Review – Overview is a software tool which widely used in the United States and all over the country to manage their social media activities in a single dashboard. This software is fully automatic and works well on Instagram & Tiktok to get more followers for your business.

Do you know why this social analytics software tool is used widely in social media? Because this tool is fully focused and customized for 2 different social media accounts (IG & Tiktok). is fully A.I generated software that helps you to check your whole analytics data in front of one single inbox. is a Saas Product.

This software is structurally designed for Instagram, and Tiktok to get analytics data from these 2 social media accounts and use their strategy to get more success in your Business.

With the help of this tool, you will probably make more money with IG & Tiktok. This SAAS tool is used in 3 different platforms for business.

They are,

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Enterprise Business

This software is user-friendly and used for many niche-related businesses, mostly Influencers use this tool for doing influencer marketing. Saas digital software was launched on 2019 in Singapore and Jakarta and also empowers their business in more than 57 countries. software is used by various different organizations, influencers, small to medium business people, market agencies, education purposes, NGOs, eCommerce businesses, entrepreneurs, and also used by freelancers.

To Whom is suitable for? Suitable for Tiktok Analytics is used for all industrial businesses because every industry needs a lead for its business to function. So in this modern world, you have to move to digital aspects, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, Linkedin, and some other social media platforms.


You can use software for the fashion design industry, Beauty industry, Personal care Industry, media, finance, technology, etc.

 This software tool is used by Pricing have different pricing plan according to their features and activities. For the monthly plans, they have 4 different categories, mostly plus plan is used by all industrial people.

Analisa Monthly Pricing

Monthly Price for Software Tool

Basic Plan – Free

Premium Plan – $69 Per Month

Plus Plan – $149 Per Month

Pro Plan – $239 Per Month Yearly Pricing

Yearly Price for Software Tool

Basic Plan – Free

Premium Plan – $59 Per Month

Plus Plan – $109 Per Month

Pro Plan – $199 Per Month Plans Details

Basic Plan 

  • You can use profile and analytics data with a daily limit
  • Free of cost for this plan
  • You can see recent post activities in this software on Instagram
  • No hashtags you will be researching for this software tool for Instagram
  • You can see basic overall performance from this plan, which gives a low amount of information for your social management account
  • Profile Analytics widgets will be used in basic plans

Premium Plan

  • In Premium Plan you will get access for $69 per month
  • You can able to see profile and hashtags analytics in the same dashboard of this software tool
  • Per Profile, on Instagram, you can able to upload up to 5000 posts
  • Hashtags will be analyzed from 1000 posts on Instagram
  • In TikTok, you will analyze recent posts with this plan
  • You can export all Instagram & TikTok analytics files as PDF files
  • In Instagram you will be analyzed engagement activity, type of post published, posting activities, and see location targeted heatmaps.
  • The best feature of this tool is you will see the best time to post on the Instagram platform
  • You will analyze the performance of insight performance, engage performance, best analytics post, and so on.

Plus Plan

  • This plan is the most popular plan purchased by many influencers, business people, and more.
  • In the plus plan, you will be paid $149 per month, and if you need per year then you will be paid $109.55 
  • You will be able to see unlimited analytics activities on both Instagram and Tiktok
  • In this plan, you will adjust and be able to see the historical analytics details on IG and Tiktok
  • Per Profile, you can post up to 5000 posts in this plan
  • In this plan, you can post the same amount of 5000 posts per profile on TikTok
  • You can export files for analytics in different formats such as PDF, PNG, CSV
  • Dedicated support is given for both Instagram and Tiktok
  • You can see your follower’s demographic such as age, gender, and country in the analytics dashboard on both Instagram and TikTok.
  • You can analyze profile & hashtag activity analyze and you will see profile & hashtag performance analysis in the same dashboard.

Pro Plan

From this plan, you have more flexibility to use and get a high volume of engagement rates.

  • Profile & Hashtag Analytics
  • Export Report
  • Profile & Hashtag Activity Analysis
  • Profile & Hashtag Performance Analysis

All these features you will be able to see detailly in the software. Features

One of the best features available in this software tool,

They are

  • Campaign Reporting
  • Follower Demographics & Authenticity
  • Content Engagement
  • Historical Data Analytics
  • Tagged Relationship & Influencer Mapping
  • Competitive Analysis

Campaign Reporting Campaign reporting

For all levels of marketing, peoples need a report to see their workflow on their business traffic. To check the traffic from the source of Instagram and Tiktok. This software will help you to give an exact report with a performance matrix.

You will save more time by just downloading the report in PDF, and CSV files, and then customizing it as per your choice.

Follower Demographics & Authenticity Demograpical report

By using this function you will be able to find your follower’s age, place, interest, and location in the profile on Instagram, and you can use it for your business purposes. With the help of authenticity, you will reduce fraud and improve the quality standard for your business.

Content Engagement

With the help of this tool, you can create better content and you can able make better performance with the help of analytics data provided by this tool.

Content is the king in all the business, if the content is perfect you will increase traffic organically and you can make a good amount of income too. Unless your content is not strong then you will lose your traffic and also you will not run a profitable business too.

By using this software you can make your followers stay with high engagement.

Historical Data Analytics Historial Data

Information and historical data play an important role in every business to get success in their life. This software tool will give all data and historic information to you to analyze the performance report for the earlier months.

This will help you to make action in your business and move to increase your follower’s growth and your business also.

Tagged Relationship & Influencer Mapping Influencer Mapping

This tool will help you to make engaging with your followers. You need to tag relationships with your followers because engagement rate is much more important on Instagram. 

The Instagram algorithm also says that. You need to make your content, images, and videos with highly useful topics and keep your topics should be in engagement.

Reply to your follower’s messages, do activities on Instagram to engage with people, and do influencer marketing with them.

This tool will help you to send messages to all people from a single dashboard.

Competitive Analysis Competitor Analysis

If you want to be successful in your business you must do competitor research. With this tool, you will do competitor research for yourself and your client’s business also. With the help of this tool, you will be able to find performance analyses for your competitor.

By using this strategy you can make more great content compared to your competitor. You can able to take hashtags from your competitor also.

Finally, you can create good content and post it manually and automatically according to your planning. Pros & Cons Pros

  • This software tracks hashtags from both Instagram and Tiktok
  • Instantly Loading and flexible platform
  • You can analyze any Instagram account
  • User Experience is awesome from this tool
  • A free trial is available Cons

  • Pricing is too high
  • Need to increase some customization for TikTok

Review and Rating for

Online Rating 9
Support Rating8/10
Implementation Rating8.9/10 Trusted by Trusted by


Not but not least, Finally, after the analysis from, you can get detail to understand in and out information from this software. Many users from different platforms and different industry they are using this product to get more followers for their business.

This tool will help you to give more important analytics data from the competitor’s Instagram account, Which helps you to steal their performance and overcome it. Office

  • Treasury Tower, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. 52-53, RT.8/RW.3, Kuningan, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia, Jakarta
  • +62 812-2242-4292
  • [email protected]

FAQ About

  1. Who are the typical users for

            Small business to large business people is the typical users of this great

  1. Is have API?

            No, does not have an API system now.

  1. Which method does help their customer?

  help by using Chat support, Forums, Helpdesk, and so on.

  1. Which Language is mostly supported by

             English is the language which highly supported by the software tool

  1. What Features does have?

Activity tracking, engagement tracking, Customizable report, content management, and Performance metrics, you can download data and upload data also.

  1. How do I track Instagram analytics?

           By using you can track all performance in Instagram analytics.

  1. Where was Deployed?

            Web, saas, and cloud-based software will be deployed.