool is more helpful
  • You have dedicated support team
  • Writer is an Artificial intelligence tool which helps you to build high quality learning consent.
  • This software is more helpful for operations and IT.


Writer pricing plan

Writer AI content detector tools have 2 pricing plans. They are, 

Team Plan – $18 Per Month

Enterprise Plan – Contact Sales team

Pros and Cons of Writer

Best AI Content Detection toolProsCons
Writer.comFree Trial AvailableNeed to improve accuracy
Beginner friendly Interface
Integrate with more apps

Product updates

  • You can check grammar correction freely in this AI tool
  • Use guides for more resources

Overall Honest Thought

This tool is one of the best tools for enterprises and agencies. So, if you are in this 2 department, you can choose this software tool.

Starts with Writer.com

What is an AI Content Detector?

AI content detector is an Artificial intelligence software tool which helps you to identify whether your content is original or plagiarism.

AI Content detector tool helps you to give accurate results of the content. This AI Content detector is used for blog writers, articles, ad copy for increased search ranking and also helps to increase better ROI.

You can easily use AI content detector tools, with a simple interface. Choose the best interface AI content generator tools to generate more content and detect the same content with AI detector tools.

See the result and if it contains AI written, rewrite the content.

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How to detect AI written content?

Choose the best AI detector for this to give better performance,

Follow this steps,

  1. Select best AI Content detector tools
  2. If it’s free you can go with, unless pay some price for buying AI content detector
  3. Find the interface to detect content
  4. Copy the AI generator content and paste it into the AI detector interface
  5. Click the button to proceed.

Is there a tool to detect AI writing?

There are many AI writing tools available in the market. But you have to choose the best AI writing software to get better quality content.

Best AI writing software are,

  1. Jasper AI
  2. Writesonic
  3. Article Forge
  4. Growth Bar
  5. Closerscopy
  6. Longshot AI
  7. Typli AI
  8. Storylab AI
  9. Content At Scale
  10. Copy AI
  11. Word AI
  12. AI Writer
  13. Smodin AI writer
  14. Text Blaze
  15. Ink Editor
  16. Rytr.me
  17. Frase.io

Features Of Best AI Content Detector

There are more common features in AI content detector tool,

They are,

  • Easy of use,
  • Plagiarism Detector,
  • Rewrite with replacing words
  • Integrations

Easy of use

Many AI detector tools have an easy interface to use, Even as a beginner you can use the AI content detector tools.

Plagiarism Detector

If your content is pasted in an AI detector tool if it’s duplicate it will show plagiarism, but if not show duplicates your content is unique.

Rewrite with replacing words

If your content is detected by duplicate or plagiarism, the AI tool automatically has a feature to rewrite the words to bring unique content.


More content detections tools have features like integrations to integrate more API’s, Apps to give better performance.

Will Google Penalize Content Created by AI Tools?

Yes, according to google webmaster guidelines, if google find your content is written by AI, you can immediately get penalized. Did you think you can cheat the google? Haah, Google is the Godfather of all search engines, They can easily detect your content with their smartness.

Note: If you use 100% AI content you will get penalize, If you have above 60% uniqueness content, it’s so good. Google not penalize your website.

Wrap up

Finally you will get the idea to check your AI content right. If not keep reading once again this blog. Nowadays the Marketing business changes into AI marketing. Many business are moving towards Online.

With the help of online, they will promote their business into social medias, blogs, ads, campaign, email marketing and more.

But How you promote your business in online?

To know more about it Read this.

What is Marketing Channels? 7 Best ways to Promote it

FAQ – AI Content Detector

What is an AI detector?

AI Detector is an artificial intelligence tool that helps to detect the content written by a human writer or AI.

Can Google detect AI written content?

Yes, Absolutely google detects AI written content because Google’s algorithm finds it easily.

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Writesonic, Jasper, Frase are the AI tools best for content writing.

What is the best AI for content?

Surfer SEO, RankIQ are the best AI tools for writing quality content.

How do AI detection tools work?

AI detection tools work with the help of NLP. 

Is AI content bad for SEO?

Yes, Because more AI content has low quality content. Google loves quality content which gives more benefits for users to read.

What is the most advanced AI software?

There are 5 Best advanced AI softwares, they are,

  1. Google cloud machine learning,
  2. H20.AI
  3. Cortana software
  4. TensorFlow software
  5. Salesforce Einstein