Why You Should Not Buy IG Followers

 If you see the different types of ad placement in social media that promote different types of ads to get more followers on Instagram.


  •  Buy Instagram followers with cheap
  •  Get more engagement within a short time
  •  1000 followers only for 3$
  •  Increase your followers within a short time.
  • You can increase your followers with this app.

This way you see the advertisement from your search engine regularly. So you have to think about why these ads are showing to you?

No, But every people are seeing the same ads every time.

With this app, you can bring more followers to your website but you can’t make money from it. All followers are a bot and nonactive accounts.

Just think if you are the person only uploading your videos, reels, and images to your family and friends alone then you no need to buy fake followers to your ig account.

If you are trying to do a business for any niche, you don’t need fack followers and bot people. With this bot people, what do you do? So if you are starting a business you need to focus on your real followers count.

Finally, if you are an influencer and need to promote different types of products and services for your followers then you no need to buy fake and bot followers account from the company.

Let’s see why you should not buy Ig followers from Company

  •  The engagement ratio will be down between you and your followers
  •  Will damage your Brand Reputation
  •  Real followers will not trust you and your account
  •  You will be mismatched from the Original and Duplicate accounts.
  •  You will receive bot comments more and more.
  •  Having Bot Followers will affect your Account
  •  You are not able to make money with a bot account
  •  Ig will Purge fake followers and fake account
  •  Don’t buy IG likes from the company
  •  Purchased Followers gives your account spam.
  • Buying followers and likes violate ig policy

The engagement ratio will be down between you and your followers

What is the Engagement ratio

   The engagement ratio is the ratio calculated from your total views and total followers rate. 

  • If you have 1000 followers and your post is seen by 500 followers then your Engagement ratio is 50% from your IG account.
  • If you have 10000 followers on your IG account and your post is only seen by less than 1000 people so your Instagram account has a 10% ratio in engagement.
  • If you have 100K followers and your post is seen by only 9K followers then your engagement rate will be around 9%.
  • If you have 1 million followers and your post will be seen by 200K followers then your engagement ratio will be 5%. 

So you have to boost your engagement ratio to get more followers and more engagement with your account.

If you buy Instagram followers from the vendor or some services promoting company like Likes.io you can able to increase your followers from 0 to 10k followers overnight. But what was the use to buy followers from the company?

Do you know what happened if you buy Followers?

  •  You will show the count of your ig account that you have more than 10k followers but truly there is no use for it.
  • You have bought followers to increase your count only not to use it.
  • Your Buying followers are probably not active on Instagram, they are usually bot and non-active followers.
  • With this non-active follower how you can increase your engagement ratio on your account.

Let me explain here,

If you buy 10K followers in some vendor company, okay. If you post images or reels or videos or stories in your account using hashtags. Did you get an engagement ratio of 100%? No.

You don’t get even an 80% engagement ratio, probably you will make only a 14% to 18% ratio only. Your post is only seen by 180 people. 

Do you know why?

On buying Bot followers and non-active followers how do you get an engagement rate? If you buy Instagram followers you will 100% lose your engagement rate even if you have real followers also. Bot followers account will impact your real followers, so don’t go with buying IG followers.

Will damage your Brand Reputation

What is Reputation? 

 Reputation is one of the goodwill for you and your brand. A perfect Reputation attracts many peoples in your industry. You have to grow your reputation in your own industry. Keep giving quality content information to your followers.

Followers really need quality content for them. If you give quality content they will highly engage with your post, reels, story, and so on.

So, plan the content before you publish it on Social media, and post genuine useful content to your followers, which gives you and your company a strong reputation from your follower.

What happens when you buy IG followers?

  If you buy Instagram followers and likes from vendors or companies you will totally spoil your reputation among your followers. They will not accept you without having trust in your account.

 My client before comes to me one day he had more than 217k followers on Instagram with organic and paid followers. When he is ready for influencer marketing with the help of his account, by posting branded products he noticed that his analytics will give false statements.

Do you think why?

 Before he become an influencer, he buy a lot of followers with a paid method to show count for his Instagram account. The only count will increase with buying fake bot followers. There will be no engagement rating for his Business.

As a result, he failed in business with a lot of bot followers and nonactive followers.

Then our company gives audit to that client and produce a reputation for his business. We do a lot of social media promoting strategies for his IG account.

Finally, our client account changed into a reputation account. He will make more money by doing influencer marketing.

So, you should not buy ig followers online at a cheap cost. If you really need to become an influencer and make your account with reputation management with followers, look please don’t buy Ig followers.

Bot followers have not banned your account. But you will lose your reputation among your IG Account.

  Yes, millions of Instagram people use their account to buy IG followers online and so ig not banned them. Every day millions of users purchase followers but they don’t know with purchased followers they won’t make money.

Real followers will not trust you and your account

 Why do real followers not trust bot followers’ accounts?

   Every Instagram follower’s aim is to increase their followers count to become 1M followers. Of course, all IG influencers’ target is to achieve more than 100K followers to 1M followers. So they are choosing the wrong way to increase their followers with buying intent.

 A million users only move the black hat method to increase their followers. But they do not know this method gives nothing to them.

 By buying fake followers and non-active followers there is no use for this method.

By Purchasing followers at a cheap price you may increase your follower count, but you cannot able to make money from this.

Every user in this modern world they are thinking to make money online on Instagram is the easy way, but they don’t know what method really works for making money.

In the modern world, every user changes into an Influencer Marketing person to sell Products and services and make some commission. This process is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the marketing that sells any product from the company to users and makes a little bit of commission from every sale.

Here is the explanation for the bot follower ratio.

  • If you have 1000 followers from buying – 700 followers will non-active followers
  • If you have 10000 followers from buying online – 3000 followers may be true followers from that.
  • If you have 100K followers from buying online – you may get 10k followers from a real account.
  • If you have 1M followers from buying  – You may be expected to have 200k real followers.

  If you have more bot followers real users will not trust you and your marketing business.

Fake followers give you less engagement rate and it will affect real followers. They won’t trust you, because you are trying to pull followers count and not give proper quality content to them.

So, treat your Instagram Business as a business, and make a strategy to bring more real followers organically to your account. Organic real followers will remains lifelong for your Ig.

Give Proper content with quality, then real followers will increase automatically.

You will be mismatched from the Original and Duplicate accounts

 Why does Mismatching happen for Ig accounts?

     Mismatching is occurs commonly for Original and duplicate accounts. If you compare your real account with organic followers and duplicate accounts with fake followers you notice the difference happens in analytics of IG insights.

If you are a fitness niche business marketer who created an account on Instagram and posted content regular basis with the help of 10K followers, you will do

  •  Posting Stories
  •  Posting Comments
  •  Posting Reels
  •  Posting IGTV
  •  Posting images

  At this 10K followers are only from real accounts, you don’t purchase from anywhere. At this stage, you will really get high engagement rates.

Out of 10K followers, you will get an 80% of successful engagement rate. So you need to grow slow and steady with organic followers.

Similarly, you are from sam niche with fitness, you posting content on Instagram but your engagement will be low.

Because you are the person buying fake followers and bot accounts for your business. As the result, you will lose the engagement rate for your Business. Bot and non-active followers do not even view your post. This is the reason for the low engagement rate.

So did you get an idea about the original account and Duplicate account?

Original Account – Gives High engagement rate

Duplicate Account – Gibes Low engagement rate with no success.

You will receive bot comments more and more

What is a bot comment means?

  Bot comments are the comments that give the same messages repeatedly which affect your Instagram account with real users.

By using fake accounts and fake followers you will get more comments which have the same words. This type of comment will affect your growth rate in the social media business.

Keep your account organically good and make your followers with a real user account. Engage your customer and produce up-to-date content for your users.

Don’t buy Instagram followers, it will affect you and your business too.

Having Bot Followers will affect your Account

What happens with bot followers?

  Bot followers will reduce your organic growth and engagement rate for your business. If you want to succeed in your business by using Instagram you have to not buy Instagram followers.

   Organic followers with high content keep your account growing and push your account to relevant niche people and relevant organizations too. Organic followers make you make more money by using some methods on Instagram.

  Bot followers will affect your business and not push your account to relevant people. Because you do not have likes, comments, and engagement levels.

 Focus on Instagram Business with Organic way. Keep moving and you will grow sometime.

You are not able to make money with a bot account

Why not make money with a bot?

  Making money on Instagram is not an easy way process to do. You have to do a basic strategy to make money. With the bot account, you can’t make money.

 To make money you have to grow your real followers to more than 5K. Because traffic helps you to make more money on Instagram. Evey influencer marketing people hungry to get more traffic for their ig account and their blog too.

So, you should focus on traffic and real followers of your IG account to make money. 

Improving real followers on your IG account gives more value to your business.

If you are running an Instagram account with 100K followers with Organic traffic growth, and real followers. If you post any kitchen usage products with less value of price, then you will get 500+ sales from that one product. Yes, absolutely you will earn money on real followers.

If you have 100K followers with a 0.5% engagement rate with buying intention you will make a decent amount of money. 

If the product is just $5 and 500 sales then you will make $2500 from a single product post.

If you are running an Instagram business with 100K followers with buying followers from various companies you do not make money. If you post the same kitchen appliances product to your followers, you will get a low engagement rate compared to organic followers. This type of bot & fake followers didn’t active on IG account, so your posted image is shown to all your followers but you don’t get any sales from there.

Concentrate on organic followers and increase your quality content and it will make you to get more money on Instagram.

Ig will Purge fake followers and fake account

Is Instagram purging fake followers?

 Yes, Instagram will purge fake followers and fake accounts but they don’t ban you. Million of users already buying fake followers to show their followers count.

Don’t buy IG likes from the company

Why buy IG likes?

Ig likes to improve your post to boost various users in the same niche. Instagram Algorithm will be working under this method too. If you get more likes, your post sends a signal to Instagram that your post has good content so ig will help your post to boost frequently to many users in your same category.

If you post a pet niche with infographic images with a lot of content. You will have a high engagement rate on this. Because you have more likes for that particular image. So Instagram points your post with engagement rate and ig will push your post and give suggestions for every user who is related to be in the pet niche. This will help you to get more followers.


If you buy likes from the company for your post, then Instagram will easily identify your action and not boost your post to various related users, so you will be lost your new real followers. Even the Instagram algorithm will find your fake likes. So Beware about this. 

Purchased Followers gives your account spam

You should not purchase Followers for your IG account?

Buying followers from different companies is not legal but also not illegal. Every 30% of the people will purchase followers online.

Buying followers will increase your follower count but no use for it. If you buy followers you will not get many uses from them.

  •   You will not get an engaged rate.
  •   You will not get a view count
  •   You will not get an organic comment
  •   You will not make money
  •   You will not do Influencer marketing

Buying IG followers and likes violate Instagram policy

If you buy followers did Instagram violate you?

 No, you can’t be violated but you will get blocked for your account for having more followers according to Instagram community guidelines. Instagram will punish your account permanently and you will not be recovered soon.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying IG Followers

You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers 1

Advantages of Buying IG followers?

  • More Followers give you to get more engagement.
  • Your post will become higher visibility.
  • Save time
  • Your Brand will be develop
  • Perfect for beginners who starts their business from Scratch.
  • Boost your post to 10x Speed.
  • You will make your brand more credible.

More Followers gives you to get more engagement

 With the help of different companies providing to sell Instagram followers, you will get more engagement rate. With the help of fack followers, you will be getting engaged with your followers.

Your post will become higher visibility.

 When you post images, reels, videos, story your post will reach your audience very fast and you will have more visibility for your post. With that visibility rate, you can able to grow your audience percentage level.

Save time

By Purchasing followers, you will save more time. Because if you think you need to build your Instagram account organically you need to spend more time on it. It mostly takes years to grow your IG account. So, if you buy followers online you will be able to save more time and you can able to start your business earlier.

Your Brand will be develop

If you buy more followers for your business, you will be able to develop your brand as soon as possible with limited time.

Perfect for beginners who starts their business from Scratch

If you are a new person who needs to become an influencer and make your business be brand, you need to buy more followers online. 

More followers give good results for Instagram influencers.

Boost your post into 10x Speed

If you buy followers you will easily improve your post visibility speed.

You will make your brand more credibility

 Nowadays credibility is more important for every business. If you grow your followers you can make goodwill for your IG account. People trust only credibility.

Disadvantages of Buying IG Followers?

  • Need to spend a high amount with no return on Investment
  • You will damage your reputation consistently.
  • You will not able to get high engagement for your post.
  • Bot followers destroy your credibility
  • You will face a high risk from the Instagram side even could be banned

Need to spend a high amount with no return on Investment

If you plan to buy followers online, you need to spend more money on that. If you need to buy 1000 followers for your business you need to pay more than $40. But you do not expect the best ROI from your fake followers.

You will damage your reputation consistently

Reputation is the goodwill and trust among you and your business. If you buy fake followers you will damage your own reputation among your real followers. Instagram doesn’t boost or give any suggestion to other users.

You will not able to get high engagement for your post

If you buy 10K followers from a company among 10k followers 3% are from a real account, with 3% of real people you will not get a high engagement rate.

Bot followers destroy your credibility

Don’t destroy your business with fake followers on your ig account.

You will face a high risk from the Instagram side even could be banned

 By using fake followers on your Instagram account you will increase your follower count but Instagram has a chance to ban your account so be careful.

Alternate way for Buying IG Followers

  • Make your account in public mode
  • Give value to your followers
  • Do good content for your followers
  • Try Instagram reels
  • Implement hashtag strategy
  • Post story continuously
  • Keep time management to post your content
  • Do outreach with your related influencer
  • Engage with your followers
  • Do live sessions with your followers
  • Conduct a Competition for your followers
  • Give Giveaway

By using this simple method you can able to grow your Instagram business organically and you will be able to make a good reputation among your brand to your followers.

Frequently Asked Question

Why not buy ig followers?

 You should not buy ig followers for your own, you not do foolish things to your followers, be unique, and post-high valuable content grows organically. Real followers will grow and be stable for life long. Focus on an Organic way to get your Instagram followers.

Is it good to buy Instagram followers?

The answer is absolutely wrong. It’s a bad habit to buy Instagram followers for your business. You only add the count of followers, not value. You lose money when you buy ig followers online. You won’t get ROI back with fake followers.

Will Instagram ban you from buying followers?

Absolutely no. Millions of ig users buy followers every single day to show their strength and count did they get banned? No, but you have to concentrate on this particular one. Don’t buy many followers in a short time Instagram doesn’t like this type of Suspicious activity. If you do then you will face a big problem with your account.

Does Instagram remove fake followers?

Yes maybe remove fake followers, this will be followed by your activities on your Instagram account.

Is buying on Instagram safe?

Buying Instagram followers is not safe for your future. It may show good strength count in followers and day by day you will be getting out of the race. So be genuine and post value content. Slow and steady wins the race.

How much money do 1k Instagram followers make?

If you increase your Followers organically then you will make $200 to $210 per month for 1K followers.

How much do 10k Instagram followers make?

If you really have 10K followers then you will make more than $1K to $3K per month, based on your niche and your audience engagement ratio. 

How do you get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

You need to buy Instagram followers with a reputed company. If you find a good company with good services you can try to buy followers.

How do you get 10k followers on Instagram in one day?

There are only 3 chances to make 10k followers in a single day. 

1) You have to buy Instagram Followers online

2) You have to be a celebrity

3) You have to do Influencer Marketing