21 Best AI Writing Software Tools of Feb 2023 (Top Picks)

Best AI Writing Software Tools

Choosing the best AI writing software tools is one of the hardest ways for all organizations, business peoples to produce better quality content. Many business people nowadays use AI writing software tools for writing content easily with one click for their websites, stories, novels, blogs, ad copies, social media profiles and more.

In this modern digital world everyone is searching for the answers for their questions. Yes, over 5.5 billion searches are made in google per day.

This tells how the people are looking for answers to their questions. Right.

To give the answer you need to write content for search queries. How will you be right? This is the biggest question for all writers.

Many writers and bloggers write content manually for every related question. But it is so hard to write manually for all queries. So, to make their work every writer started using AI software tools. With the AI software tools you can write good quality standard unique content without having plagiarism. In the online world it’s all about content velocity and content quality speaks well.

AI writing software helps you to write Content for blogs, stories, novels, ad copies, sales copy, ecommerce product descriptions, content outlines, social media posts, emails, and more other stuff.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the world, But they cannot replace our human intelligence.

Did you think AI steal your Job? Haah.. No, AI can’t do that. By using AI writing software tools you can save more time, and AI will be really helpful for optimizing your work in a very simple way.  And also AI writing software helps to write articles without any grammar errors. By using the best AI writing software tool you can increase your productivity time and write more optimized content for search engines

Quality articles speak well and are shown in top ranking pages of google. Yes this is absolutely right.

AI has been changing the world for the past few years. Yes, AI Marketing plays an important role in running the business online.

So, Here are the best ai writing software tools for writing better articles with quality content in an optimized way.

Let’s dive deep in this blog…

What is the Best AI Writing Software?

There are many AI writing software available in the digital world, but some of them only work well and give positive results for you to generate more traffic to your content and improve more engagement with your content.

Look, You can write content with various tones based on your audiences.

Best AI writing software are,

  1. Jasper AI
  2. Writesonic
  3. Article Forge
  4. Growth Bar
  5. Closerscopy
  6. Longshot AI
  7. Typli AI
  8. Storylab AI
  9. Content At Scale
  10. Copy AI
  11. Word AI
  12. AI Writer
  13. Smodin AI writer
  14. Text Blaze
  15. Ink Editor
  16. Rytr.me
  17. Frase.io
  18. Sapling
  19. Simplified AI
  20. Copymatic AI
  21. Any Word
  22. Grammarly
  23. Peppertype AI
  24. Wordtune
  25. ProwritingAid
  26. Riku AI
  27. Hypotenuse AI

1. Jasper AI 

AI writing software
AI Writing Software

Best in Industry Overall

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Jasper AI

Reason to buy 

  • You can write more than 29+ Languages
  • Having more features
  • You can check grammar errors

Reason to Avoid

  • Price is high

Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing software to help write quality content for articles, ad copies, email copy, headlines, Google ads descriptions, and more. With the help of jasper you can generate long form content automatically.

Key Features

  • Jasper AI helps you to create fresh content 
  • With the help of Jarvis you can write blog posts,paragraphs, email content,essays, novels,ebooks, Product descriptions and more within 5 minutes.
  • Jasper AI provides best chat supports
  • Jasper AI supports more than 29+ Languages to write quality content.
  • With the help of Jasper AI you can generate images
  • You can create masterpiece of content with unique
  • Voice Dictation is available in Jasper AI
  • Jasper AI has Plagiarism Detector
  • You can integrate Surfer SEO to analyze keyword research to optimize your content to rank on google ranking.
  • Text Summarizer – Jasper AI helps to write text summarizers with keypoints.
  • Paragraph Generator – To captivate your reader, jasper ai creates paragraph generators
  • Product Description – Jasper AI helps to write Product descriptions in websites, emails, social medias
  • Creative Story – To engage your readers on your website, jasper ai creates marvelous story
  • Content Improver – To improve old pieces of content into new, content improver will be used.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas – To create blog post topics, jasper ai is used.
  • Blog post Outline – To generate blog post outlines, jasper ai is used.
  • Blog Post into Paragraph – To write better paragraphs in blogpost, this option is used.
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph – To write better conclusions (Wrap up),for your blogpost, jasper ai is used.
  • Features to Benefit –  This option helps you to write feature products with its benefits.
  • Sentence Expander – Jasper ai helps to expand short sentences into long form of sentences with interest and engaging.
  • Personal Bio -To capture the attention of audiences, jasper ai helps to write better bio.
  • Facebook Ad Headline – Jasper ai helps to write quality facebook ads headlines to get maximum clicks and conversions.
  • Company Bio – To write a company bio, jasper ai will help more.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text – Jasper ai helps to write better ad copy in primary text.
  • Google Ads Headlines – Jasper ai also helps to write brainstorming headlines for run ads on google workspace.
  • Google Ads Description – Jasper ai also helps to write brainstorming descriptions for run ads on google workspace.
  • SEO (Title and Meta Descriptions) – To write better seo title and description jasper AI will help a lot.
  • Real Estate Listing – To sell homes quickly, jasper helps to write creative content.
  • Amazon Product Features – To create key features, bullet points of the product in amazon.
  • Amazon Product Descriptions – Jasper AI helps to write amazon product descriptions with listings.
  • Perfect Headlines –  Jasper AI helps to write high converting headlines with world’s best copywriters templates.

User Experience

  • Jasper AI with the help of templates you can create various documents, e-books, blogs.
  • Jasper gives the best user experience for all users.
  • Jasper has more tutorials to show how all features work. From those tutorials you can learn more ideas to use the jasper AI tool.
  • Jasper AI has a free trial to use it.


jasper.ai pricing
Japer AI Pricing

In Jasper AI you can use it for a 5 day trial ( Money back Guarantee), with 10k Credits.

Jasper AI has 3 pricing plans,

They are,

  • Starter Plan – $29+ Per Month (20K words per month)
  • Boss Mode Plan – $59+ Per Month (2X faster)
  • Business Plan – Custom Pricing in this plan ( $499+ Per Month)
  • Jasper Art Add-on – $20 Per Month

In a custom pricing plan, you can handle more than 5 users with more custom AI templates and admin workspace features.

You will also have a dedicated account manager for this plan.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI

Best AI Writing SoftwareProsCons
Jasper AIUser friendly, easy to work with dashboardYou can edit the options inside the software only not outside the Jasper Software
Jasper AI helps to write content for blogs, novels, essays, product descriptions,case studies, e-books., etcYou need more time to analyze the features and templates to use it
Fastest way to finish contentJasper AI is expensive
You can write Long form of contentOutput result is not good in all time

Product Updates

  • Jasper updating more features like paragraph generator, Quora answers and more to reduce time.

Overall Honest Thought

Jasper AI is one of the amazing AI writing software for providing unique content. Jasper AI helps you to generate more features like templates, easy navigation menus, addons, and best chat support.

Start with Jasper AI right now

2. Writesonic 

Writesonic ai writing software
Writesonic ai writing software

Best for Ecommerce

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Writesonic

Reason to buy 

  • Support More Languages
  • You can use more template
  • Writesonic have more free tools
  • Zapier Integration is available
  • Surfer Integration is available
  • Semrush Integration is available

Reason to Avoid

  • Need More edit options while writing content

Writesonic is one of the world’s best AI writing software tools which will help you to write better content like the GPT-3 Language model.Writesonic also helps to write SEO Optimized content which will increase 10x traffic for your website, blogs, articles and more.

Without worrying about writer’s block, Writesonic helps you to write brainstorming ideas for your content.

If you are struggling to write fresh content, Writesonic is really an amazing writing software tool for you to write good content.

Writesonic helps more for writers to write long form articles, blogs.,

With the help of a sonic editor you can write sales copies, emails, essays, ebooks and more.

If you need amazing content try to use paraphrase, expander.,

Writesonic helps the Ecommerce industry to write product descriptions with emerging high quality content.

Hey, if you really need to save time to write content, Writesonic is the best choice for you.

Key Features

  • Writesonic helps you to write auto-generated content within a second
  • It helps to create high quality content with brainstorming ideas.
  • With AI article and blog writer tool you can easily write better blogs, essays, and more
  • You can use more features in writesonic tools, like paraphrasing tool, text expander, Article summarizer.,
  • To write ecommerce product content, you can use product description features to write better content for your Ecommerce business to sell more products online.
  • You can also create better sales copy, ad copies for facebook ads, google ads, and more other landing pages.
  • Look, you can also integrate Surfer SEO to optimize better content to rank on google serp pages.
  • This tools helps you to write eye-catching 

User Experience

  • You can easily track your working details with history with the help of setting your projects into a folder.
  • If you need content, choose the best template fit for your niche and fill the details asked by tools. You will get good content within less time.
  • You can use this ai writing software without having more knowledge, because this is a one click option to see better results.
  • You have a dedicated account manager to help you 24/7.


Writesonic Price
Writesonic Price

Free trial is there, try to use it.

  • Free Trial – $0 Per Month 
  • Long form Plan – $12.67 Per month
  • Custom Plan – Contact Sales team 

Pros and Cons of Writesonic

Best AI Writing SoftwareProsCons
Writesonic1 click wordpress exportCluttered interface is there, need to change it user friendly.
Sonic Editor like google docs is available.In some time it will shows some grammar issue on new content
25+ Language support
70+ AI Templates available

Product Updates

  • You can integrate ChatGPT App on Mobile
  • You can integrate more enterprise apps with Writesonic.

Overall Honest Thought

If you want to use AI to generate more content with bulk, Writesonic is the best choice for you.

Start with Writesonic right now

3. Article Forge

Article forge AI writing software
Article forge AI writing software

Best for Long form articles

Today’s Best Offer – Visit Article Forge

Reason to buy 

  • Its an Versatile article creation
  • Helps to write SEO Optimized content
  • Write unique brainstorming content
  • API access
  • 30 days no risk money back guarantee

Reason to Avoid

  • Less support apps
  • Have less language supports

Article Forge is the one of the best AI writing software tools that helps to write high quality amazing articles in a minute.

Article forge is machine learning at glimpse.ai with smart as humans to write better content.

With the help of copyscape you can find whether the content is plagiarism or not. Article Forge helps to create original content quickly for ranking on search engines.

Importantly, Most AI software tools use only one deep learning mechanism to generate content but Article Forge has 8 different deep learning mechanisms to generate brainstorming content ideas.

Key Features

  • Article forge helps you to schedule posts on WordPress.
  • It helps to write SEO optimized content
  • Article forge helps to create more than 7+ languages
  • It helps to create whole blogpost from beginning
  • It will helps to add links automatically
  • You can create a long form of article within less time.
  • You can generate more articles with bulk

User Experience

  • Interface of Article forge is quite good to use.
  • With a single click you can generate 1500+ word articles within a few times.
  • With the help of deep learning each article will have no plagiarism and zero duplicate content. Article forge creates 100% unique content.


Article forge AI writing software pricing
Article forge Pricing

Article Forge have 2 pricing plans, they are

  • Standard plan – $27 Per Month
  • Business plan – Contact sales team

Pros and Cons of Article Forge

Best AI Writing SoftwareProsCons
Article ForgeIt has dedicated account managerNeed to update more features
Automatically post to blogsTakes more time to generate content
You can generate bulk article
You can deal with API Access
Price is more affordable to use

Product Updates

  • Article forge creates content automatically and post straight towards wordpress
  • You can integrate more apps on article forge like, RakerX, Word.ai, SEO Autopilot and more.
  • Article forge helps to enhance the content with images, links added, and implement LSI keywords.

Overall Honest Thought

Article forge is an affordable price tool for writing better AI content faster than other AI tools.

Start with Article Forge right now

What is an AI Writing Tool?

AI Writer is the tool which helps with artificial intelligence to generate and optimize the content automatically. 

The content is like blogs, emails, landing page content, articles, novels, essays, poems, story, product headlines, product descriptons, sales copies, ad copies and more.

Some AI tools generate more unique content with 100% no plogiarism. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the machine learning technique which helps you to generate more unique content automatically within a few clicks and less time.

These machine learning features will help to create content equals to human writing. These AI tools are mostly used in the current digital world to save more time.

Nowadays AI is more adaptable for all marketers, So AI content has also increased.

Artificial Intelligence helps for small business to enterprise business peoples for writing better brainstroming contents.

Did you struggle to choose the right topic?

Yes, all people, even content writing experts, struggle to write unique content with trending topics, in this case AI writing tools help more and more to write better quality articles.

Did you think AI writing software tools are expensive?

Yes, AI Writing software is so expensive to use. But also some AI tools will ask you to pay a lesser amount for writing quality content.

In this case, You can easily find best subscription plans for the better AI writing software. Most AI writing software have free plans and trials to check it. If you find better you can change your AI tools.

What are the Benefits of AI Writing Software Tools?

There are more benefits by using AI writing tools,

They are,

  • Helps to generate new content topic ideas
  • Helps to improve grammar and style of content
  • Helps to improve speed to write
  • Improves quality of outputs
  • Increase accuracy with 100% no duplicacy
  • Optimize and structure the content with text
  • AI writing software helps to increase more productivity
  • With using more templates you have more flexible to write content
  • Creates Brainstorming content for all business

Is AI writing software good for content creators?

100% is good for content creators. Yes it’s right. Because as a human being you cannot write more content regularly with your knowledge. The news and updated versions, trending topics will regularly change.

By writing content for this you need a writing software tool. There are more writing tools available in the internet,

They are,

Content writing software,

Story writing software,

Text generating software,

Image generating software and more.

By using ai writing software tool, you can generate more ideas, grammar corrections, duplicacy and more.

How does AI writing software work?

AI software works in various methods like algorithms and its own features. AI writers help to analyze and understand data sources. ChatGPT is one of the best AI writing software tools for free to generate more content. It works by openAI and a neural network.

How to choose the best AI writing for your business?

By following below methods you can choose best AI writing tools,

They are,

  • Check if AI will easy to use
  • Look more attention in Grammar checker
  • See Plagiarism checker available for AI tools
  • Check AI gives quality content
  • Check the ai writing tool have more integration options
  • Check ai writing tool have more templates
  • Check the ai writing have more supported languages

The above mentioned reasons will help you more to find best ai writing for your business to use to generate more content.

Wrap up

Before you start writing content with AI, you need to research more about it. Check the ai writing software tool has more features which are suitable for your business. Yes, you can generate more creative content with unique ideas.

More content writers have free trial to use it, and also they have SEO optimized features to rank well on search engines.

Try to check out your ai writing tool that has integration with Surfer SEO. Because Surfer SEO helps more to optimize content with SEO friendly.

If you need a free ai writing tool without login try out quillbot.

If you are a student, you can use grammarly tool. Because in grammarly you can have more features and options.

FAQ – Best AI Writing software tools

Which AI tools are best for writing?

Jasper AI, Writesonic, and Rytr are the best AI writing software tools.

What is the best free AI writing tool?

Writesonic, Grammarly, Simplified, Scale Nut are the best free AI writing tools.

What is the best AI writing tool for content teams?

  • Jasper AI,
  • Growth Bar,
  • Scale Nut
  • Writesonic,
  • Article Forge are the best AI writing tools for content teams.

Is AI Writing free?

Most of the ai writing software tools are paid, but also you can use free ai content writing software tools like grammarly, quillbot and similar to this.

Which is the best AI Writing software?

Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing software tools. Jasper AI helps you to create 100% unique content with no plagiarism. 

Is AI replacing writers?

No, AI cannot replace writers. AI is only able to replace some types of jobs .

What is the best platform to start writing?

  • WordPress.org,
  • WordPress.com,
  • Wix., are the three best platforms to start writing. 

What is the best software for academic writing?

  • Microsoft word,
  • Google docs,
  • Zotero,
  • Endnote is the best software for academic writing.

What is the most powerful AI?

ChatGPT is one of the most powerful AI in the marketing world. ChatGPT is the conversational application of GPT-3. 

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