Best Instagram Analytics Tools? Paid & Free Version – 2023 Complete Guide

  At an early stage, every social media account people facing trouble in their accounts, that need to see their social media account analytics and data. But they can’t see their Analytics. So some of the 3rd party companies bring Analytics tools to give exact data from your social account, and you are also able to see your friend’s social media reaches within a short period of time.

By the way here I will share some greatest and most userfriendly tools to manage your social media accounts.

Here Businesssoftwarehub discusses Instagram analytics tools and their usages. These Instagram analytics tools help to get a clear idea about what posts and reels are working and what posts and reels are not working.

If you are serious about Instagram Marketing then you need to keep a close eye on your Data and Instagram analytics. This analytics tool will help you more and it will give successful Business ideas and growth for your Business.

What is Instagram? What about the Best Instagram Analytics Tools?

Instagram view

Instagram is one of the platforms in social media which is ruling one 3rd of the population all over the world. Instagram is a social platform that shares your post, videos, reels, and story, conducting IG tv, and live streaming on the internet, which increases your followers on your account, and through that followers, you also can make money.

About Best Instagram Analytics Tools? Why it Need

 The Instagram analytics tool is a tool that helps you and your business grow by scaling process. By using Instagram analytical tools you will be able to keep maintaining your IG account stable. These analytics tools will help you to show the complete ratio and traffic for your post.

Analytics tools help you to get

  • Traffic Growth
  • Statistics for men & women.
  • Interest of people
  • Age of People
  • Followers Count
  • Engagement ratio
  • Instagram Profile analytics
  • Instagram audience analytics
  • Individual Post analytics
  • Instagram story Analytics
  • Tracking sales, clicks, etc

Why do you need to care about Instagram Analytics?

 There are almost 30 Million Instagram Business Profiles worldwide and 260 Million Instagram People visit Instagram accounts once per day. This shows how Instagram’s Social Account plays an Important role in advertisement purposes. So you have to know about the analytics data for your business to make successful.

With this greatest platform without knowing your audience, views, or ratio of your post how could be run your business on Instagram. Without Knowing your Engagement rate if you post a bunch of posts, your account belongs to completely wasted. So focus on your Analytics data and implement in the correct way.

  • You need to do analytics for your IG business, if not you will be facing this below issue.
  • If you are not doing analytics then it will lead you to target the wrong audience.
  • Post your post, and reels, so frequently.
  • You are able to drive traffic with irrelevant audiences to your Business.
  • Without research, you probably post inappropriate timing which highly impacts your Business.

By focusing on Instagram analytics tools you can able to implement the right strategy for your Instagram Business.

Advantages of using Best Instagram Analytics tools

  • By using tools you will be able to do,
  • Understand the right target audience
  • Give high performance at top of your industry
  • You can do a campaign
  • By using IG Analytics you can save time
  • By posting content on the best prime time

Advantages of using the Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Before you are going to get a Free and paid Instagram analytics tool you have to see your business capacity and features. 10% of every business account uses the free version. It’s enough for them to do much.

  • Simple to use
  • The cost is very low.
  • You will be seen basic data.

Simple to use

 By using the free version, the dashboard is simple to use. Not everyone is an expert in analytics but in the free version of IG tools, you will be doing some simple activities.

Cost is very Low

By using some simple version your tool’s price is very low, in that you can able to filter your growth, engagement, using hashtags, etc. If you are planning to do Instagram analytics in the free version, you do need to pay the amount.

You will be seen basic data

With the help of the free version, you can do your campaign, post, and reels with basic data.

Advantages of using Paid Instagram Analytics Tool

 With the help of Instagram paid tools, you will get more and more information about your business, which contains.

  •  You will get Full Detailed Information
  •  You will get 24/7 chat support
  •  Easy to maintain bulk data into analytics too
  •  You can able to build your IG account to grow
  •  Fast results
  • Additional features

What is the best app for Instagram analytics Tools

The following website is one of the best Instagram analytics tools worldwide. 30% of users and 60% of Agency are using this software for know results for client websites and their own websites.

  • Iconosquare
  • Socialpilot
  • Sprout social

1. Iconosquare

Best tool for maintaining analytics.

What is Iconosquare?

 Iconosquare is a powerful Analytics tool Which helpful for management and scheduled platforms for brands and agency companies in social media management.

Iconosquare is found in 2011 in France. The first version of this tool was named by statigram and it contains more than 10 million registered users and become one of the best social media analytics platforms ever in the Industry. In some time statigram named by iconosquare.

Best Instagram analytics tools Iconosquare

Iconosquare is the best Instagram analytics software because it is easy to use and wide range of software.

By using this software tool you will easily identify the complete report for your business in social media. Iconosquare is the Actionable social media analytics tool that helps millions of 

users to use their social media. You can easily handle your all SMM activities here.

Ionosphere software is flexible for your Business.

You can use this software tool for small business to enterprise businesses.

With this tool, you can handle all high-profile social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and so on.

Key Features

iconosqaure features

Some Important Features in Iconosquare

Community Analytics

 In this software tool, you will be able to find the important feature to find your audience’s place, find which language they speak, age, gender, and so on. This feature is one of the best in this software.

Profile Activity

 This feature will help you to know which URL link will be doing good results for your business, and also you will be able to track the best URL which gives more traffic to your business.

Competitor Tracking

With this feature, you can able to understand your competitor, and you are also able to benchmark it against your own strategy.

Hashtag Tracking

This feature will help you to track hashtags, and implement your best hashtag to reach your post and be able to give the best engagement results with good hashtags.

User Experience 

iconosquare user experience

                                                       Source: Bloggingwizard

The visual Interface is completely good. Every user will easily identify what is going on your Social media.

Iconsquare tool is completely user-friendly.

You can also use left-hand side options to get more features on your Social media account.

You will easily find gain and loss growth for your business. More features are in the icon square tool.


iconosquare pricing

Pricing will vary depending on the plans.

In this Iconsquare tool, plans are 3 various types. They are,

Pro Plan  – $49 Per Month

Advanced Plan – $79 Per Month

Enterprise Plan – Contact Company for Quote.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Iconosquare

Advantages about Iconosquare

  • You can handle more accounts in one tool
  • You can see advanced analytics, its also easy to understand
  • Have a Powerful scheduler, which saves your precious time
  • You can see Insights Industry Benchmarks to do
  • Easy way to share your Performance with reporting
  • You can use this tool from your Smartphone, which is easy to you analyze analytics from anywhere.

Disadvantages about Iconossquare

 If you are fresher by using this tool you will struggle with 1 or 2 weeks, then you will be got easy to use this tool’s complete features.

Product Updates

  • Platform status page
  • Linkedin Analytics is available here in iconosquare
  • Reporting is a very easy process
  • Iconosquare introduce a new scheduler

Trusted by

Iconosquare trusted by

This software tool will be trusted by Forbes, telegraph, foundr, entrepreneur., etc.


Real-time Insights will be displayed

What is is a social media platform, which generates AI content. These tools will helpful for Instagram analytics and Twitter analytics for both small-medium business to enterprise businesses.

This tool is very simple to use. Best Instagram analytics tools home is the tool that helps you to find profile analytics, followers analytics, and hashtag analytics at the same time. You can able to find out real-time insights on Influencer campaigns.

This tool ie widely used by many agency companies to save time. This tool is helpful to find out analytics report for both Instagram and Tiktok.

Key Features Key features

Some Important Features in

  • By using tools you can run a small business, agency, Influencers, Media Publications. This tool does some great work for you.
  • For both Instagram and Tiktok you will be able to do Campaign Reporting, Follower Demographic, Followers Authenticity, Content engagement, historical data.
  • Competitor Analysis you can do it from this tool. This tool gives a complete report to you.

User Experience home user experience features
  • By using this tool for your business you will get more and more satisfaction Because this tool helps you to give more statistical ideas.
  • If you need to do Profile competitor analysis this tool will help you.
  • If you need to find your follower’s demography this tool will find that.
  • You can also do Campaign reporting its easy as a fresher too.
  • By using this tool you can able to find historical data and analytics data.
  • Influencer – It will help you most.

Pricing Pricing

Pricing will vary from plan to plan.

In this tool company have 4 plans and pricing. They are,

Pro Plan – $199 Per Month

Plus Plan – $109 Per Month

Premium Plan – $59 Per Month

Basic – Free 

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about

  •  By using this tool you can able to manage both Ig Analytics and Tiktok Analytics.
  •  Plan and Pricing cost is very cheap.
  •  Handle more accounts in the same tool.
  •  You can able to find age, locality, gender, and so on using this tool.
  •  Expensively you will be able to see Previous historical data.

Disadvantages about

 Only have 2 social media to implement, and need to upgrade more social media to manage.

Product updates

  • You can customize your account in both IG and Tiktok
  • The future plan is to integrate API integration

Trusted By trusted by

These tools are trusted by reputed companies such as Forbes, software suggests, cupera., etc.

3. Socialpilot. co

Everything you need to hit on Social Media by using this tool.

What is Socialpilot?

 Socialpilot is the tool that helps you to use your social media in a single-phase dashboard. Powerful publishing tools and Analytics will be done in this social pilot tool. If you need to do your social media with autopilot then this tool will help you a lot. Every Professional Business Company chooses this software tool only. Because this software helps you a lot. This social pilot tool will help you from publishing posts to analyzing the report data.

social pilot Best Instagram analytics tools

By using this social pilot software tool you will be integrated with, zappier,, box, canvas, Feedly., etc.

This social pilot software will be used in both the android app and iPhone app.

Works on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Key Features

socialpilot features

In this social pilot software tool you will find most new features to be used, they are

  • Social Media Scheduling will be scheduled as per your wish
  • Social Media Calendar set up
  • Bulk Scheduling at the same time
  • Content Curation on social media
  • RSS feeds Automation
  • Browser Extention
  • Client Management will be done
  • Social Inbox

User Experience

socialpilot user experience

                                                 Source: Influencermarketinghub

  • To publish and upload is an easy task in this social pilot software.
  • You can able to customize the post and schedule it as per your convenience. Within a single upload, you can customize 200 to 300 posts in a single file.
  • A social calender gives you clear vision like an eagle eye.
  • In analytics, report software will analyze your data and share white-label reports with you.
  • By conversion, you can able to make simple tasks in a social box.
  • Collaboration with one another is well done in this social pilot tool.


socialpilot pricing

Pricing for this software tool will vary from plan to plan. In this social pilot tool, the company has 4 types of plans. They are

Agency Plan – $106.25 Per Month

Studio Plan ( Popular Plan ) – $85 Per Month

Small Team Plan – $42 Per Month

Professional Plan – $25.50 Per Month

Advantages & Disadvantages of Socialpilot. co

The advantage of Socialpilot. co

  • This social software will support on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Tiktok
  • Publishing a post is a similar and easy way to do it
  • Socialpilot. co is used by small businesses and Professionals
  • It will be used by Marketing Agency & their teams
  • Mostly Enterprises Business will be done in this software tool

The disadvantage of Socialpilot. co

Need to add extensions for other browsers like edge, duckduckgo, safari

Product Updates

Socialpilot. co updates the new version of the web app on May 5 2023.

Updates will be improving high performance, outstanding User Performance, and more.

Trusted By

socialpilot trusted by

Socialpilot is trusted by a good reputed industrial company.

4. Sproutsocial

Powerful Solution for Social media Management

What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social software is the real leading platform to extract real Business in the Social world. Customer Satisfaction is good in sprout social software. ROI is good, customer support, Usability is very good in this software. This sprout social software will highly understand your audience level and trends. This software is trusted by 30,000 world-class branded organizations.

sproutsocial Best Instagram analytics tools

This software is highly usable by social media manager and marketing teams. And also this software used by any agency, and business peoples.

Key Features

sproutsocial key features

In this sprout social software, you will be able to find more features.

  • You can integrate this software into all social media sites.
  • Track and analyze conversational data
  • This software keeps us on trends and focuses on audience insights and features.
  • Competitor analysis is good in this software.
  • Able to upgrade your Strategy.

User Experience

sproutsocial user experience

                                                         Source: Sproutsocial

  • Audience Analysis is very good in this Sproutsocial software.
  • Customer experience is good and gives good analytics data.
  • Customer research with age, demographic, and gender will be clearly identified by this software.
  • The requested reports work well in this dashboard.
  • Sentiment research and trend identification play an important role in sprout social software.


sproutsocial pricing

Pricing will be different by plan. In this sprout social software, they have 3 types of pricing.

They are

Standard Plans – $89 Per Month

Professional Plans – $149 Per Month

Advanced Plans – $249 Per Month

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sproutsocial

Advantage about Sproutsocial

  • 30 days trial version is there on
  • No credit card is required for the trial version.
  • Plans and Pricing are good.
  • You will integrate all main social media platforms into a single software.
  • User-Friendly dashboard.
  • Instagram analytics will work good in this software.

Disadvantage about Sproutsocial

Pricing is too high compared to other analytics tools.

Product Updates

  • Twitter Competitor Updates will be coming soon.
  • Competitor Post Updates
  • Reshare Linkedin posts will be introduced.
  • Updates will be held on every month if you need to check the current month’s update search on the company page.

Trusted By

sproutsocial trusted by

This Sprout Social Software will be trusted by giant industrial companies like Shopify, Havas, IHG, Eventbrite, etc.


Scaling your social media with a user-friendly software tool

What is

This sendible software will attract all new customers and give high potential reaches to the people. People are widely using this software to full fill their all goals on one platform.

sendible Best Instagram analytics tools

Sendible is the Social media analytics software that has more integrated features which not have in other social analytics tools. More than 30,000 branded marketers are using this software for their business.

You can create content with this sendible within an hour and take a rest for a month, sendible will autopilot your content and post with the correct scheduled time. It’s easy for you also.

You can get support from real people and not bots, it’s an amazing feature in the Instagram Analytics tool.

Key Features

sendible key features

Compare to other software this sendible software have more and more feature which helps to you and other agency, Business owners.

Post Preview – You can able to see a preview of every image, video, and reel before you publish it live on the Instagram account.

Content Suggestion – If you right something on your post this software will help you to give more accurate suggestions related to your content to give more reach to your post.

Auto Post RSS feed – In this feature your post is automatically shared with relevant content.

Bulk Scheduling – Sendible software help you to post bulk content with the post, reels, story, and so on. You can schedule your post in bulk.


sendible pricing

Pricing is different according to plans.

Creator Plan  – $29 Per Month

Traction Plan – $89 Per Month

Scale Plan – $199 Per Month ( Most Popular Plan )

Expansion Plan – $399 Per Month

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sendible

Advantages about Sendible

  • You can manage all other accounts in a single place
  • Sendible has more integration options to Integrate one account into another account
  • You can able to make customize your images and see them in the preview version of your every post.
  • You can save more time with schedule your post for a month in 1 hour
  •  No need to jump from one account to other, it will be shown in a single dashboard.
  •  You can able to Monitor your client’s reputation accordingly
  • You will be able to see a live result preview within a second

Disadvantages about Sendible

No disadvantages, but you need more time to adapt sendible features.

Product Updates

  • Easier Process to connect your FB ads account
  • Sendible support image carousel
  • Post native videos to your Linkedin profile
  • Auto Publishing Instagram reels directly

Trusted By

sendible trusted by

More than 30K agencies trust sendible software. (i.e) Expedia, texas university, and so on.


Grow your Business with More reach

What is

 Hootsuite is a social media analytics tool that helps you to grow on social platforms like FB, IG, Twitter, and more. You are able to run multiple social media accounts in a single palace. So it’s easy to you to manage different accounts in a single place.

hootsuite Best Instagram analytics tools

Hootsuite helps you to measure the ROI of your social media accounts. 47% of users increase their sales and followers on Instagram with the help of this software.

This software is really helpful to you to save your time.

Key Features

hootsuite key features
hootsuite features
  • You can manage all social media on one platform
  • You can plan your content very easily with the help of this Hootsuite software
  • You will be able to post at the correct time, and also you will be in up to date new trends and ideas
  • Customer Support will be done
  • With the help of this Hootsuite account, you will be able to run social media marketing
  • In this Hootsuite account, you will be able to upload and post your images, engage with images, monitor the post, and advertise by analyzing the data.


hootsuite pricing

In this Hootsuite plan, you will be able to find 4 types of plans for your business.

They are

Professional Plan – 1915 Rs

Team Plan – 7540 Rs

Business Plan – 45000 Rs

Enterprise Plan – Get Quote from Company

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite Software helps you and small businesses to large enterprise business people
  • With Hootsuite Software you will save time and Grow more
  • You can able to attend free classes for beginner
  • You also able to work on 30-day free trial
  • You can able to join webinars and events also in Hootsuite software

Disadvantages about Hootsuite

  • You will face some FB image problems on your account
  • Expensive in Custom URL and Analytics data
  • Expensive cost for small Business Owner

Product Updates

  • Resolve Performance Issue in Composer
  • Add notes in your reports
  • Clear Image editor Cropping issue
  • Track ROI from Hootsuite

Trusted By

hootsuite  trusted by

Hootsuite is trusted by good reputed companies and organizations such as IKEA, EBAY, ALLIANZ, NYC, IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON.,


Media Monitoring made Easy

What is

 The best Instagram analytics tool is Yes, this tool is user-friendly and helpful for all features. Monitoring the data in this tool will be very easy. 

Tracking URLs is easy in this software tool. 

Online Reputation work is also easy by using this software. This software tool is made with simple and structural which is useful for all audiences and users.

brand 24 Best Instagram analytics tools

Brand24 software which helpful for all agencies and small-medium business owners.

Key Features

brand 24 key features
  • Minds24 will discuss your online flowing charts and gives analyzing reports
  • Marketing analytics will be done for you to give more volume profit for your business
  • Focus on increasing the Influencer Score rate
  • Alert Messages and notifications will be given from the company on your dashboard if needed
  • The user data will be able to export in pdf or xls files
  • You can also able to filter the needed report as per your wish


brand 24 pricing

Pricing will differ from plan to plan, in this software company they have more than 4 plans.

They are

Individual Plan – $49 Per Month

Team Plan – $99 Per Month

Pro Plan  – $149 Per Month

Enterprise Plan – $249 Per Month

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about

  • With this software tool, you will be able to integrate more social media platforms. (i.e) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, quora, forums, medium, Twitter, youtube, TikTok, twitch, podcast, and more.
  • Analytics features you will be track links, source analysis, scores
  • You will be able to see the daily reports, weekly reports, white-labeled reports, pdf reports, Xls reports and so on
  • You can able to filter the section as you need
  • Bulk action will be able to do in brand24 software

Disadvantages about

  • On you will not get CRM
  • This tool is usually not bought from mid-level people and mid-level agency
  • Some results you will get like spam and irrelevant to your business

Product Updates

  • Instagram Preview will be done
  • Storm Alerts will be finished

Trusted By

brand 24 trusted by Company is trusted with Uber, Vichy, tailor brand, Stanford University, and so on.


100% AI-Generated Influencer Marketing Platform

What is

 Hypeauditor is a software tool with completely useful for Influencer marketing purposes. You can able to discover influencers with 50.5 million databases. Hypeauditor account will help you to analyze Instagram, youtube, TikTok, and Twitter influencers.


With this tool, you can easily understand how the campaign is working, and analyze competitor research, Global market research, and trendy analysis.

7,50,000 People are using hypeauditor for their business. Mostly 70% are from influencers. Because this hypeauditor will give a complete report for you and your business.

If you need an In-depth Analysis for Influencers you need to go with hypeauditor only.

Key Features

hypeauditor key features

In this hypeauditor Software tool, you see more features that are helpful for your business and improve your Business Growth.

Instagram Analytics

  • You can able to see Influencer’s age, Location, Language, and contact details.
  • In hypeauditor you can see audience demography such as age, gender, city, location, audience interest, and audience size.
  • You can also able to see engagement rates and analyze fraudulent activities.
  • With this tool, you will see the growth rate, a score of your work, and some additional features

Youtube Analytics

  • You can able to see subscriber growth
  • With this tool, you will see views, and the growth rate of your youtube video range
  • Also, you will see channel performance like audience attitude, comment,s and reaction rates


hypeauditor pricing

For know pricing details you need to fill up the details and wait for 1 business day, company assistant will contact As soon possible.

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about Hypeauditor

  • You will be doing all social media work in one account.
  • You will analyze account data
  • In hypeauditor compared to others you will get the best Analytics data from Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, & Twitch
  • Useful for more Influencer Marketing People

Disadvantages about Hypeauditor

Need to implement the strategy to work with blogs and other social media accounts

Product Updates

Social media news is the biggest update

Trusted By

hypeauditor trusted by

This hypeauditor tool is the best tool for Instagram analytics. This software is highly used by Businessinsider, Forbes, entrepreneur, adage, and more.


Social Media Scheduling Platform for agencies

What is

One of the best Scheduling tools ever on the social media platform. This tool is user-friendly and more useful for all small to enterprise businesses to schedule your post. For Social media managers, this tool is more useful and friendly. This software will save more time for you.

pallyy Best Instagram analytics tools

For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, GMB, and Tiktok it will be easy to schedule your post according to your needs.

Key Features

pallyy key features
  • You can choose a time frame between 1st day to the 30th day and schedule your post with your interest
  • You can share a unique URL or You can share through your own domain
  • Analytics reports are familiar to you
  • You can able to download the report as a PDF
  • You have access to the fully customizable report by a different types of charts


pallyy pricing

Pricing is different from plan to plan. On this you can see 2 different types of plans. They are,

Free Plan – $0

Premium Plan – $15 Per Month

14 days of free trails are there in this software tool

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about

  • You can integrate your account to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, GMB, Tiktok, Pinterest, and more
  • You can able to create many custom analytics reports and export in PDF
  • You can schedule your post, video, Instagram story, Instagram reels, Bulk scheduling, calendar views, and more in this account
  • In you can able to handle different types of social media accounts in a single dashboard

Disadvantages about

  • Lacks some advanced functionality in
  • You can’t see the White-labeled feature

Product Updates

Scheduling more features will be working on

Trusted By

pallyy trusted by

In Capterra you can see a more trusted company rating given for


Pure Analytics with Complete & Clear Interface

What is is one of the best Instagram analytics tools, you can get a clear data structure for your social media business. Many influencers, mid-level business people, and enterprise business people also use this Software tool. If you need to track hashtag campaigns then this tool will help you a lot. You can get more data within an hour after you publish your post. 

Team Management is very good in Best Instagram analytics tools

If you working on this software then you will be able to save more time in exporting the analytics report with the most beautiful design. 

You can able to export the design in CSV, PDF, PPTX, or XLS files.

Key Features key features features
  • By using this software you will be able to see analytics report, and performance report on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Linkedin
  • User Friendly for you and other people
  • Hourly updates and more will be seen in this software

Pricing  pricing

Pricing will differ for every plan.

Silver Plan – $9 Per Month

Gold Plan – $19 Per Month

Platinum Plan – $39 Per Month

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantage about

  • Save time
  • Low and cheap price
  • Hourly updates
  • 14 days of free trials
  • Speedy Response time with Live support

Disadvantage about

  • Need to give more features
  • Exporting Information is sometimes slower

Product Updates

Basic authentication is supported

Trusted By trusted by

Trusted by good company.

11. Keyhole. co

Real-Time Social Media Reporting

What is

Keyhole. co Software is good for much reputed company to generate their reports for social media. Best Instagram analytics tools

With the help of Software, you will be able to generate reports like 

  • Branding Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Hashtag Report
  • Influencer Report

By using this software you will be able to save your time and get beautiful reporting data.

Key Features key features
  • Easy way to get an Analytics report
  • Benchmarks for competitors and give best reports to you
  • Give reports across all social media
  • You can able to get social listening and Analytics
  • You will get broad monitoring reporting
  • Influencer Tracking analytics will be done in this
  • Campaign tracking, Event tracking will be tracked by this software.

Pricing pricing

Pricing will be changed according to plans. Here have 3 plans.

They are

Standard Plan – $99 Per Month

Team Plan – $199 Per Month

Enterprise Plan – You need to contact the Company employee for a quote

Advantages & Disadvantages of

Advantages about

  • By using software, you will be able to save hours of work with zero error
  • Generate sharable report from software
  • Uncover Competitor Strategy
  • You can download your report in PDF, XLS format
  • You can download the report whenever you will need it.

Disadvantages about

  • Can have a better customization report
  • Some hashtags this software will give improper analytics data

Product Updates

  • Account tracking on Ig Moving forward to give correct data
  • Hashtag tracking on Ig moving forward

Trusted By trusted by software is trusted by many giant companies like L’OREAL, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, GOOGLE, NETFLIX, BBC NEWS, and so on.

Why to use the Best Instagram Analytics tool widely?

 You need to use Instagram analytics tools for finding your data, and looking for your audience’s age, location, and interest.

With the help of Instagram analytics, you will get more data from the best Instagram analytics tool.

By using this tool you will see the engagement ratio for your Instagram post, Instagram reels, Instagram videos, and so on.

Is there is Necessary to use Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Your Business?

Yes, you need the best Instagram analytics tools to grow your business and need to get your ROI. Without Knowing such a thing you can’t able to grow, so you need information about your Business activity by using the Best Instagram analytics tools you can handle and collect the best information about your audience.

With a collection of your Audience list, you can run a campaign or you can post images according to your audience interest and engagement ratio.

For the best, you need to use the Hashtag campaign also to get more followers to your account.

And now, it’s your turn, which analytics tool you will be ready to use, comment me below. I am interested to see guys.