What is Credit Card Debt Consolidation? Best 7 Company’s

What is Credit Card Debt Consolidation?

Credit Card debt consolidation is one of the easiest ways to reduce your monthly payment. Yes this is the most important thing that all people use.

Credit card consolidation help’s your debts in a very simple way.

Let say some eg,

If you have several loans, debts, bills you need to pay interest and capital on every month right. Right.

Hmm. Yes you need to pay heavy interest by getting a lot of debt from your side. 

Did you think about how to reduce these debts?

If you do not, then this blog will help you to reduce the debt amount that you pay now.

Let’s start.

If you are in debts on all other platforms like loans, bills, how did you pay month over month. The interest rate is so huge to pay it. In this sense Credit card debt consolidation is much more helpful.

By using credit card consolidation, you can pay all your debts within less time. Yes, By getting approval from lenders or banks for credit card consolidation you are able to pay all your debts and you get a chance to pay only for your credit card debt.

This way is good to reduce Interest rates and your debts wisely.

NOTE: If you have multiple credit cards, then consolidation is the only way to reduce your debts and pay a lower amount.

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Get Prepare Before taking out Credit card Debt Consolidation

Credit card debt consolidation loan
Credit card debt consolidation loan

If you are planning to take a credit card consolidation loan, then you have to prepare for a certain process. Let’s see one by one.

  • Get support from expertise credit counselor
  • Think about why you are in debt stage now
  • Plan and make the budget
  • Reach out best creditors for better features

Get support from expertise credit counselor

Before applying credit card debt consolidation, get support from senior expertise about consolidation. Because If you are new to applying for this type of loan you need to get some better ideas and also avoid issues in the future.

It’s better to go with Credit counseling organizations, they are usually NPO (Non-Profit Organizations). They are experts in budgeting, debt management, and credit.

Think about why you are in debt stage now

Before applying credit card consolidation, you have to think about why you are in this stage? For getting a loan for credit card consolidation?

You have to think!

You know what?

If you spend more than you earn then you probably increase your debts. By increasing debts you are in this position to apply for credit card consolidation loans.

Look, By taking credit card debt consolidation helps you to reduce your interest rate to repayment, but it;s not the one to completely finish your debts.

Yes, you also repay the credit consolidation loan every month.  But how it will be completely finished. There is only one thing to do, You have to minimize the spending expenses or you need to Increase your monthly income. 

By following this you will completely resolve the debt issue in your life.

Try it read : Business Line of Credit

Plan and make the budget

Keep in mind, after getting approval from lenders for credit card loans, you will pay the debts. And also you need to pay repayment for debt consolidation, So preplan your budget to pay it.

Reach out best creditors for better features

Creditors and consolidation loans will vary from company to company. To get a better credit card loan you have to try to reach out to find the best creditors. 

Because some creditors will accept a minimum payment monthly, reducing interest rates.

Top 7 Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan Providing Companies

Best Credit Card Consolidating Company
Best Credit Card Consolidating Company

There are many companies providing credit card loans for required people. Let’s see what companies provide better consolidation loans.

  1. Best Egg – Best Secured Loans in all places
  2. Upstart – No Minimum Credit Scores available
  3. OneMain Financial – You will get debt consolidation loans even you have bad credit scores
  4. SoFi – Best Loan provider for all people
  5. Upgrade – Normal credit users can apply it
  6. Credible – Best for all compare to other lenders
  7. LightStream – Big Loan amount up to $100K

What are the ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

There are some ways to consolidate credit card debts by using,

  • Balance transfer amount,
  • Home Equity Loan,
  • Debt management plans,
  • Personal Loan. 

These are some ways to pay off debt for people. 

Why do you consolidate credit card debts?

To save money from higher interest rates of debts, and to finish it off earlier your debts and also repay the amount single options. For this consolidation credit card debts are very useful.

Balance transfer Card (Via Credit Card)

It offers 0% APR by using credit card transfer with one another. Using balance transfer cards helps you to pay more than 18 months, with no interest fee. Which are obviously fantastic features. 

By transferring a balance credit card you can save more than 100 dollars. It will help you to complete your debts much sooner.


  • Balance transfer cards do not charge any amount of fee.
  • If you purchase any items you only have 0% APR and also some cards are offered.


Balance transfer cards charge 3% to 5% for each transfer you make.

Home Equity Loan

To consolidate credit card debt, Home equity loan is much more helpful to complete it. This option will be there in FICO even if you have average credit scores.

By using a Home equity loan your home is secured and even has low risk for that. Even by using home equity you are also able to get low interest rates.

Using low interest rates helps you to finish your debt as much faster but also it’s a high risk chance to get home equity(Collateral).

Because, if you do not pay the monthly bill properly, your home is left in your hand, lenders have a chance to seize your home.

Lenders also see your equity before applying for a loan. Some lenders allow 80% of the loan and balance you have to prepare it to go with.


  • By Applying home loan you will consume low interest rates.
  • Terms and repayment will be long


There was a chance to foreclose your home if you failed to repay the loan amount.

Debt management plans

By using debt management plans, the credit counseling agency helps you to get loan amounts.


Save money with interest

Not required credit scores


If you are using this pan, you need to pay the amount correctly.

Personal Loan

Personal loan is also a great choice to go with. If your credit card has a good score then you may have a high chance to get a loan with minimum interest rates.

Try to get approval from Balance transfer credit card, if you are not approved then choose a personal loan. 


Personal loans have the best repayment structure.


There is no guarantee for getting low rates

Types of Consolidation Loans 

To get a better consolidation loan to pay your debts, you can choose any one of these.

They are,

  • Debt Consolidation Loan,
  • Credit Card Balance Transfer,
  • Home Equity Loans,

Best Credit Card Transfer for Consolidation 

Transferring a credit card is a better way to pay your debt easily. 

Let’s see what are they,

  • Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Credit Card
  • Citi Diamond Prefered Card
  • Bank of America reward credit cards
  • Wells Fargo Reflect Cards
  • Citi Double Cash Cards


By using credit card consolidation loans, you can have a better chance to complete your other debts within a short period of time.

Before getting your credit card loan, keep it mind you need to do deep research before applying for credit card loans.

FAQ – About Best Credit Card Debt Consolidation

What is the best company to consolidate your credit cards?

BestEgg, SoFi, Credible are the best companies to consolidate your credit cards.

Can I Keep my credit cards if I consolidate my debt?

Yes, depending on your situation you can keep it. 

Is Debt Consolidation worth it?

Yes, Debt consolidation is worth going with. By using Debt consolidation your interest rate will be low, making it easy to pay your debt earlier. 

Are there other options for consolidating credit cards?

Yes, Balance transfer credit cards are one of the best options for consolidation of credit cards.

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