7 Best AI Story Generator Tools to Write Quality Articles (2023)

Choosing the best AI story generator will help you to write better stories for people to get highly engaged in your content.

If you know?

  1. Writing Content is so tough! Before coming with AI Content Generator softwares
  2. Writing Text is so tough! Before coming AI Text Generator softwares

If you are a fiction writer, it’s so hard to get new story ideas to write it for. In this case the AI story generator tool plays a good role. Without Story generator you may face some tough situations to get new ideas for your fictional stories.

Many Fiction writers, authors, poet’s are using this tool for their own purposes to write better novels, content and so on.

We are in our modern world, using all our content with modifying Artificial Intelligence tools so far.

With the story generator tool you can start writing your story very simply with brainstorming content ideas.

In this article I’ll review the best story generator tools for story writers and also describe software pricing, features, updates, and user experience.

Let’s dive deep in,

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What are the best AI Story generator tools to be used?

I have chosen the best top rated AI Story Generator tools for writers to get brainstorming ideas easily,

They are,

  1. Jasper.ai – Best in all industry to use it
  2. Writesonic – Best for Story writers with flowing content
  3. Copy.ai – Best for write content more easily with SEO friendly
  4. Saasbook – Best to get Inspirational Ideas
  5. Rytr Get Killer Content Effortlessly
  6. ShortlyAI – Best to overcome and remove writer’s Block
  7. Writecream – Best for craft the correct story 

1. Jasper AI – Best in all industry to use

AI Story generator tools

Jasper.ai is one of the best ai story generator tools to write AI text (story) faster than human writing. Japer helps you to write at more than 10X speed compared to its previous version.

With the help of jasper tools, you are able to write stories, articles, blogs, essay’s, social media, ad copies, and more highly optimized content.

By using Jasper you will save more time and get more benefits too. User interface with jasper is very simple and easy to use by all marketers.

You know what?

Jasper.ai is the best story writer tool used by all writers in the content industry.

The content created by jasper has 100% no plagiarism content. Once you update the information you want into jasper, it will generate shareable content within a second. 

Key features

  • You can use jasper to write more new and updated story content within a second.
  • You can write every content related to whatever may be, jasper is an AI tool that will do the work automatically.
  • You can able to create better ad copy for your business needs,
  • Jasper has various templates to write more unique story content.
  • Japer supports more than 26+ languages to write good articles.
  • You can invite and collaborate with your team to write better articles.
  • Comes with the extension in google, you can use it everywhere.

User Experience

  • Within a second you can create more quality story content in any topic. With having more features and more templates every marketer likes to use jasper eficiently.
  • Japer.ai helps to build multiple templates for generating brainstorming story ideas.
  • Jasper Art feature helps to write the best story with visuals.

Pricing Plan

jasper.ai pricing
jasper.ai pricing

In jasper you will see 3 different pricing plans, they are,

  • Starter – $40 per month
  • Boss Mode – $82 per month
  • Business – Contact to get this plan with jasper

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jasper.ai

  • Jasper has integration with Grammarly, Surfer SEO to give quality content to write it.
  • To write good story content with Headline the jasper is very useful.
  • Collaborate with teams
  • You have Dedicated Account managers as per plans.
  • Pricing is more high compare to others
  • Need more supporting languages to add it on jasper.

Product Updates

  • Jasper Announces new chrome extensions
  • Jasper.ai recently announced the command template to instruct jasper about content and makes it easier to write with it.

2. WriteSonic – Best Price to Affordable by all Marketers and entrepreneurs

ai story generator tools
ai story generator tools

Writresonic is one of the best AI story generator tools for writing quality content within a short period of time.

By using Writesonic Sonic Editor you are able to create better stories for your readers.

With the help of one click you can generate more story content which helps you to create high converting copy to generate more engagement with people to read.

WriteSonic AI story generator tools helps to write better content for,

  • Writers,
  • Bloggers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • E-commerce Business and more.

By using writSonic, you will get access to use more free tools like,

  • Chatsonic – AI Chat Assistant
  • Photosonic – AI image Generator
  • Product name generators
  • Call to action generators

Also, some of the common tools which help to write better articles with high engagement.

They are,

  • Product Description generator,
  • Landing Page generators,
  • AI Art generators,
  • Text Summarizer,
  • Sentence Expander,
  • Paraphrasing tools,
  • And AI Article Writer tools.

Key features

  • You can write better brainstorming stories for your readers.
  • Using Sentence expander in writesonic you can write a story naturally.
  • You can integrate Surfer SEO to write better content with SEO.
  • You can create high ad copy for running google and facebook ads.

User Experience

Templates helps to create better content structure in WriteSonic

Writesonic helps to write quality content for making good stories.

Pricing Plan

ai story generator tools
ai story generator tools

Writesonic have 3 basic plan details, they are,

Free Trial Plan – $0 per month

Short Form Plan – $10 per month

Long Form Plan – $13 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of WriteSonic

  • Writsonic have more features to use.
  • It helps to write quality articles to rank higher on search engines.
  • If you are a non-copywriter, then you are in the correct place to choose writsonic for creating better content for your story and business needs.

Need to give permission for more than 1 user to use this tool.

3. Copy AI – Best to write content much more easier

ai story generator tools
ai story generator tools

Copy AI is one of the AI Story generator tools like ChatGPT. The Copy.AI tool is liked by new marketers because of its template.

Yes, in copy.ai there are more templates, which helps to write more content with structures. This software is often updating its latest languages to give better quality content.

With the help of this story writer tool you can write novels, product descriptions and more as per your needs and business needs.

Copy.ai has ai-powered writing assistant to write ad copy, blogpost, and product descriptions.

To start with copy.ai you need a list of writing frameworks, After listing of frameworks, copy.ai completes the outline of content.

From the outline you can fill the pieces of content with original content. There are the options for editing and revising the content, if all gets finished you can use the content for your business.

Key features

  • Copy.ai have more than 25+ languages with support
  • You will get more features in copy.ai to write better content.
  • You can create content 10x faster.
  • To check grammar errors you can use a grammar checker tool.
  • Much more importantly, the tone checker is there to make your content more appropriate to your audience.
  • In copy.ai you have sentence rephraser, which helps more with your content for your business.

User Experience

Template is one of the best features that will help users to complete quality content within a short period of time.

Creating the outline is easier to use with coy.ai.

Pricing Plan

copy.ai pricing
copy.ai pricing

In copy.ai they have 2 pricing plans, they are

Free plan – $0 per month – You can write 2000 words

Pro plan – $49 per month – You can write 40000 words

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copy.ai

  • More templates are available.
  • Easy to write new stories with brainstorming ideas.
  • Price is so far good to use.
  • No credit card required for using the free plan.
  • You will prioritize email support.
  • Need to update new features for SEO purposes.
  • Software tool is slow, so I need to improve this.

Product Updates

In copy.ai , there are more than 90+ copywriting tools available in copy.ai

You can keep up to 100 free credit from account creations, this will help to create more content ideas and contents.

To see Best Copy.ai Review

4. Saasbook – Best to get Inspirational Ideas

saasbook AI writing software

Saasbook is one of the best AI story generator tools, which helps for professional authors and enthuasiasts.

Saasbook is the Story generator, to help new ideas, writing styles, implement structured story content and make your content more engaging towards your audiences.

Did you know that?

Creating relevant content is more difficult for all writer’s to do. But with the help of saasbook story generator tools it’s very simple to write it.

Anyway if you are ready to publish your blogs or articles or write the best story the saasbook is really helpful to you.

If you think of writing a novel story like “Harry Potter” You can do it with Saasbook AI story generated tools. 

Key Features

  • With the help of Saasbook you can write both stories for novels and content for blogs.
  • You are able to write your story with a tone checker option, which is best for increasing high engagement rates.

User Experience

  • You can use story generator tools for getting unique ideas for your content.
  • You can format your sentence by using saasbook softwares.

Pricing Plan

saasbook pricing
saasbook Pricing

In saasbook, there are 3 basic plans and pricing,

They are,

Free Plan – $0 per month

Standard Plan – $32.5 per month

Premium Plan – $49.16 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Saasbook

  • Best for Writer, Individual business peoples.
  • You can configure AI with some softwares.
  • You have API credits to use for writing story content.
  • No credit card required to pay for free trial
  • You can upgrade and cancel the plans anytime, anywhere.

There are no upgraded features. Need to update.

Product Updates

Saasbook updating new features to improve high quality content for better performance.

5. Rytr – Get Killer Content Effortlessly

Rytr AI software
Rytr AI software

Rytr is also the best AI Story Generator tools, which helps you to write more story content, and other content without taking more time.

Rytr is based on a neural network which has been trained by more than 600,000 stories.

Did you know what Rytr used to be?

Rytr is the powerful AI story generated tools, which help you to generate ideas, headlines and sentences with paragraphs.

If you have any plans to write articles or blogs or stories the Rytr tool helps more. When it comes to content originality Rytr gives best with its content generation features.

Key Features

  • You can write content using different tones, like genre, style, length to generate content for users.
  • Rytr helps to write multiple versions of a story. So, it’s easy to find the best content fit for your blogs.
  • Rytr has a chrome extension which is helpful for you on writing content.
  • You can access premium communities even if you are using a free version, which is great.
  • The Rytr tool was built by a plagiarism checker. Which helps you to check if your content is unique or copy.

User Experience

  • Compared to all other software tools to write stories, the Rytr is the best one to go with. You can generate story content with Rytr and you have the option to edit it also.
  • Within a few seconds you can write high quality content.

Pricing Plan

Rytr AI software Pricing
Rytr AI software Pricing

In the Rytr software tool, you have 3 plans to buy.

They are,

Free Plan – $0 per month

Saver Plan – $9 per month

Unlimited Plan – 29 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rytr

  • You can generate more content with different languages (30+ language)
  • You can get access more than 20 tones
  • You can get access from premium community
  • Software provides dedicated account manager

Monthly prices are high with a saver plan, so I need to reduce it.

Product Updates

Rytr plans to help implement new API tools for all people using the web or app.

6. ShortlyAI – Best to overcome and remove writer’s Block

shortlyai ai software tools
shortlyai ai software tools

ShortlyAI is a best ai story generator tools which helps to write unique content for users to spend more time within it. With the help of shortlyAI, you can generate more ideas for stories and AI Book writing.

ShortlyAI helps to convert your ideas into stories, headlines, images even it will help you to write subheading also.

This software will help for all story writers, novel writers, press writers and more. Compared to all AI story generator tools, shortlyAI creates brainstorming content ideas which helps to make more engagement in reading.

Key Features

  • ShortlyAI has a powerful command, which helps you to write articles.
  • ShortlyAI generates unique content without any plagiarism.
  • In ShortlyAI you can share your content to others and ask for feedback.
  • Mostly ShortlyAI is helps to write story content, Yes. ShortlyAI is an AI software tool that will develop new plotlines, characters, heading, subheading etc.
  • With the help of this AI software tool you can write unlimited content for yourself, Because of no credit system. This is more Awesome.

User Experience

If you are a fiction or novel writer this software is really helpful to you to generate new brainstorming ideas.

Pricing Plan

ShortlyAI have two plans, which is highly affordable to purchase for all peoples,

They are,

Annual Plan – $65 per month (2 month free)

Monthly Plan – $79 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of ShortlyAI

  • At the one click you can write whole story
  • ShortlyAI is the superpower AI writing partner that minimizes time consuming and generates more story ideas.
  • ShortlyAI helps to turn around your thoughts into full fleshed story content with almost heading, sub heading and more.

Need to optimize and customize new features

Product Updates

You can refine your writing with powerful commands. You can rewrite, shorten and expand the sentences instantly. This feature is awesome to choose with ShortAI.

7. Writecream – Best for craft the correct story 

Writecream AI Software tools
Writecream AI Software tools

Writecream is a best ai story generator tools used for brainstorming story writing tool that helps you to craft the best story in the trending market.

Writecream specializes in sending cold emails and driving more conversions with its content.

This software tool is user friendly and supports all content writers and story writers.

With the help of using Linkedin Profile url, writecream helps you to create personalized messages to get users to read more content.

Key Features

  • You can able to pitch podcast with the help of writecream
  • Writecream helps easier to outreach backlinks.
  • With the help of this tool you can turn your thoughts into art within a second by using writecream.
  • Best in chat and email supports
  • You can use template for writing engaged content
  • AI copywriter’s community helps you to increase your networks.

Pricing Plan

Writecream AI Pricing
Writecream AI Pricing

Writecream has 4 plans with pricing, they are,

Free Forever Plan – $0 per month (You have 20 icebreakers, 2 long articles and 4 short articles, 4 podcast, 4 youtube voice over you can use it)

Unlimited Plan – $29 per month

Standard Plan – $49 per month

Extended Plan – $69 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of ShortlyAI

  • You can make voice over for youtube channels by using writecream.
  • Writecream helps in podcasts, which helps easily convert big articles into quality podcasts.
  • You can generate product descriptions
  • Writecream helps to generate more content ideas to write.
  • It helps to generate long form articles.
  • Within 15 minutes you can generate 1000+ articles.

Free version has less features, and needs to add more.

Product Updates

  • Writecream is the trusted AI story generator tool, helps to write quality articles with its brainstorming features.
  • You can add browser extensions in Chrome, Opera mini, Edge.
  • Mobile apps are there to use the writecream software tool.
  • More than 75+ languages you can use to write content.

What Are AI Story Generator Tools?

AI Story Generator tools are used by artificial intelligence to create new stories to enhance. By using AI story generators you can get more unique ideas to narrate it.

What Do you think about story writers?

Every story writer needs to write unique content in a long format, but how do the writers get new ideas offen?

In this case, Writecream is really more helpful to get more unique content. With the help of this you can write more long content.

Finally, by using the best and right artificial intelligence tool you can bypass writer’s block.

Some AI generators allows users to share their feedback while they are in work.

What is the best AI story generator tools?

Jasper.ai is the best AI story generator tool for all writers. Because it has less pricing plan and has more features to do with.

  1. Jasper.ai – Best in all industry to use it
  2. Writesonic – Best for Story writers with flowing content
  3. Copy.ai – Best for write content more easily with SEO friendly
  4. Saasbook – Best to get Inspirational Ideas
  5. Rytr – Get Killer Content Effortlessly
  6. ShortlyAI – Best to overcome and remove writer’s Block
  7. Writecream – Best for craft the correct story 

These are the best AI story generator software tools ever.

Benefits Of Using An AI Story Generator Tools

By using the artificial intelligence tool with neural networks you can able to create better high quality content.

By using machine learning program to write story content you will get more benefits, 

Let see.,

  • Increase quality content
  • Save more time
  • See better result
  • Write Long stories 
  • Increase ideas and creative knowledge

Increase quality content

By using Machine learning programs you can able to write quality content to get more engagement with users.

Save more time

By using neural networks with AI, you can generate more content within less time. If you need a 1000+ word story you can create it within 2 to 3 minutes. 

Yes, AI story generator tool help to do it.

See better result

By using quality content with the help of AI tools, you can see the better result for your story. Yes, AI tools help to write content with the potential to increase the engagement of content.

Write Long stories

AI software tools will help you to create long stories within less period of time. 

You know what?

Long stories will increase more engagement compared to short stories. To write long content stories, blogs the content generator tools help more.

Increase ideas and creative knowledge

By using AI software tool, it will help you to increase better ideas and it also increases your knowledge to the expert level.

To Whom AI Story Generator Tools Needs?

AI story generators are widely used by 

  • New writers,
  • Fiction writers
  • Author ready to create long format stories,
  • Marketing freelancers,
  • Marketing agencies,
  • Screenplay authors,
  • SEO bloggers and so on.

New writers

If you are a new author, without any knowledge about how to write story content, This ai story generator tool is really helpful for them.

Fiction Writers

If writer interested in fiction stories, they need more unique ideas, so to get more unique ideas about fictional story the AI neural software tool help more.

Author ready to create long format stories

To create long forms of content the AI software tool is used. Because if we need long content we need more content ideas. To get this with high quality the AI tool is really more helpful to use it.

Marketing freelancers

AI story generator tools help freelancers in marketing. Because they need to write blogs, case studies and more. By using this AI tool, you can write more case studies.

Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies need AI tools for writing better Ad copies, product description, human writing style of content to get hook for their ecommerce business.

Screenplay authors

To write stories with scripts, and to get more ideas the AI tool is much more important.

SEO bloggers 

AI Story generators tools are really more helpful for creating unique content for writing blogs, and also using NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Many bloggers are using this software tool to generate more money.


Finally you have got a bunch of details about the usages and best AI story generators now, right. 

Did you use the AI Story Generator tool before?

If yes.

What type of AI story generator tool did you use?

Let Me know in comment below/

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