Jasper AI vs Writesonic : Who is Best Winner?

I know you are all familiar with AI writing software which is most and widely used for all business purposes. They are built with GPT 3 and OpenAI.

There are enormous amounts of tools available in the marketplace but how could you choose the best content writing software? This question is widely asked by many content writers and business owners.

Content writing software tools helps you to reduce time to write content manually, in this case the jasper and writsonic supports well for every user.

Okay, Lets see the difference between both jasper ai and writesonic.

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What is Jasper AI?

Jasper.ai vs writesonic

Jasper.ai is one of the best Artificial Intelligence software tools, helps you to create 100% unique content. Compared to other AI tools, Jasper AI is 10x Faster to write great content.

Jasper.ai helps you to save more time and generate more efficient quality content for your business.

Jasper.ai helps to write brainstorming content for Agencies, Freelancers, Professional Writers, Entrepreneurs, small business, large business and more business.

You are also able to generate content automatically with the help of jasper.ai special features.

Jasper AI helps you to write,

  • Product descriptions,
  • Articles, 
  • Sales copy,
  • Blogs,
  • Long form content,
  • Short form content,
  • Create content for landing pages, and more.

Jasper.ai helps to write SEO friendly content with more optimization. This also helps to create no plagiarism content which will be more helpful for content writers.

Jasper AI helps content to enhance with better ways to improve its quality better than competitor content available in search engines.

Jasper AI software tools have broken the language barrier. Yes, Jasper has more than 25+ languages to generate content for all kinds of people. It’s really a cool feature, that everyone can use this jasper AI to generate content in their own language.

Jasper AI has the best interface which will help all users to use this software tool without any disturbances. 

You can use all features within the same dashboards. You no need to switch multiple applications in multiple tabs or windows.

Wow. It’s a great feature for users to use it.

What is Writesonic?

Jasper ai vs Writesonic

Writesonic is also one of the best AI writing software that helps to all ecommerce owners to write ad copies and bloggers to write articles.

To rank your content higher on google you can integrate Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO really helps to write good semantic keywords on your blogs.

You can also integrate Semrush software tool with browser extension, plagiarism checker and zapier integrations.

With the help of writsonic tool you can use free tools like,

Chatsonic – Helps to chat

Photosonic Generator – You can generate images

Product name generator

Call to action generator.

In Writesonic there are more features available, Yes In writesonic software there are 70+ AI templates, 25+ languages, Landing page generators and also have more other features like,

  • Sonic Editors
  • Bulk processing,
  • Custom Branding,
  • AI article writers.

Jasper AI vs Writsonic? How does this 2 software works?

Both Writesonic and Jasper AI work with one click options. Yes, If you choose certain keywords on their search bar and click to generate. Now See, you can get the unique brainstorming content within 5 minutes.

But, you can see some different features and options when writesonic, Jasper AI works to generate content. (Algorithm will be change)

Let see,

How Jasper AI Works

Compared to Writesonic, Jasper AI also has more features and functionalities. I think you already know about Jasper? Right. It will be 10X faster than human writing and other software tools.

With using Jasper AI you will do more functions,


  • Content Writing,
  • SEO optimizations,
  • Quality & unique articles, 
  • Blog Post,
  • Ad copy,
  • Essay,
  • Templates and more stuff.

Before Writing content with Jasper AI you need to feed keywords to start. It’s so easy right.

Just adding keywords into Jasper AI dashboard.

Now, Start to click Generate options to create your own unique content, Now see. Within lesser time Jasper AI is able to generate more content. ( It’s Unbelievable right).

Yes, Creating content is super easy with the help of Jasper AI. 

Compared to Writesonic, Jasper took less time to complete the content with optimizations with Quick.

How Writesonic Works

By using Writesonic software you will increase your ranking factors on all search engines. Writesonic is typically a SEO ecosystem highly modified to help content to get rank well to index in the top ranking page of your websites. 

Before generating content, Writesonic checks twice on top ranking pages in search engines and analyzes the competitor content and creates its own unique content to beat competitors in ranking.

After Creating content with Writesonic, the AI tool will ask permission to upload the content live. Once you verify the content and change the keywords, and more stuff you can upload it on your website or others websites.

Before uploading content on a website, check the scores of your content if it is more than a good percentage you can ready to post.

Best Comparison about Jasper AI vs Writesonic

Key FeaturesJasper AIWritesonic
Overall Software rating4.8/54.7/5
Trial VersionFreeFree
Ease of use9.2/109.5/10
Ease of Admin9.3/109.4/10
Quality of support9.3/109.1/10
Grammar Check8.7/108.8/10
Writing Tone Check9.1/109.4/10
Sentence Formatting9.0/109.1/10
Voice Cloning Features8.5/108.9/10
Supporting Languages8/10
Plagiarism Checker 8.8/108.9/10
Recommendation Idea Features9.1/109.2/10
Best Content Generations9.2/109.2/10
Form Feature Generation9/10
Text to image generator7.4/10
Small Business usage 9.4/109.5/10
Medium Business usage8/108.4/10
Enterprise Business usage9.1/109.2/10

Overall Industry usage in Jasper AI and Writesonic

Industry TypeJasper AIWritesonic
Marketing Agency30% usage23% usage
Advertising Agency35% usage33% usage
Health and Fitness business7% usage6.9% usage
IT business3% usage4% usage
Training & Coaching Business2% usage3% usage
Other Business23% usage30.1% usage
Business Percentages100% usage100% usage

Jasper AI vs Writesonic: Which is Best?

Both writsonic and jasper.ai are good tools to optimize your content to rank on SERP (Search engine ranking page).

Anyway, which is best for you?

Most People say writesonic is best to use for content optimizations. Yes, Absolutely they are right. Writesonic helps to maximize optimizations and provides better insights and reports compared to jasper AI.

Even if any Google algorithm changes, Writesonic supports to give better results for their client or users website.

Writesonic helps to research keywords and content automatically, which will reduce your time to write brainstorming content.

Writesonic helps to create marvelous content outlines and SEO optimization keywords, which will help you to bring your keywords into top pages on google.

Final thought about two AI tools,

If you do not have a better content writer or to create brainstorming ad copies in your company, you can choose Jasper AI. Jasper AI gives better content with lesser time.

Yes, Jasper AI gives its own metrics which is a phenomenon to use for content generations.

If you need to rank well on search engines by using such important features like Content optimization, Title, Create marvelous outlines then you have to choose Writesonic.

Yes, Writesonic offers NLP optimized content with integrated Copyscape into the Writesonic dashboard. 

Which helps you to get non plagiarism content quickly.

If you are starting to use both 2 AI tools, you can do it. Check which tool is better for your website or in business. Because Tools will work well based on business needs.

Jasper AI vs Writesonic : Pricing Plan

jasper.ai pricing

Here we have collected the pricing plan for both Writesonic and jasper ai software tools,

Jasper AI pricing

In Jasper AI you can use it for a 5 day trial, with 10k Credits.

Jasper AI has 3 pricing plans,

They are,

  • Starter Plan – $29 Per Month
  • Boss Mode Plan – $59 Per Month
  • Business Plan – Custom Pricing in this plan ( $499 Per Month)

In a custom pricing plan, you can handle more than 5 users with more custom AI templates and admin workspace features.

You will also have a dedicated account manager for this plan.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic Price

There are 3 pricing plans in writesonic, they are

Free trial – $0 Per Month

Long Form  – $12.67 Per Month

Custom Plan – Contact Sales team

Jasper AI vs Writesonic : Pros and Cons

Every software tool has its own features with more benefits.

Let see what are they,

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

AI Writing SoftwareProsCons
Jasper AI Write content with 10X FasterIn some time Jasper AI repeat same content
You can write 100% unique content
Have Chrome Extensions
You can write better SEO friendly content
Jasper AI supports 25+ languages

Writersonic Pros and Cons

AI Writing SoftwareProsCons
Writesonic Writesonic helps for writersNeed more customizations
Writesonic helps for Ecommerce business
More enhancing features
Cost Effective with Quality

Wrap up

Finally both two AI software tools perform well in their own category. In my opinion you can use both software tools once and check manually with your business.

In my case Writesonic will give the best content outline, but jasper ai helps you to generate SEO optimized content.

Both two software tools generate high quality content quickly to help to achieve certain goals.

From my point of view,

Frase.io Provides in-depth content analysis and keyword metrics.

Jasper helps to provide better content optimization and easy to use its interface with more automations.

If you are interested to read AI text Generator, AI story generator you can read it.

FAQ : About Jasper AI and Writesonic

Which is better: Writesonic or Jasper?

Both software tool is best for writing articles, but when it comes to comparison you can prefer Writesonic software.

Which AI writing tool is best?

There are more AI writing tools available on the marketplace, but only 7 AI writing tools helps to generate more appropriate content for your business, they are,


  1. Jasper AI,
  2. Rytr,
  3. Anyword,
  4. Scalenut,
  5. Simplified, 
  6. Peppertype.ai
  7. Frase.io

Is Jasper AI good for academic writing?

Yes Jasper AI is good for academic writing but after generating content with Jasper AI you need to verify content once.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Jasper AI costs $49 Per month.

What is the best AI bot for writing?

Jasper AI, Writesonic are the best AI bot for Writing content for essay, poem, blogs, Ecommerce sales copies., etc

Are AI writing tools good?

Yes, Of Course AI writing tools are good for all types of business mostly in the content marketing business.

What is the cheapest AI writer?

Rytr and Article forge are the cheapest AI writer software.

Which is a new and Emerging AI writing software?

ChatGPT is the new and emerging AI writing software.