Hootsuite Review – Overview

Hootsuite is the most used software tool used by all industry and social business people for maintaining their social media management. No more software analytics tools give a 30-day free trial for new users, but Hootsuite gives a 30-day Free trial with more features.

Hootsuite is preferred by many software industrial people and different business people to get more sales for your business, give the best engagement ratings, with best customer support services.

Hootsuite software is often used as a social management platform to give the best reach for their customers to use across multiple social platforms with only one tool.

Hootsuite will give more customer support, give deeper analytics about your social performance, and give audience insights.

Hootsuite in One place

Hootsuite works under the different platforms for the different industries to give exact results for the customer, and also clients with the help of,

  • Social Marketing
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Customer care

Social Marketing – In Hootsuite you can create content and publish, make scheduling, increase your followers in all social media with campaigns and you are able to see the data insights with exact information from the audience. You can also make money by using Instagram Marketing, Facebook, and other social media apps.

With the help of Followers, you can make a good amount of money also. If you need to increase more followers you have to take action with some best strategies.

Anyway, Hootsuite is used for social marketing purposes.

Social Commerce – With the help of conversation power with AI, Hootsuite will deliver exceptional experiences with customers.

Social Customer Care –  Hootsuite will help you to identify your target audience and make them into your Customer by maintaining engagement with them with a single dashboard of Hootsuite. Giving the best performance for customers with user-friendly action will be taken.

To Whom Hootsuite is suitable for? 

Hootsuite Overviews

Hootsuite is suitable for all active people on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and other social platforms also.

This software is mostly and consistently used by Business people, Social agencies who handle more than 4 to 5 accounts, influencers to do influencer marketing for their business, and single users to handle multiple social media accounts in one dashboard with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite will commonly be used as,

  • Small size Businesses,
  • Medium size Business,
  • Large size Business
  • Social media managers and marketers,
  • Customer support and services agency
  • HR & Experience Professionals

Hootsuite Pricing

  • With Hootsuite, you will manage more social accounts in one dashboard.
  • A free trial for 30-days is awesome on this platform
  • You can cancel it at any time when you need to.
Hootsuite Pricing

Monthly Plan for Hootsuite Software Tool

Hootsuite has 4 plans for their audience to buy to manage their social media in one place.

They are,

Professional Plan – $29 Per Month

Team Plan – $129 Per Month

Business Plan – $599 Per Month

Enterprise Plan – You have to contact the support team to buy this plan.

Comparision of Hootsuite

Yearly Plan for Hootsuite Software Tool

Professional Plan – Request to team

Team Plan –  Request to team

Business Plan – Request to team

Enterprise Plan –  Request to team

NOTE: Only software tools with giving 30 – days of Free trial

Hootsuite Plans Details

Professional Plan

  • 1 user will handle more than 10 social accounts for their business.
  • A free trial is available for 30 days
  • You can post Unlimited images on all social media platforms by using this software
  • Scheduling options also available in the Professional plan
  • Also, you will manage all chat boxes from your audience from one dashboard and you can also send reply messages from the same dashboard, which are more useful for customer engagement.
  • With this professional plan, you can keep an eye on your business because this plan saves more time with ease of use from posting all images on different social media accounts in one place.
  • You can grow your audience, and get more clicks by using great & useful content with the help of this professional plan.

Team Plan

  • A free trial for 30 days is available for this team plan also
  • In this Team plan, you will use up to 3 users and handle up to 20 social media accounts in the same software.
  • You will Schedule posts and publish them when you need it
  • This plan will give access to manage chats from one single inbox.
  • You will give permission to assign the task to your team members in this dashboard.
  • Give details and permissions for other functions for Hootsuite software tools.
  • You will set permission and assign incoming messages with the integration of 150 setups, and customize your dashboard also.
  • Attend a free class for this software

Business Plan

  • In this Business Plan, you have to send a request message to the support team to get free trial access, it is not sure if you will get it or not but you have to try it once.
  • In this Business Plan, you will use up to 5 users and handle more than 35 social media accounts.
  • You can schedule the post and publish content unlimitedly in this plan.
  • All messages you will get from one inbox. You can give permission and access to your team member to publish the post, videos, and images on different social media accounts in a single place.
  • Inbound, and outbound tagging will be done here. 
  • You will see the workflow of the performance report for your work in the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Customer support will be in this plan for you.
  • In this business plan, you will get straightforward insights, Efficient customer service.

Enterprise Plan

  • One of the top and best plans in this software is the Enterprise plan. In this enterprise plan, you have more features,
  • You can start with 5 users and be able to handle more than 50 social media accounts.
  • Schedule options are available and you can post unlimitedly in this plan.
  • You can get all message access in a single box.
  • You can give permission and give access to team members to do it.
  • Workflows will be seen in this software
  • You can handle social ads in this Enterprise plan.
  • In this plan, you can see all analytics data and reporting information, and performance metrics belonging to your social campaign.
  • In this plan, you will create the team productivity reporting for your business and client business.

Hootsuite Features

In this Hootsuite, many important features will need to be discussed,

They are

  • Publish
  • Engage
  • Monitor
  • Advertise
  • Analyze


Hootsuite Publish

From the single dashboard, you will be connected to all social media accounts and you will be able to publish great content.

Hootsuite plan

Plan your Post – In this calendar view, you can see all performance overviews of your published post and scheduled post. You can able to map out content and fill the gaps and you can collaborate at different times.

Hootsuite Performing Content

Create High Performance Content – With this Hootsuite software you will create and see the preview of your engaging post and you can also edit as per your need. You can do image editing also.

Hootsuite Maintain Strong Presence

Maintain Strong Presence in Social media – To make a social presence you have to schedule bulk content in the composer of the Hootsuite account, and maximize the engagement ratio by posting on prime time on all social media at the same time.

Work Collaboratively – You can work with your team members in all situation, and get ideas from the people to make your social performance more active and quality standard.

Protect your Brand – Before you post content on social media make sure the content is great and in quality standard from your higher authority and make confirm before posting.

Collect Great Content – With the help of competitor research, and hashtag usage you will get great content for future use.


Hootsuite engagement

Keep an eye on the message from your audience with the monitor every second on the social media platforms. You have to deal with the right person to respond to each message from your audience. So be tracking on it.

Stay with topics

Stay with the best top Keywords – While using this software tool you need to monitor the performance strategy and insights from your report in one place of Hootsuite.

By using Custom Streams in the Hootsuite workflow you can respond to audience queries, and boost reactions from a single click for your teammates.

Hootsuite manage

Manage all Incoming Messages – Hootsuite is well designed for all performance activities, from that you can see all incoming messages from different social media platform in one single dashboard and You can able to filter them and give reply to queries by yourself or you can assign the work to your team people.

Hootsuite respons time

Timely Responds to Every Comment – You have to tap the right team of people to respond to customer queries.Hootsuite machine learning engine helps you to reply automatically with saved messages.

Use Chatbox – You can send reply messages through chatbox normally, keep the options to “ask with email”, in that you can directly make conversation properly without any disturbance.

Use CRM tools – Use CRM software like Salesforce or Zendesk for this process, don’t waste time creating new CRM software on your own.

Make Customer Happy – By giving proper coordination with custom messages and fullfill their needs you will get goodwill for your company side. So customer satisfaction is much more important.

Track Audience Suggestion – In hootsuite you can track audience suggestions, and their reviews, it will help you to update your business needs as per audience wish. This will increase your brand reputation.


Hootsuite Monitor

You have track conversations about your business from the customer side. It will help you in the future implementation process.

Keep Focus on Top Keys – With the custom stream options in the Hootsuite dashboard you can able to set up focus on top trending keywords and performance in your industry, this will give more flexibility for monitoring your business.

Get Audience Insights with Real-time – With help of Hootsuite Insights, you will see the N number of audience data, such as date, demographic, location, and more. From this process, you can filter your needs and use iit in your business.

Use Listening tools – Try to use integrated listening tools for your business in Hootsuite, it will give more insights for your dashboard.


Hootsuite Advertise

With this, you can manage both paid performance and organic performance from your convenient single dashboard.

Multi-Channel Functionality with Hootsuite – With the help of Hootsuite you will boost the post and see the performance of all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Analytics Makes Better Performance – In this software tool, you will see both organic and paid performance insights, with this you can filter the best performance post and play it with your strength and make some strategies to maximize the result for that post.

Do Improve with all Stages – You can boost by paid and organic for your post for the right people at every stages manually, Pick up with that audience in organic also. So with the help of paid results, you get new customers in the future as your organic. In one stone 2 mango right?


Hootsuite An analyze

Analyze all performance reports across all social platforms and make custom reports for your reference.

Analyze the report –  In this software tool, you will get analyze all social networks in one place, and be able to monitor performance over time. Hootsuite customizable reports help you a lot at this stage. You will able to get figure it out from analytics insights.

Optimize the Result – To get the best result you do need to post at the best time on social media. Keep posting images with awareness to drive more traffic for your business.

Keep watch your ROI – To calculate the accurate returns from your campaign, this hootsuite impact hep you a lot. Impact helps you to find leads, conversion, and sales.

Improving Customer Service – Track the report for how much time takes to respond to and resolve customer inquiries. This will help you to upgrade your support team performance in Hootsuite.


Hootsuite Integration

You will be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, GMB, Facebook ads, and more social media tools. Probably more than 20+ social accounts.

Hootsuite Pros & Cons

Hootsuite Pros

  • Scheduling Tweets on Twitter have the best option on Hootsuite.
  • Free Trial will be helpful, and also its 30 days
  • Automating posting for social media is awesome in this software.
  • Simultaneously you can use other social media platforms also.
  • Hootsuite is highly reliable and user-friendly for all people and businesses.
  • Having lot of tracking tools, with real insights
  • Scheduling posts for all social accounts with one click plays an important role in Hootsuite.

Hootsuite Cons

  • Pricing is too high for Enterprise Plan
  • Integration with Instagram is lacking but will be cleared by a support team of Hootsuite.
  • Some errors will happen when uploading images.

Review and Rating for Hootsuite

Online Rating9.1
Support Rating8.8/10
Implementation Rating 8.9/10

Hootsuite Trusted by

Hootsuite Trusted by


Not but not least.You can get overall details from this software right. In this Hootsuite software, you will do all your work related to the social media management system, and see all the performance insights which help you to upgrade the performance for next month. You can collaborate with your team and increase the sales, traffic, and engagement for your business by using this perfect software tool.

Hootsuite Office

  1. Vancouver HQ

111 East 5th Avenue,

Vancouver, BC

V5T 4L1

  1. Toronto

            325 Front Street

            Toronto, ON

            M5V 2Y1

  1. Montreal

Suite 150

1100 Avenue Des Canadiens-De-Montreal

Montreal, QC

H3B 2S2

  1. New York

           12 E 49th St

            NY 10017

  1. Mexico City

Mexico City,

10th Floor, Spaces Concreta Calz, Gral,

Mariano Escobedo

  1. London

90 High Holborn


London WC1V 6LJ, UK

7. Paris

          33 Rue la Fayette

          75009 Paris


8. Rome

    En Labs

    Via Marsala 29 H/I

    Roma, RM, Italy


9. Milan

    {Alto S.r.I}

   Via Ruggero Boscovich 14

   Milano, Italy


10. Bucharest

      24 Major Alexandru Campeanu St.

      Bucharest, Romania


11. Hamburg

     Spaces Kallmorgen Tower

Willy – Brandt – Strasses 23, Suite #1110

Hamburg 20457


12. Sydney

175 Pitt St, 17th Floor

Sydney, NSW



13 .Madrid

     Calle Eloy Gonzalo

      27, 28010

      Madrid, S

14. Belgium

Kempische Steenweg

311 b6.01

3500 Hasselt, Belgium

15. Upcoming in Future

Faq About Hootsuite

  1. What is Hootsuite used for?

Hootsuite is used for social media management business, to analyze the insights from all social media with integrate into the same software and increase more engagement with sales, and get a lot of traffic for your social media business.

  1. Is Hootsuite still worth it?

Yes. Of Course Hootsuite is worth compare to all other social media management tools. Because you will get 30 days free trial with automatic features in advance level which helps to all people. Hootsuite is User–friendly for all people.

  1. Is Hootsuite for free?

No, but you can able to use 30-day free trial in Hootsuite software.

  1. How much does Hootsuite cost per month?

            Hootsuite has 4 plans,

            Professional Plan – $29 Per Month

            Team Plan –  $129 Per Month

            Business Plan – $599 Per Month

            Enterprise Plan –  Need to ask the support team

  1. Is Hootsuite easy to learn?

Yes, it’s User-friendly. But before going to a paid plan, you need to practice in a free trial plan and get all in and outs information about Hootsuite and move to upgrade.

     6. Is Hootsuite good for small businesses?

         Yes, In Hootsuite there are four plans, for small businesses, you need to pay and get a Team plan or a Business plan which helps you most in small business aspects. Because Best Features are available in paid plans only.

7. How many posts can you schedule on Hootsuite free?

    In Hootsuite Free plan you can able to post a maximum of 5 posts.

8. What is the most popular feature of Hootsuite?

    The best Popular feature in Hootsuite software is scheduling and posting bulk images on all social media platforms.

9. How does Hootsuite make money?

    The marketing strategy with Hootsuite is giving freemium features and 30 days of free trials for customers and making them pull for getting paid versions. Hootsuite uses hook by giving free first and converting users to a subscription plan.

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