7 Best AI Text Generator Tools to Write Quality Articles (2023)

Choosing the best AI content generator is crucial to find it out. Yes, you are correct. But in this blog you will get a detailed understanding about the best AI Generator tool for your business usages.

Do you know why AI generated tools are used? 

To write high quality with high engagement for the audience the AI content is to be used. Best AI tools are helpful to write articles, blogs in the same way as human writings. It’s interesting right?

Did you check the speed of writing?

Yes, Obiviously every marketing person checks at begining who writes content at more speed, the result is AI tool beats the humans in writing articles.

Mostly If a human writes an article, he is able to write 60 words in 1 minute, But the best content AI text Generator tools write more than 250 to 300 words per minute.

Then you have to say? Who is faster?

Yes. You are right. AI text generators are the best to write quality and high engaging content for marketers and business people.

Here, the Business Software Hub team reviewed more than 37+ AI content generator tools. Let’s dive deeply to get more info.

To know about AI Marketing

What are the best AI Text generator tools to be used?

 AI Text Generator Tools
AI Text Generator Tools

There are more AI text generator tools available on the internet, but you need to choose the best tools for your business to make content very effectively.

7 Best AI Generator tools are,

  1. Jasper AI – Best in all industry to use
  2. Frase.io – Best to write content for blogging peoples
  3. Hypotenuse AI – Best to write content for all topics with short to long
  4. Writesonic – Best Price to Affordable by all Marketers and entrepreneurs
  5. Copy AI – Best to write content much more easier
  6. Scale Nut – Best for Optimized content
  7. Copysmith – Best to write ad copies for facebook, google, bing.,

1. Jasper AI – Best in all industry to use

jasper ai
jasper ai

Jasper is one of the best software tools to write AI text faster than human writing. Japer helps you to write at more than 10X speed compared to its previous version.

With the help of jasper tools, you are able to write articles, blogs, essay’s, social media, ad copies, and more highly optimized content.

By using Jasper you will save more time and get more benefits too. User interface with jasper is very simple and easy to use by all marketers.

You know what?

The content created by jasper has 100% no plagiarism content. Once you update the information you want into jasper, it will generate shareable content within a second. 

Key features

  • You can use jasper to write more new and updated content within a second.
  • You can write every content related to whatever may be, jasper is an AI tool that will do the work automatically.
  • You can able to create better ad copy for your business needs,
  • Jasper has various templates to write more unique content.
  • Japer supports more than 26+ languages to write good articles.
  • You can invite and collaborate with your team to write better articles.
  • Comes with the extension in google, you can use it everywhere.

User Experience

Within a second you can create more quality content in any topic. With having more features and more templates every marketer likes to use jasper eficiently.

Pricing Plan

jasper prcing
jasper prcing

In jasper you will see 3 different pricing plans, they are,

  • Starter – $40 per month
  • Boss Mode – $82 per month
  • Business – Contact to get this plan with jasper

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jasper.ai

  • Jasper has integration with Grammarly, Surfer SEO to give quality content to write it.
  • To write good content with Headline the jasper is very useful.
  • Collaborate with teams
  • You have Dedicated Account managers as per plans.
  • Pricing is more high compare to others
  • Need more supporting languages to add it on jasper.

Product Updates

Jasper Announces new chrome extensions

2. Frase.io – Best to write content for blogging peoples


Frase.io is the best AI text generator tools ,which helps to write better quality articles for every person. Did you know?

Good content will always perform well in search engines. To bring your content into google first page then you need to have quality and better SEO optimized content. Frase helps to do it.

Frase has a unique feature to write articles apart from other content generator tools not using. Yes,

Instead of analyzing all entire pages in the search result, Frase is a tool that helps to target only top ranking pages, and create better content to beat your competitor and outrank well on search result pages.

Frase will automatically detect the phrase and write content to rank on search engines.

Frase is a tool that helps to identify keywords difficulty, search volume, competition levels and CTR rate (Click through rate).

If you choose the better search volume keywords then start making articles with the help of Frase.

Key features

  • You can write high quality content with record time in Frase.
  • Frase helps to target new keywords which have high search volume.
  • Real time recommendation feature is there in Frase, which helps to optimize content to write SEO friendly.
  • You can also figure out your content in search engines.
  • You can create Plagiarism free content
  • Frase helps to write content for articles and blogs with the word count more than 5000.

User Experience

  • Frase not write content with keyword stuffing.
  • Good learning resources
  • Best in customer support to use the Frase AI Text generated tool.

Pricing Plan

Frase.io Pricing
Frase.io Pricing

Pricing plan in Frase depends on character usage per month. Frase has 3 pricing plans.

They are,

Solo Plan – 14.99 per month

Basic Plan – $44.99 per month

Team Plan – $114.99 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frase.io

  • With AI tools like Frase, you can write quality content.
  • Frase has more templates to customize the content for articles, blogs and so on.
  • Frase helps to write content with SEO optimized.
  • By using SERP tools you can optimize ranking positions in google.

Frase have more features, it takes more time to figure out the features to use.

To see best review for Frase.io

Product Updates

Frase has more updates to write quality content like sentence rewriter, value proposition, slogan generator and more.

3. Hypotenuse AI – Best to write content for all topics with short to long

hypotenuse ai

Hypotenuse.ai writing tools help to write better content to solve the users intent. Hypotenuse AI text generator tools write articles like human readable and focus on search engines to rank well.

There are more features available in hypotenuse.

Without using writer’s block, you can write high quality content within a second. If you provide a few keywords to write better content, Hypotenuse will instantly provide full length articles.

Hypotenuse is useful for,

  • Blog writers,
  • Ecommerce companies,
  • SEO marketer,
  • Paid social media marketer.,

Hypotenuse AI writers have more products to use, like AI article writer, AI research tool, AI image generation, Bulk description, Paraphrasing tool, Email generators etc.

 Key features

  • You can write content with no errors with grammer.
  • You can write unique content without any plagiarism.
  • Frase has multiple language support used to write content.
  • To watermark for free you can use image generator tools which are more helpful for bloggers and e-commerce businesses .

User Experience

  • Easy to write articles and blog for longer content.
  • Features is really simple to use
  • A text generator is really helpful to write structured content in a unique way.

Pricing Plan

hypotenuse pricing
hypotenuse pricing

Hypotenuse.ai has 3 common pricing plans to write content with easier,

Let see, what are they,

Starter Plan – $24/ per month

Growth Plan – $49/ per month

Enterprise Plan – Need to get access from support team

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hypotenuse.ai

  • Supporting languages are more than 25+ 
  • Credits roll over month over month
  • Support teams help via email and chat

Need to increase more users to use the software tool.

Product updates

You can use an image generator to get without watermark.

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4. WriteSonic – Best Price to Affordable by all Marketers and entrepreneurs


Writresonic is one of the best AI text generator tools for writing quality content within a short period of time.

With the help of one click you can generate more content which helps you to create high converting copy to generate more engagement with people to read.

WriteSonic AI generator tools helps to write better content for,

  • Writers,
  • Bloggers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • E-commerce Business and more.

You can also use writSonic tool to used for sending

  • Sales copy,
  • Emails,
  • Reports,
  • Essay and more.

By using writSonic, you will get access to use more free tools like,

  • Chatsonic – AI Chat Assistant
  • Photosonic – AI image Generator
  • Product name generators
  • Call to action generators

Also, some of the common tools which helps to write better articles with high engaging.

They are,

  • Product Description generator,
  • Landing Page generators,
  • AI Art generators,
  • Text Summarizer,
  • Sentence Expander,
  • Paraphrasing tools,
  • And AI Article Writer tools.

Key features

  • You can write better brainstorming product descriptions for your ecommerce business.
  • Writesonic helps to increase more sales and conversion rates.
  • You can integrate Surfer SEO to write better content with SEO.
  • You can create high ad copy for running google and facebook ads.

 User Experience

Templates helps to create better content structure in WriteSonic

Pricing Plan

Writesonic Pricing
Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic have 3 basic plan details, they are,

Free Trial Plan – $0 per month

Short Form Plan – $10 per month

Long Form Plan – $13 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of WriteSonic

  • Writsonic have more features to use.
  • It helps to write quality articles to rank higher on search engines.

Need to give permission for more than 1 user to use this tool.

Product Updates

  • Compared to other AI text generators, Writesonic is still growing  in the internet market because of giving better results.
  • Compare to ChatGPT, Writesonic improves 4x faster superpower

5. Copy AI – Best to write content much more easier


Copy.ai is one of the AI text generator tools like ChatGPT. The Copy.AI tool is liked by new marketers because of its template.

Yes, in copy.ai there are more templates, which helps to write more content with structures. This software is often updating its latest languages to give better quality content.

Copy.ai has ai-powered writing assistant to write ad copy, blogpost, and product descriptions.

To start with copy.ai you need a list of writing frameworks, After listing of frameworks, copy.ai completes the outline of content.

From the outline you can fill the pieces of content with original content. There are the options for editing and revising the content, if all gets finished you can use the content for your business.

Key features

  • Copy.ai have more than 25+ languages with support
  • You will get more features in copy.ai to write better content.
  • You can create content 10x faster.
  • To check grammar errors you can use a grammar checker tool.
  • Much more importantly, the tone checker is there to make your content more appropriate to your audience.
  • In copy.ai you have sentence rephraser, which helps more with your content for your business.

User Experience

Template is one of the best features that will help users to complete quality content within a short period of time.

Pricing Plan

Copy.ai Pricing
Copy.ai Pricing

In copy.ai they have 2 pricing plans, they are

Free plan – $0 per month

Pro plan – $49 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copy.ai

  • More templates are available.
  • Price is so far good to use.
  • No credit card required for using the free plan.
  • You will prioritize email support.
  • Need to update new features for SEO purposes.
  • Software tool is slow, so I need to improve this.

Product Updates

In copy.ai , there are more than 90+ copywriting tools available in copy.ai

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6. ScaleNut – Best for Optimized content


Scalenut is one of the best AI text generator tools, which helps to write content  briefly (most powerful AI technology). With the one click button, you will be able to write high quality content.

With the help of cruise model features, you are able to write long articles within less time. Scalenut has many templates, which will help you to create content so easily. This AI text generator tool helps you to find best content ideas and generate content more frequently. Scalenut is trusted by more than 200 business people across 10 more countries. ScaleNut is used for ,

  • Content strategies tom write,
  • Used for content creators,
  • Agencies to write blogs, articles., etc 

Key features

  • Scalenut helps to focus on SEO friendly, to ensure your content to rank well on google and other search engines.
  • It helps to create copies to improve conversion rates.
  • You can research content with competitors and be able to write better content.
  • You can get assistance from industry experts, professional to write the content
  • Scalenut have extensions which added in chrome helps to create content and embed with google doc for future references.

User Experience

  • Best templates give better results in content. 
  • Easy to write content, with the help of more templates.
  • Scalenut helps to optimize your content with SEO friendly.

Pricing Plan

Scalenut Pricing
Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut pricing have more than 3 categories, they are,

Individual Plan – $17/per month

Growth Plan – $47/per month

Pro Plan –  $89/per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scalenut

  • Compared to all software too, scalenut helps to write quality content.
  • Within less time you can write brief content using templates.
  • You can add users to help with creating content based on plans.
  • You have dedicated customer support with scalability.

Need to reduce the price, because it’s so high.

Product Updates

Updating this software with more templates and customizations.

7. Copysmith – Best to write ad copies for facebook, google, bing

Copysmith.ai is another AI text generator tools, which helps you to write high convertible sales copies, ad copies and more.

When you create campaigns in the ecommerce industry it will take a bunch of time to finalize brainstorming ideas for content. 

But, by using copysmith, you can create brainstorming ideas within 5 to 10 minutes. Copysmith text generator tools helps for,

  • Agencies,
  • Ecommerce owners,
  • Enterprise teams write best content for their ad copies.

Key features

  • You can manage 10 to 10,000 SKUs
  • Bulk content creations will be create with using copysmith tool
  • You can also check A/B Testing to see which content performs well and others don’t.
  • Copysmith help’s to clear path of purchases
  • You can use chrome extensions for writing content.
  • With copysmith you can access more than 100+ languages.
  • With Copysmith you can integrate with some best platforms like google ads, frase, woocommerce, to give better results and easy access.

Pricing Plan

Copysmith Pricing
Copysmith Pricing

In copysmith, you will able to get access with 3 different pricing plans, 

They are,

Starter Plan – $19/per month

Professional Plan – $59/per month

Enterprise Plan – Contact with support team

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copysmith

  • You will use credit according to plan you purchase
  • Integration helps you to get easy work.
  • You can get an account manager in an enterprise plan.
  • More sales copy templates is available in copysmith
  • No account manager access with basic plans.
  • Credit is low in basic plans.

Product Updates

More integrations and more features will be added in future

What Are AI Text Generator Tools? Why is it Needed?

AI text generator tool is one of the best software using Artificial intelligence to write content automatically without the help of humans. But to run the process humans needed.

If you know?

Openai releases ChatGPT, which is an AI tool which generates more content like human reading. Within 5 days million users used this AI software tool. How amazing.

To compare the copysmith with ChatCPT, the copysmith will be able to write content with high quality.

Key Features Of AI Text Generator Software tool

There are more features needs to be included by using AI,

They are,

  1. Custom templates and frameworks
  2. AI Assistant
  3. Keyword Research with Optimization
  4. Readability and Engagement
  5. SEO optimized
  6. Content Editing
  7. Option with NLP Content
  8. Voice Selection and Customization

Custom templates and frameworks

All AI generated tools have mostly inbuilt templates and frameworks, which helps to easily create better high quality content for campaigns.

Some of the best usage template with campaigns are,

  • To write sales copy,
  • To write ads copy,
  • Templates helps in google ads,
  • Templates help in facebook ads.

AI Assistant

AI is an Artificial intelligence that helps to write content automatically within 5 minutes. By using this you can easily eliminate writer blocks.

Keyword Research Optimization

AI generator tool helps to find best keyword research in your industry. Which means AI tools will generate high quality content with some optimizations.

Readability and Engagement

AI software helps to write content with the most readability and most engagement. Because Users once read your content they need to understand what you are planning to say. In this sense, AI will help more with your content.

SEO Optimized

AI is now upgrading all the features, in this you need to add SEO also. Because some of the AI text generator software tools, helps to write content with SEO Optimized. AI writes content with keyword research, which will help you to rank higher in google SERP position.

Content Editing

You can edit content online with the help of AI software tools to give the best brainstorm content for users.

Option with NLP Content

By using NLP (Natural language Processing) you can make content unique with human readability. 

Voice Selection and Customization

Voice search is another feature you can adjust the tone to generate content in various types. You can use more voice tone to write brainstorming content.

Which is the best AI content or Outsourcing Content?

If you are using E-commerce sales copy, ads copy you can go with AI content, Because AI software will create the best brainstorming content for sales and conversions. If you use AI content with templates to run ads you can generate more traffic.


If you plan to run ads use AI content.

Similarly, If you are trying to make your blog or website rank in google in an organic way using SEO, you need to write content on your own, after researching best content ideas with an AI text generator you write manually.


There are more benefits using best AI text generators. If you need high quality content with the best brainstorming ideas, AI software is really more helpful to use.

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