How to make money on Instagram Easily?

 In this blog, you will get full statistics about how to make money online with Instagram and how Analytics tools help to make money.

You will get full details about what is Instagram, how to set up Instagram, how to monetize on Instagram, how to get paid by using Instagram, how to get sponsored on Instagram, and so on.

So Let’s dive deeper.

What is Instagram?

 Wait, if you are reading this blog you will already know about Instagram right. Yes, Instagram is a Social Media Platform that was developed by Kevin Systrom (Co-founder).

Instagram is the video &  Photo sharing Platform that you already know this right.

 You have to know that Instagram is the most downloaded app in 2023.

 What is the main purpose of Instagram?

 Instagram is a visual platform, you can post images, post reels, and videos, and use powerful hashtags, also you can get the chance to improve your audience and which will lead to a big influencer.

 You know khaby lame, he is the employee of a company, and he lost his job due to covid after he posted videos with funny, automatically followers increased day by day.

 Now he is the biggest influencer on Instagram and also has a million followers within a limited time. This is the power of Instagram (social media).

How to Make Money on Instagram

You are in the modern developing world, you should know what is the process to make money online with a consistent strategy. Everyone, you and me, are thinking that if we go to work we can survive in this world.

 Yes, or No, Think about that.

 If you say Yes, then you will be a slave for a long period of time. With that job, how could you manage the family and your life? Think about it.

See everyone is going to work to feed them and to feed their family, yes it’s right but why are you all moving to an employee job. You need to move forward in the online world to make money.

 If you say No, You are the one who will become successful in your life. Yes, really your life will change. The key is in your front.

 Yes. This is Instagram. One of the best Social Media Platforms which makes every person in the middle class to the richest persons in their life within a short period of time. You need to think that money makes you or you need to make money.

 Yes, I got your answer. You need to make money.

 Get out of this slave job, and think forward to making a free life.

 I know what you are thinking, what he is saying? Yes, I get you. Look, I am talking about how to make money online while you sleep.

 Hey, it’s crazy right. Yes, absolutely this is crazy. Because even if you go and say to your friends that “ I will make money online on Instagram while I am asleep”.

 If you really ask this question to your friends they will laugh at you. Yes I know that because my friend is also kidding me when i say that to them.

 It was So funny during my college time. I took this quote seriously from a guru who says “Make Money Online”. When I am thinking of making this strategy, I learn it first and I earn it.

 So, you also need to earn a lot. Because I know you are looking to make money from passive rights. Yup, everyone in this world loves the word “Passive Income”. Yes, I do too. Passive income is one of the best things to live the freedom of life.

 If you say yes, Say the word twice loudly. Because here I need to share some best strategies to bring your freedom to life in front of you after you finish this blog.

Strategy to Make Money on Instagram

  •   Download the Instagram App.
  • Set up your Profile
  • Do Reels every day twice
  • Post image on Every day
  • Keep up to date.

 Hey, you get it. I think you are really shocked by what I said right. Don’t Overthink, I said overall what everyone doing on Instagram. Are you thinking about how many followers you need to make money online on Instagram?

 It’s simply based on followers count you will get paid. Followers minimum 1000 maximum million to billion.

 Hey, I know you are laughing right? Yes, I do laugh…

 According to Google research, there are currently 8.0 Billion People living. From that Billion people why can’t you get some amount of million followers?

 I know on behalf of a new account you can’t reach a million followers Overnight but You will.

 I know you have the consistent power to make millions of followers. Yup, I know, Keep consistent like you.

 Do you mean? What?

 Yes, you. Have you forgotten your daily routine of eating food? Haaah

 That’s the consistency.

 Look everyone from your place right now. Look

 What are they doing? I know they are working as a slave to their owner to become he rich. Then how can you be able to be rich? Because you working for them 9 to 5 job. Then leave from job go to a party with your friends and enjoy your life without any hesitation and your future right.

 So, Let’s see one by one how to make money.

How to set up Instagram

I have already said to you, that you will earn money on Instagram with a complete strategy. But How? 

Wait I will say to you.

First, you have to install Instagram ( Money Making Machine ) on your phone or tab, or computer.

Second, you have to set up your Profile called DP. It’s all about your interest.

Third, make to switch your Instagram account to Professional Account. Because?

What Because? Hey, wait I will say.

Because you are a new Instagram influencer and future celebrity. Yes, I know you will become a high professional celebrity on Instagram.

Hey, let’s continue our Setup Process First. Don’t go to your Dream Haah. This is the First Step you enter into the online world.

Fourth you have to upload your reels on the Instagram application.

Note: You have to do 3 reels per day, this is the secret strategy no one will explain about it.

Fifth you have to post your images and be in the update. Initially, you have to think to confirm what you have to be chosen niche.

Are you know about the niche?

I will explain here, Niche is a word that indicates Product or Services Based. You have to find out from your side.

If you need to earn money on Instagram you need to know about only one thing. Let’s think about it. If you are the fisherman okay.

Wait Don’t laugh.

I will explain you now. If you are a fisherman you need to go hunting fish on where?

On sea, river, on any seashore right. I know fishes are there in the water.

But here is the secret. You know what. Every fisherman focus on fishing fish. But you have to fish for Shark.

Ahh. Shark yes. Don’t do the same work that everything will be doing the same work right. Are you get the point.

Like an Instagram Influencer, you need to try apart from others what they do 

Sixth step. you need to be consistent. Yes, every guru from the world they don’t say word that is Consistent.

It is a regular process. You have to make money online you need to be consistent on every day.

So. the Key is Consistent and dedicate your work to getting Passive Income.

Seventh step. you have to grow your followers day by day.

Eighth step. You have to ask them to follow you for regular video, every YouTuber, and Instagram influencer is doing this part seriously, which leads to them getting a high rate of conversion in their channels.

Ninth step. Make Livestream on Instagram.

So, focus on these eight steps.

How to Monetize on Instagram

First, you need to accept that you can make money on Instagram with or without followers.

There is no hiding here. I love Instagram more, it’s not only to do chat, upload images, and upload videos to your friends and family, almost you can make money too.

Yes. You will earn money online.

  1. You will get Paid for Sponsored Post for their product.
  2. You have to work with Brand. ( eg. Nick, apple, Raymond, etc )
  3. By Promoting Affiliate Links in your Bio.
  4. You have to use badges in Livestream.
  5. You can make money by starting an Instagram shop.
  6. Content is the King. You can create emerging content and make money.
  7. You are also able to become an Instagram Coach. It’s pretty good right.
  8. Create your Brand and advertise with that.
  9. You have to enable Instagram ads in your reels. This is another way of monetization.
  10. You can get paid for teaching with your audience
  11. Sell digital and Physical Products

These are some types of monetization on Instagram.

Let’s dive deeper into this Instagram Monetization.

10 ways to make money on Instagram Monetization – Complete Guide with Statistics

1. Get Paid for Sponsor Post

 What is Sponsored Post?

                      Sponsored Post is nothing that you have thought. If your Instagram account is related to a particular niche.

Lets me explain briefly.

If you are an Instagram influencer, you post videos, and images, about the same product or similar to that product. Eg. Health Product

If you do reels, and videos about a health product, with a good amount of followers, then you will get messages from the same or similar health product company to post their post in your Instagram account.

Which means they will pay money per post.

You will get some money while posting other products in your Business Account. This is called a Sponsored Post. They also pay you 100 USD to 300 USD per post according to your followers.

I already said to you to increase the followers to earn money online on Instagram right.

Not only this, you have to enter hashtags to a particular product in your post, a particular hashtag company will pay you.

Yes, Instagram pays you for followers by using sponsored posts.

Your Instagram Account + Sponsored Post + Using Hashtag + Post to Your Followers = You be Paid.


  • You have your own Instagram account.
  • You need to have at least 3000 followers
  • Be active on Instagram.

2. You have to work with a Brand. ( eg. Nick, apple, Raymond, etc )

Let me talk about the brand.

What is Brand?

A brand is a word but it is a product or service that is known by all People. You know what?

  • KFC is a brand.
  • Mc Donald’s is a brand.
  • Coca-cola is a brand.
  • Sony is the brand.

Samsung is the brand. Hey, look at all of this it’s all branded names that you have known earlier right.

Yes, Absolutely.

Now it’s your turn to think of these products, there are not only these brands, in this world, there are also millions of branded products.

Products or services can vary from place to place, time to time but your consistency is matter.

Now the choice is yours.

Let’s say what is your interest to make money online on Instagram. You have to take the right decision earlier first.

Don’t stand one leg on land & one leg on the sea. You have to be steady.

Choose the Branded Products which people know earlier about it. Because when you sell the products peoples really need to know about it.


  • Have your own Instagram account
  • Choose your interest which is branded one product.
  • Followers need to do this to earn money.

3. By Promoting Affiliate Links in your IG

What is an affiliate?

 Affiliate is the Process of work that makes more money online even if you don’t have a job. Are you ready to hear and know about this affiliate?

Affiliate is a High-income source to make money online. Look every company’s goal is to sell their products or give services to the people right.

Yes. That’s the point.

If you have doubt? Yes, I know your doubt.  “How much do followers need to make money on Instagram” Right. Yes, I will say you about that.

You can earn money on Instagram without followers, by using the strongest hashtags.

How to do Affiliate on Instagram

Simple, your research for a similar product where you do on your Instagram. Let me say an example of that.

If you are doing Instagram reels, posts, or IGTV, similar to the health product niche you need to find out similar health product websites and ask for promoting their product.

They verify you and give their affiliate link. You have to take that link and post it on your DP or mention that affiliate link on your Instagram reels.

If anyone is interested in that particular product and buys it which you Promote on your Instagram page you will get the commission instantly.

These Process is already done by millions of people, this one income source gives more money online 

Focus on Affiliate to earn High commission from day 1.


  • Instagram Account with more than 300 people. If you have more than 10,000 people’s followers you get more commission.
  • Get a well-branded product affiliate link, Because when peoples purchase that product they need to get satisfied with that product. If not you will not convert sales.
  • Get an Affiliate Link by giving more commission website with the quality of the product.

4. You have to use badges in Livestream 

What are Badges on Instagram?

These badges are the features that support creators when they are on live streaming video on IGTV.

If you purchase the Badges when your creators are on a live video session, the Heart icon appears next to your name on Instagram. It is shown in the comment section.

If you start live streaming after purchasing these badges, Badges are shown in Instagram.


  • You have to make 10000 followers in your account.
  • You need to purchase those badges from other creators’ live streaming.
  • After that, you can able to sell badges to your followers financially.

Who can use Instagram live badges?

 In the US you should cross over 18+ age to buy badges and also follow Instagram monetization requirements & policy, and have more than 10K Followers.

 5. You can make money on Instagram by starting an Instagram shop

What is Instagram Shop?

 If you have an Instagram account you can able to integrate your Instagram profile into an eCommerce shop.

This is the way to promote your products on Instagram shop.

If you have many followers it’s easy to make money on Instagram daily.

You can integrate your Instagram profile with an eCommerce shop and start publishing by using reels, posts, Stories, explore tabs, and shop tabs in your Instagram profile.

If you run an e-commerce business you can easily make money here by using ads like a carousel.

Let’s explain in detail about it.

If you are a cloth owner, need to sell your outfit to your followers and people. How could you send all the images catalogue to your followers? For that purpose, the Carousel is to be used. You can show 20+ images at one time. This gives more CTR to your Business.


  • Need your Instagram page.
  • Need your own E-commerce website or shop
  • Need to integrate with one another both IG and E-commerce shop.

6. Content is King

What is Content?

Are you get the point of what I am saying? Yes, Content. Content is the news that you need to discover and say to your followers.

85% of Businesses get success by using their Content Strategy. You have to write killer content for your followers.

What type of content do you need to write on Instagram?

You have to write Killer content, which means followers need to wait and see your content and need to click your post and go to your website.

You need to write highly informational Content on your Instagram.

On Instagram, many users do not do their work properly which leads to them getting low CTR for their Business. You can only improve these Instagram pages with the help of Killer Content.

There are 3 ways to make money with content on Instagram.

Let’s see,

a. Live Badges on Instagram

Look there are 2 major prices in live badges, they are 3 types of hearts.

Heart 1 badges      = $ 0.99

Heart 2nd badges  = $ 1.99

Heart 3rd badges   = $ 4.99

  If you do live on Instagram, badges play a vital role here, your followers will definitely support you by buying badges from you.

It’s a good sound right?


 In March 2021 Instagram gives ads to show in the USA, UK, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA. Yes, in IGTV Ads you will increase your content and grow your followers too.

Try these IGTV ads.

 7. You are also able to become an Instagram Coach

What is Instagram coach?

Hey, Couch means teacher or trainer, they are already skilled professionals that share their ideas and knowledge on Instagram with their students and get paid for that.

If you already have more than 10k followers on your Instagram account then why can’t able to think to make money on Instagram with your knowledge?

Think about what I am saying right?

Every people are searching on google to find “How to make money on Instagram”, “does Instagram pay”, “Does Instagram pay you for your followers” … etc.

I often see this every day in my life, so I started to write this full article regards how to make real money 

There are 1.393 Million active users in the previous month, you got what I am saying. Yes, people are in online every day. You need to make them your followers by using some common strategy.

Many Business owners that selling their courses too on their Instagram accounts. So, don’t wait to make money.

Start Hustle now, take action, and start your career in the digital space.

Start making money as a couch with which you have knowledge.

8. Create your Brand and advertise with that

Here are the other options but if you do it correctly then you will become a millionaire in 1 month.

Are you laughing about what I am saying?

If you do this method with the right strategy you will be rich. But do you think what strategy gives you money?

You have to create a new brand of products or services in your own.

Yes, buddy on your own or with the help of your friends

Branding the product is high-volume work for you and also for me. I already said that banding is the power that makes people think about who is at the back of this product.

Really this branding work needs lots of work and patience. First, you have to know detailed knowledge about some product or idea which you have to make branding.

Some of the examples of Branding companies I need to show you.

 Every person makes their Business Idea more creative than others, they are unique and shark of the ocean. Yes, absolutely they are sharks.

  1. KFC = Business idea in Food
  2. Samsung = Business idea in Mobile phones and electronics
  3. Nike  =  Business idea in shoes
  4. Canon = Business idea in camera
  5. Toyota  = Business idea in the car
  6. Rolex    = Business idea in watch
  7. SpaceX = Business idea in aero
  8. Amazon  = Business idea in Online sales

This way you have to create your brand unique, I know we do not even go to replace these all companies but if you work hard with your skills you will be made.

Business ideas give you to think of unique businesses for you.

So, Be strong in one, focus on what gives you Branding Value. If you already decided to make branding on your own, let me know what business is it.

9. You have to enable Instagram ads in your reels.

 Instagram ads also give money to you. Yes, when you do reels you suggest Instagram run ads on your reels, when the followers or other people see ads you will earn some amount of money.

If you have 1000 followers in your account you will get a little bit of money.

When you have 10000 followers you will earn a high amount of money, so increase your followers day by day.

You can Outreach to get more followers also on your business with paid.

But your content is good, you give any value to the people they will definitely follow you and your Instagram followers increases organically.

More followers give More Money.

10. You can get paid for teaching with your audience 

Yes, you can teach what you are in professional. Every business needs guidelines to know how to do them.

There are billions of users searching for news, and doubts are clear about a particular topic, but only a minimum amount of skilled professionals are there to clear their doubts. 

Why can’t you take action with it?

Let’s see this,

If you are a good cook with knowledge of all country recipes then why can’t you able to teach with others,

I also don’t know how to cook food, but when I need food I watch youtube to get some ideas about it.

Yes, I am true. I don’t know to cook.

Start with this too, if you do need any degree from Harvard to teach how to cook food right. Every mom in the world like cooking but they don’t know how to cook a different recipe for them.

Yes, more people are there.

If you teach them a simple recipe with minimum time they will love your channel and manually they will follow your Instagram page.

If you make some copies of Recipe ideas in a digital book and sell them on your Instagram account. Many peoples will eager to download your books with pay.

This is just 1 way to make an income stream. But I have many Business ideas to say for you in other my blog.

Teaching professionals make a high income when they sell courses and conduct classes.

What actually do they do?

They share their knowledge with their students and update them day by day, that’s it.

11. Sell digital and Physical Products

 You can monetize your account by selling digital products and physical products on your Instagram.

What is Digital Product?

Digital products are the software or e-books that buyers easily buy from anywhere without any travel. Eg, Software, E-books, etc.

What are Physical Products?

Physical products are the buyer buys the products from shops, or online. This will cost transactional or courier fees for them. Eg. clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

If you run an Instagram account with a product niche you can sell them by adding your affiliate link to the bio of your DP. This process is similar to digital products also.

How Much Money Can You Make on Instagram?

Everyone on the planet has the same doubt including me also that how much money I make on here I can say about details.

Money can vary from product to product, followers to followers.

I could not say your accurate amount of money or how much you earn, but I will say approximately how others will earn money on Instagram.

On Instagram, the money is vary by follower count.

You have to understand that Instagram has 3 different prices of earning.

  1. Nano Influencer
  2. Micro influencer
  3. Macro Influencer

Yes, absolutely let’s see how these types of influencers will earn money online.

Nano Influencer

 These influencer followers are more than 5K to 10K followers, they will approximately earn 84$ per post.


These types of micro-influencer have more than 10K to 100,000K followers. They will approximately earn more than 196$ per post.

Macro Influencer

These types of influencers have more than 1M followers. They will approximately earn more than 580$ per post.

Now, it’s your turn. How much money do you earn from your Instagram?

Let’s say

How Much Money do Instagram influencers make?

Some celebrities can even make a high amount of money on Instagram. Let’s also see who is all earning more money.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Football Player (452 Million Followers). He makes $1,603,000 per post.
  2. Dwayne Johnson – Actor, WWE player (320 Million Followers). He makes $1,513,000 per post.
  3. Ariana Grande –  Beauty, Celebrity (315 Million Followers). She will make $1,509,000 per post

What about you? Will you make more than this amount on Instagram?

 You can also make money on Instagram without followers.

How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

 You have approximately 5K to 10K followers is enough to make money on Instagram. Yes, I am saying seriously. You can make more than $100 per pos according to your selection of niche.

All peoples make 6 figure income from this. You have to do it like them and make your product be branded.

How many followers on Instagram do you need to make $1000 per month?

If you need to get $1000 dollars per month as an Instagram influencer you need to have more than 10K to 100,000 followers which means you are in Micro-Influencer Position.

 If you are on Micro-Influencer with More than 10K followers you will surely earn more money on Instagram.

 You can also generate more money on an affiliate link, sponsored post and so on.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Instagram users get paid?

 Yes you will get paid by Instagram on

  • IG Tv ads
  • Quality Content
  • Badges
  • Affiliate Marketing

 And you also earn by teaching and get sponsored posts.

How much money do 1000 Instagram followers make?

 Basically, for 1000 followers in Instagram you can make a minimum $7 to $13 depending upon your quality content, your niche, and which place your Instagram followers viewing.

 If you got followers from top-tier countries like the US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA you can more money. Try to do some engaging good content for your Instagram.

 Are 500 followers on Instagram good?

 Yes, good for you because you started from scratch, so you have to concentrate on your content and make people give like, share, save, and comment on your post or reels.

 Highly engaging content gives High growth followers on your Instagram.

 How do you get sponsored on Instagram?

Its simple to get sponsored on Instagram by doing some basic tips,

They are

  • You have to post consistently. Note – Consistent is the key to growing your Instagram account.
  • You have to use Hashtags.
  • You have to use Geotags also.
  • Tag your brand on your post, and make sure you have added your bio on your Instagram account.
  • Then automatically you will get a sponsor.

Can I buy 1000 followers on Instagram?

 Yes, of course, you can buy followers to increase your Instagram account, There are plenty of services that offer you to increase your count on Instagram.

 To increase 1000 followers you need to pay just $10 to $15 bucks.

 But What is the use of it?

 Mostly they are bot or non-active accounts, with that account what do you need to do. Explain?

 So, you have to focus on Organic growth for your Instagram account.

Is making money on Instagram easy?

 Yes, Like youtube you can able to make money easily on Instagram too.

 But you have to know that your Instagram earnings depend upon your post reach count. If your post reaches Million views you get more amount of money.

 Now say,

 What is the strategy you are making to grow your Instagram account?

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